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7 Best Free GoPro Video Editors for Windows and Mac in 2022

Last Updated on Apr. 29, 2022 – by Jayed Miah
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Best FREE GoPro Video Editors

GoPro and other action camera footage are unique videos that require specialized editing tools that can slow down or speed up footage, stabilize shaky footage, fix lens distortion, create time-lapse videos, support MP4 files, and more.  

While there are plenty of video editors on the market, there aren’t many with all the unique features you need to edit your GoPro footage. And what’s the point of spending all that money on GoPro camera equipment if you can’t edit the footage properly for others to see?

GoPro used to offer GoPro Studio and GoPro Quik for Desktop - two options made by GoPro specifically for GoPro footage. However, both of these video editors have been discontinued. So if you are a GoPro user, do not despair. We have reviewed the seven best free GoPro video editors available today.

Top 3 GoPro Video Editors Snapshot

PowerDirector Logo

1. PowerDirector - Best Overall

PowerDirector is the best overall GoPro video editor because it offers tons of action cam-specific editing features and is easy to use. PowerDirector also has plenty of other editing tools, from basic to advanced, making it a well-rounded video editor for both beginners and pros. Detailed Review >

Adobe Premiere Pro Logo

2. Adobe Premiere Pro - Best for Professionals

Adobe Premiere Pro is a professional GoPro video editor with unlimited editing tracks and many advanced features used to edit action camera footage.

Final Cut Pro Logo

3. Final Cut Pro - Best for 360° Editing

Final Cut Pro has precision editing tools that yield high-quality results. It is a professional-level GoPro editor which has everything you need to tweak and enhance your videos.

What is GoPro?

GoPro is a compact camera made for capturing outdoor and action video. It was made to withstand extreme weather conditions and even film underwater (its inventor, Nick Woodman, created the GoPro so he could film himself while surfing). 

GoPro has a powerful built-in video stabilizer for capturing footage while on the go, and an extremely wide-angle lens, so you can capture more scenery quickly. In addition, there are many different mounts available for purchase to mount your GoPro to your bike, helmet, chest, tripod, surfboard, and even your dog. While there are other action cameras on the market, GoPro is considered the industry standard.

7 Best Free GoPro Video Editors for Windows and Mac

1. PowerDirector - Best Overall

Compatibility: Windows, Mac

Overall Rating: 10 / 10

Action Camera Editing Features: 10 / 10

Key Features:

  1. Zoom and pan effects
  2. Motion blur effect
  3. Multicam editing
  4. 360° editing

PowerDirector is the best overall GoPro editor on our list because it is a robust video editing product with a wide range of action-cam features, including an Action Camera Center. GoPro Video editors in a hurry will love that the Action Camera Center has all the specialized features in one place, with one-click corrections and easy-to-use features. In addition, PowerDirector has tons of cool effects, templates, titles, filters, and more to explore if you want to spend more time making your action camera masterpiece. 

Available in the Action Camera Center are specifically designed editing tools and effects to improve your action camera footage. Stabilize your shaky action videos, correct fish-eye distortion in the footage, and apply cool speed effects in minutes. We love being able to quickly apply slow motion, freeze frame & zoom action highlights. In addition, color problems from filming in snow or underwater can be fixed in one single, intuitive module. PowerDirector offers everything you need to cut, enhance, and produce awesome action camera videos.

The noise correction and video denoise in this GoPro video editor will help make your footage crystal clear so all the action can be seen. There's also a tool to remove unwanted audio noise from outdoor footage. With the motion tracking feature, you can track an object's movement within a clip, collect the track data, and apply it to another object. PowerDirector comes with millions of royalty-free stock assets, including background music and sound effects, and you can automatically fit background music to the length of your finished video.

  • Beginner-friendly
  • Packed with easy-to-use action camera-specific tools
  • Need a subscription to have the latest, most up-to-date features

PowerDirector offers the best value for action footage editing. To start editing your action camera footage today, download PowerDirector for free.

2. Adobe Premiere Pro - Best for Professionals

Adobe Premiere Pro Interface

Compatibility: Windows, Mac

Overall Rating: 9 / 10

Action Camera Editing Features: 10 / 10

Key Features:

  1. Unlimited video tracks
  2. Creative Cloud access
  3. Lens distortion
  4. Match video footage to music

Adobe Premiere Pro is the best GoPro editor for professionals who have experience creating video projects. It has been used to edit Hollywood action films and TV shows and offers a long list of high-end features ideal for action video editing. Professional features include multicam, 360-degree, and VR editing and exports in up to 8K

The software has sophisticated video stabilization tools, including the Warp Stabilizer effect. If you use your GoPro to capture the world from your dog's POV or record first-person footage from a mountain bike trip, these features go a long way to improve your video quality. The video stabilizer features also reduce camera shake when zooming in.

Adobe Premiere Pro offers a free trial, but only for 7 days, and is relatively expensive. This GoPro video editor is high-quality and professional but has a steep learning curve and is not appropriate for beginners.

  • Support for all main formats
  • Real-time video content editing
  • System requirements are resource-intensive
  • Steep learning curve

3. Final Cut Pro - Best for 360° Editing

Final Cut Pro Interface

Compatibility: Mac

Overall Rating: 9 / 10

Action Camera Editing Features: 9 / 10

Key Features:

  1. Object tracker
  2. Reduce background noise
  3. Multicam editing
  4. Advanced color adjustment tools

Apple's signature editing software, Final Cut Pro, is the best GoPro editor on our list for editing 360° video because it offers all the tools you need to import, edit and deliver both monoscopic and stereoscopic 360° footage. Open the 360° viewer to visualize, change orientation, remove camera rigs or straighten the horizon. Apply graphics and effects to 360° video with ease. You can even apply 360° video to regular footage using the Tiny Planet effect

Notable GoPro features you get with Final Cut Pro include electronic stabilization and noise removal, so you can clean up your footage and enhance your audience's viewing experience. Final Cut Pro has a magnetic timeline to eliminate clip collisions and streamline the editing process. 

Final Cut Pro has a generous 90-day free trial, but is expensive to purchase. It is not beginner-friendly, requiring time and patience for new GoPro editors to master.

  • Convenient asset management features
  • Magnetic timeline for precision editing
  • Only available to Mac users
  • Not ideal for beginners

4. Adobe After Effects - Best for Motion Tracking

Adobe After Effects Interface

Compatibility: Windows, Mac

Overall Rating: 8 / 10

Action Camera Editing Features: 9 / 10

Key Features:

  1. 360°, VR, and 3D editing
  2. Distortion effects
  3. Transitions
  4. Lens distortion repair

We found Adobe After Effects to be a great GoPro video editor if you want to add special effects like motion tracking to your action cam footage. After Effects allow you to pin a graphical element to a moving car, person, animal, weather element, or the camera itself, and it will seamlessly move with it. Create text, logos, cartoon effects, or stickers to move with the action onscreen. 

Have a panoramic shot of a deserted beach with a lone sunbather? Remove the sunbather with pro-level digital rotoscoping tools. You can also use After Effects to add in elements that are missing. For example, add a killer shark to your surfing footage or a hot air balloon over an empty field. 

After Effects is a wonderful software for adding visual effects to action camera footage. However, it is lacking in essential video editing tools. It also has a steep learning curve. If you are a GoPro editor looking to do basic edits and don’t need Hollywood-level VFX, then After Effects might not be for you. 

  • Realistic special effects
  • High-quality noise reduction
  • Only a 7-day free trial
  • Not for beginners

5. Video Proc Vlogger - Best for Speed Adjustment

VideoProc Vlogger Interface

Image from ghacks.net

Compatibility: Windows, Mac

Overall Rating: 8 / 10

Action Camera Editing Features: 8 / 10

Key Features:

  1. Fix grainy video
  2. Remove fisheye
  3. Audio extractor
  4. Time lapse tool

Based on our testing, VideoProc Vlogger is the best GoPro editor for speed adjustment. The software uses visualized speed ramping to change the speed constantly or variably throughout a clip. VideoProc Vlogger contains over 20 speed presets, so you can easily alter the tone and tempo of your GoPro footage. In addition, this beginner-friendly program has advanced features like flexible Bezier curves and automatic keyframes to slow only parts of a video without splitting it. 

With VideoProc Vlogger, you can simulate motion with tilt, roll, dolly, and truck effects. Quickly push in and out and stylize your video clips with shakes, fast zooms, and rotation. This GoPro video editor can create new motion trails, apply motion crops or use one of 28 motion presets to change the action of the video in post. 

VideoProc Vlogger is freeware but without watermarks or annoying ads. It is aimed at beginners, hobbyists, and content creators and lacks some advanced features professionals would want, like video stabilization.

  • Low system requirements
  • 100% free with no watermarks
  • Rendering is slow
  • Lacks some advanced features

6. iMovie - Best Automatic Movie Creator

iMovie Interface

Compatibility: Mac

Overall Rating: 7 / 10

Action Camera Editing Features: 7 / 10

Key Features:

  1. Real-time tilting
  2. Video stabilization
  3. Crop/rotate
  4. Smart soundtracks

iMovie comes free on all Mac devices and is our choice for the best GoPro editor for automatic movie creation. With Magic Movie, you can select video clips, and they will automatically be styled and edited with transitions, titles, and music in just a few taps. After viewing your ready-made movie, you can rearrange, delete, trim, and split clips. iMovie also has tons of presets, templates, and themes to make editing your action cam footage a breeze. 

Features you get with this app include HD and 4K video support and speed adjustment tools to speed up or slow down your video clips. Also, since GoPro cameras are typically turned on and left alone until the action is done, you probably have random focus changes in your footage. With iMovie, you can modify the depth of field and shift focus after the fact.  

iMovie is completely free and a good option for new GoPro editors who own a Mac. However, it lacks the features you need for action camera editing, such as multicam, 360° editing, and motion tracking. 

  • Simplistic interface
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Lacks essential GoPro editing features

7. Movavi Video Editor - Best for Quick Edits

Movavi Video Editor Interface

Compatibility: Windows, Mac

Overall Rating: 7 / 10

Action Camera Editing Features: 6 / 10

Key Features:

  1. Rotate/Crop
  2. Record VO
  3. Object animation
  4. Reverse video

We found Movavi Video Editor to be the best GoPro editor for quick edits because its ideal for beginners and content creators who need to make videos in a hurry. It comes with lots of templates, so titles, filters, effects, and transitions can be applied with the touch of a button. For action cam fans, it offers automatic video stabilization and color correction. There's also a built-in soundtrack library so you can quickly choose music and get on with uploading your project. 

This GoPro video editor has slow-mo and fast video effects, chroma key, and stickers to add a unique spin to your GoPro videos. In addition, it offers vertical video support for easy social media posting and a sound equalizer to fix noisy outdoor shots. 

This software is a good option for content creators and beginners who want a quick and easy way to upload content to social media and YouTube. However, Movavi Video Editor won't grow with you, so you'll have to scrap the program altogether as you start to require more advanced features.

  • Beginner-friendly
  • One-click automatic edits
  • Short 7-day free trial
  • Lacks many advanced features needed in a GoPro editor

Best Free GoPro Video Editor Comparison Chart

Software PowerDirector Adobe Premiere Pro Final Cut Pro Adobe After Effects VideoProc Vlogger iMovie Movavi Video Editor
OS Windows, Mac Windows, Mac Mac Windows, Mac Windows, Mac Mac Windows, Mac
Beginner-friendly Yes No No No Yes Yes Yes
Video Stabilization Video Stabilizer slider to adjust as needed, rotational camera shake, and enhanced stabilizer options Reduce camera shake even while zooming and Warp Stabilizer effect Smooth cam and Image stabilization Stabilize Motion and Warp Stabilizer tools None - need VideoProc Converter Analyze Shaky Video checkbox One-click button to turn video stabilization on or off
360° Editing Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No
Multicam Editing Yes Yes Yes No No No No

PowerDirector vs


Windows, Mac





Video Stabilization

Video Stabilizer slider to adjust as needed, rotational camera shake, and enhanced stabilizer options


360° Editing



Multicam Editing



How to Edit GoPro Videos

Here is a step-by-step guide for editing videos with PowerDirector, the best overall GoPro video editor.  

Download for free and follow along: 

How to Stabilize Video

  1. Open PowerDirector and import the video by clicking the Import Media icon, then selecting Import Media Files. Next, select the file you’d like to correct.
  2. Drag the video you’d like to correct into the timeline. Click Fix/Enhance in the menu above the timeline, then choose Video Stabilizer from the drop-down menu. 
  3. Select Compare in Split Preview. Now you can view before and after videos side by side and make adjustments without going back to the timeline.
  4. Split Preview
  5. Fine-tune the stabilization level with the slider.
    The default stabilization level is 50. Though a higher number will enhance the stabilization, it will result in more cropping, which can compromise the frame and resolution of the video. Remember to compare the before and after side by side to get instant feedback about your results.

How to Slow Down a Video

  1. Import your clip and drag it to the editing track. 
  2. Click Tools, then Action Camera Center.
  3. Open the Effect tab at the top of the window and click Create Time Shift.
    The time shift border will appear at the beginning of your timeline, and you can drag it to cover the period of the video you would like to slow down.
  4. Once you have adjusted the effect to fit your clip, select Speed on the left-hand side of the screen, then Apply Speed Effect.
  5. PowerDirector - Speed Multiplier
  6. Use the Speed Multiplier slider to adjust the speed during your designated selection.
    As you make the pace slower, you will notice that the duration of the overall clip increases.
  7. Select the Ease in and Ease out checkboxes to create a smoother slow-mo effect. 

How to Apply a Motion Blur Effect

  1. Drag your video onto the timeline. Click Tools from the menu right above the timeline. 
  2. Choose PiP Designer from the dropdown menu. 
  3. PowerDirector - PiP Designer
  4. Click Advanced above the preview window to bring up the Motion menu. 
  5. Click the box next to Motion Blur.
  6. PowerDirector - Blur in PiP Designer

For a more in-depth look at the Motion Blur effect, click here

Download the Best GoPro Video Editor for Free

Several of the GoPro editors on our list are packed with action camera features and essential editing tools but were not meant for beginners. There are also beginner-friendly GoPro editors that lacked various pro features. With PowerDirector, you don’t have to choose between features and ease of use. That’s why we chose PowerDirector as the best overall GoPro editor. 

PowerDirector has a dedicated Action Camera Center to do quick work out of finding the right tools for your GoPro footage. You’ll find speed ramp, video stabilization, time-lapse editing, color correction, and more, all under one tab. With PowerDirector, you can correct the fish-eye distortion caused by the GoPro camera’s wide-angle lens and apply cool motion blur effects to moving objects and people. There’s also motion tracking, multi-cam editing, and 360° editing - everything you could need to make a fantastic action cam video that looks professionally made. 

PowerDirector has an easy-to-use interface and plenty of tutorials, guided edits, and ready-made templates to save you time and effort. It also supports all video formats and devices and is available on Windows and Mac. 

Download PowerDirector - the best GoPro video editor - and start producing engaging GoPro content today.

GoPro Video Editor FAQ

1. What are the Best GoPro Video Editor Apps?

  1. PowerDirector
  2. iMovie
  3. Splice
  4. Quik
  5. Kinemaster

For more information on the above GoPro video editors, check out The Best Video Editing Apps in 2022 on iPhone and Android.

2. What Features Should I Look For in a GoPro Video Editor?

The top ten features you should look for in a GoPro video editor are

  1. Video stabilization
  2. Lens distortion correction
  3. Audio denoise
  4. Multicam editing
  5. 360-degree editing
  6. Time-lapse editing
  7. Cut/Trim/Splice tools
  8. Slo-mo/Speed up tools
  9. Motion blur tool
  10. Royalty-free music library

If you’re looking for a GoPro video editor that checks all of these boxes, we recommend PowerDirector.

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