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Five Best Final Cut Pro Alternatives

Last Updated on Jul. 1, 2021 – by David Morgan
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Five Best Final Cut Pro Alternatives

Apple Final Cut Pro is among the most popular options when it comes to video editing software. The product is highly intuitive and was one of the first platforms for nonlinear video editing at a professional level.

Final Cut Pro stands out from other software in various aspects. However, the primary difference between Final Cut Pro and other video editors is that Final Cut Pro is only compatible with Apple computers, Macs.

Limiting the product's usability across various operating systems allows Apple to optimize its efficiency and speed. For example, as a Final Cut Pro user, you can edit a 4K UHD video without experiencing any rendering problems.

If you are looking to start using Final Cut Pro, you need a macOS device, and you'll need to dish out $299.99. If you are a beginner video editor, you also need to spend some time learning the platform.

However, we can tell you about a terrific alternative to Final Cut Pro that is much easier on your wallet and easier to learn. We recommend CyberLink’s PowerDirector as the best Final Cut Pro alternative. It is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Download PowerDirector today to start editing your videos professionally.

In this guide, we take an in-depth look at video editing software similar to Final Cut Pro. Whether you are new to video editing or looking for robust software you can use across various devices, this guide is for you.

Top 5 Video Editing Software Choices Similar to Final Cut Pro

1. CyberLink PowerDirector

PowerDirector from CyberLink is not only the best Final Cut alternative for new editors—it is the best option overall. This software features a wide selection of robust video editing features that include green-screen and split-screen effects, motion tracking, and action camera tools.

This full-featured editor is highly intuitive, enabling beginner editors to use it without spending hours learning its ins and outs. PowerDirector also offers 4K and 3D compatibility, with 360-degree footage tools, encoding, and exporting.

CyberLink's Magic Movie Wizard is another notable feature allowing you to pick the best shots from your clips and use them along with the video's style to create an optimal video output.

Key Features
  • 4K and 3D compatibility
  • 360-degree footage tools
  • Fast Rendering
  • User-friendly editing interface
  • Motion tracking
  • Robust editing features
  • Excellent value for money
  • Usable on various devices and operating systems
  • Integrations of royalty free Shutterstock libraries
  • Some advanced features may take a little time to learn
Best app of 2020
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2. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro interface

Adobe Premiere Pro is a popular tool for various applications, including feature films and broadcast TV. Adobe Premiere matches Final Cut Pro closely in terms of sophistication and editing features, but unlike Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premier is available for Windows as well as Macs.

Adobe Premiere Pro is a viable option if you are already a Creative Cloud subscriber, as you can integrate your video editing projects seamlessly with other Adobe tools, including After Effects and Adobe Stock. However, if you don't subscribe to Creative Cloud, you'll find better value with an all-encompassing product such as PowerDirector.

Key Features
  • 4K, 8K, and VR format support
  • Professional industry standard video editing software
  • Creative Cloud integration
  • Simultaneous project editing
  • High-end effects and transitions
  • Support for multiple file formats
  • Relatively high price tag
  • Only available with a subscription
  • Non-intuitive project setup
  • Steep learning Curve

3. Avid Media Composer

Avid Media Composer interface

Avid Media Composer was among the original nonlinear editing suites, and it is prevalent among Hollywood editors and production houses. It offers various benefits such as keyboard-based editing, consistent video output quality, and support for various video formats, including 4K.

Avid Media Composer offers several advanced video editing, and automation features. With this software, you also get full support for surround sound, and you can add up to 768 audio tracks to your project.

One drawback of Avid Media Composer is that its editing features mainly focus on film and broadcasting. Whereas versatile editors such as PowerDirector are suitable for all project types.

Key Features
  • Keyboard mapping
  • HDR project editing features
  • Audio dupe detection
  • High-resolution and HD editing
  • A mature product, offering robust editing for professional editors
  • Support for all mainstream video formats
  • Cons
  • Lacking versatility
  • Relatively high price tag
  • Extremely steep learning curve
  • 4. Vegas Pro

    Vegas Pro interface

    When it comes to post-production video editing, Vegas Pro is a worthy consideration. The software features several built-in editing features and effects, making it suitable for professional or commercial video editing applications.

    Vegas Pro is not available for macOS, and you can only install it on a Windows PC. If you want to use Vegas Pro on macOS, you have to use a virtual machine or install a dual boot. Vegas Pro is not as expensive as Adobe Premier, and it is slightly easier to use. However, unlike PowerDirector, Vegas Pro is not available for use across all devices.

    Key Features
    • Flicker filter
    • Video noise reduction
    • Black bar fill filter
    • Incremental project saving
    • Robust and responsive nonlinear editor
    • Quick video rendering times
    • Intuitive user interface and project setup
    • A trusted name in the industry
    • Not available to macOS users
    • A relatively high subscription fee

    5. HitFilm Pro

    Hitfilm Pro interface

    HitFilm Pro is a versatile video editor. This software combines conventional nonlinear editing tools with visual effects, expanding your video creation and editing possibilities to complete projects.

    With the tools that HitFilm Pro offers, you can animate images and characters, use waveforms for audio element visualization, and apply behavioral effects to your videos. The software also provides an extensive library of effects, and you can import your 3D models and objects.

    Even though HitFilm Pro offers various editing tools and effects, its features are somewhat limited compared to a product such as PowerDirector. The user interface also doesn't offer the same functionality.

    Key Features
    • 3D video editing
    • Support for HD resolutions
    • Affordable video editing software
    • Nonlinear video editing with professional effects
    • Various plug-ins available to enhance your projects
    • The user interface has a learning curve

    Get the Best Video Editing Alternative to Final Cut Pro

    Final Cut Pro is the software of choice among professional editors who require nonlinear video editing. This program features a magnetic and trackless timeline with high-end organizational tools such as tagging, auto analysis for scenes and faces, and libraries. With Final Cut Pro, you also get a flexible interface and various video production features, such as unlimited multi-cam angle and video stabilization tools.

    Despite the wide range of benefits Final Cut Pro offers, it is not without its drawbacks. Apart from being only available for macOS, Final Cut Pro has a complicated interface, and some applications require additional apps, such as After Effects. With Final Cut Pro, you also don't get sound effect samples or search ability in the import dialog.

    PowerDirector from CyberLink is the software we recommend as the best Final Cut Pro alternative. PowerDirector is more affordable, and it provides you with all the video editing features you need in a single package. If you are a beginner video editor, PowerDirector is also the best option with its user-friendly editing interface.

    To start creating high-quality, professional video content, download PowerDirector on your macOS, Windows, Android, or iOS device.

    Best app of 2020
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    Download PowerDirector for FREE and see why PC Mag named it the Best Video Editing Software in the industry.

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