25 Best Customizable YouTube Intro Templates [2022 Updated]

Last Updated on Mar. 8, 2024 – by David Morgan
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Video Templates for YouTube Intros and Outros

One way to turn base-level video footage into an engaging, high-quality YouTube video is to add an intro. Intros are short title clips that appear at the beginning of every video you upload to your page. YouTube introductions should be informative to let viewers know what they are about to see.

Creating intros for your video may seem intimidating, especially if you don't have much editing experience.

PowerDirector makes adding intros to your videos easy with YouTube intro templates. Some are made by professional designers, and others are made by PowerDirector users who have shared them via the software. You can browse thousands of these templates, download them, and add them to your videos in just a few clicks.

Let's take a closer look at some of the most popular PowerDirector YouTube intro templates available and learn how you can customize them.

Download PowerDirector for Windows and Mac below to try all of the templates mentioned in this article for free.

What Makes a Good YouTube Intro?

A good YouTube intro should include any brand features for your channel, such as a logo or title treatment. It’s a great idea to be consistent with your channel’s colors and theme so viewers can easily recognize your videos. The tone of your intro should also match the tone of your channel so viewers will know what to expect right away.

Adding animated graphics or stickers and music will make your intro fun and engaging for the audience. Be sure to keep your intro around 8 to 10 seconds. Any longer and the audience could get bored and click on a different video.

25 Best Customizable YouTube Intro Templates [2022 Updated]

1. Cyberpunk by R Studio - Best for Technology

Cyberpunk Template - Best for Technology

You only have a few precious seconds to grab a viewer's attention and this YouTube intro template will do just that. It is flashy/bright and the music has a fun, playful tone. The retro VHS overlay and graphic design elements let you know right away this is a technology channel, but unlike other techy YouTube videos - it will not be dull.

2. Beauty Tips and Trends by Daniel Shueh - Best for Beauty

Beauty Tips and Trends Template - Best for Beauty

This YouTube intro template is everything you want from a beauty channel, with peaceful music and soft, muted colors. It also makes the beauty the star of the show with a large photo showcasing the video’s beauty or makeup tip. Customize this template with your own picture of the beauty tip described in your video, so viewers know exactly what to expect.

3. How to Use Spice in Cooking by Rebecca Chang - Best for Food

How to Use Spice in Cooking Template - Best for Food

These colorful spoonfuls of spice are both informative and eye-catching. We like this YouTube intro template because it can be used for any cooking or food channel since spices are used in everything from hamburgers to pies. All you need to do is customize the bright font with the name of your video and episode number. And is it just us, or does that music scream cooking show?

4. Fortnite Gameplay Livestream by Gio Malhotra - Best for Gaming

Fortnite Gameplay Livestream Template - Best for Gaming

It is immediately clear in this YouTube intro template that you are about to watch a gaming video. The visuals are simple and don’t barrage the viewer with unnecessary information. Because you can’t see the gamer’s face and the game he is playing is blurred, this template is easily customizable for your gaming videos. Simply change the text in PowerDirector’s Video Intro Designer and you are ready to go.

5. Summer is Coming by Duncan Su - Best for Summer

Summer is Coming Template - Best for Summer

The ‘Summer is Coming’ frame is the perfect addition to turn vacation footage into a YouTube intro. Add your own video or find a summer-themed video from PowerDirector’s stock footage. We like the sunny-colored, animated text circle you can customize with the name of your channel.

6. Italy by D Boy! - Best for Travel

Italy Template - Best for Travel

Travel videos are all about the visuals. We like that this YouTube intro template really showcases the location and draws viewers in with a breath-taking scene. The Geotag graphic is simple, and a clear indication that this is a travel video. Use the template video as-is for generic travel videos, videos about Italy, the Mediterranean, or Europe or change it out with your own stunning video or photo.

7. 2022 Business Operating Data by creator8 may - Best for Business

2022 Business Operating Data Template - Best for Business

An intro for a business video needs to look professional. This is not the place for stickers, emojis, or loud party music. The YouTube intro template above uses contrasting colors to grab focus, but the font choice is straightforward and business-like. It lets viewers know what the video is about with a large title on one side and charts and graphs on the other.

8. My Living Room Design by Erin Yang - Best for Interior Design

My Living Room Design Template - Best for Interior Design

This intro video is fresh and clean and allows the interior design to speak for itself. Change out the photo and text for the room (or rooms) you wish to showcase. Even if your style is different from the one above, the muted color palette won’t clash with most color schemes. You can always customize the colors in the font and background to better match your room.

9. MLB All-Star Game by H.C.H. - Best for Sports

MLB All-Star Game Template - Best for Sports

The upbeat music in this intro video matches the excitement of a good sporting event. The simple repeated action does not distract the viewer while they read all the important information describing the video’s contents. Use the provided video for any baseball or general sports videos or swap it out for another video of a different sport or activity from PowerDirector’s stock library. Try slowing down your action video for a cool slow-mo effect.

10. DIY Home Repair Tips by Uncle Drew - Best for DIY

DIY Home Repair Tips Template - Best for DIY

The white font on this YouTube intro template pops against the dark grays in the video. So does the animated call to action in the upper left corner. This intro video of a grandfather and little girl in his workshop is perfect for any DIY or how-to video.

11. The First Take by Sakura Studio - Best for Music

The First Take Template - Best for Music

This YouTube intro template has a dark and moody backdrop with eye-catching bright yellow graphics. The single image of a microphone is neither instrument-specific nor associated with a certain type of music. It can be used for any music or audio channel, including music reviews, voice-over, and podcasting how-tos. Use your video title to let viewers know what kind of video they can expect.

12. Movie Time Duncan Su - Best for Movies

Movie Time Template - Best for Movies

Viewers feel like they are walking down a red carpet and into a movie theater with this YouTube intro template. This is a perfect intro video for a movie review channel, interviews with filmmakers, or behind-the-scenes videos.

13. Vlog Life by CMX - Best for Vlogs

Vlog Life Template - Best for Vlogs

Vloggers can cover a variety of video types on their channel. This YouTube intro template is fun and flashy, without tying the channel down to any specific genre. Customize with your own brand colors in PowerDirector’s Video Intro Designer.

14. Happy Halloween by Daniel Shueh - Best for Halloween

Happy Halloween Template - Best for Halloween

This can be used as an intro video or an outro for Halloween-themed videos, or any videos released around the holiday. It’s not too scary for little viewers, and the music is somehow creepy and cute at the same time. This YouTube intro template doesn’t require any customization but you could add your channel’s logo as a bonus branding opportunity.

15. Merry Christmas by creator8 may - Best for Christmas

Merry Christmas Template - Best for Christmas

Similar to our Halloween pick, this can be used for any videos you release in December, or as an intro for a Christmas-themed video. If you participate in Vlogmas, you can use this as your Vlogmas intro, just be sure to add episode numbers and titles. We love the festive music, twinkling lights, and animated graphics, which add interest.

16. Here are Some Easy Ways to Help Relax by Yu Ting Hung - Best for Nature

Merry Christmas Template - Best for Christmas

The idyllic nature scene, soothing music, and calming color palette in this YouTube intro template work great for a video about nature, relaxation, or meditation. The split-screen allows plenty of room to add all your channel’s important information without ruining the visuals.

17. Outfit of the Day by Daniel Shueh - Best for Fashion

Outfit of the Day Template - Best for Fashion

This YouTube intro template is in trendy black and white, which won’t compete with the colors in your outfit of the day. There’s also a spot for an episode number, to help viewers keep track and find any previous episodes they missed. Record yourself spinning in a chair like the template or posing like a model on a runway.

18. Strong Mind Strong Body by Erin Chiu - Best for Healthy Living

Strong Mind Strong Body Template - Best for Healthy Living

This colorful and energetic intro video will grab the attention of viewers. The graphics cover a multitude of health topics, like eating well, heart health, exercise, and weight loss.

19. Wedding Celebration by Lulu - Best for Weddings

Wedding Celebration Template - Best for Weddings

Whether you are posting your wedding video on YouTube for your friends and followers to see, or your channel provides wedding day tips, a beautiful video intro will elevate your content. This YouTube intro template has a gorgeous animated border and romantic script font. Customize it with a video or photo collage from your big day. If you are providing wedding tips, keep the couple from the intro template and change the names to the title of your channel.

20. Happy Childhood by MaxB - Best for Parenting

Happy Childhood Template - Best for Parenting

If you have a parenting vlog or provide parenting tips, this YouTube intro template could be for you. The child/parent handholding will leave viewers saying “Awe!” And you only need to edit the text since it doesn’t show random kids' faces, which would leave your regular viewers wondering if they’ve come to the right place.

21. John Maxwell by DaMan - Best Inspirational

John Maxwell Template - Best Inspirational Template

This calming intro template features an inspirational quote about leadership, with a colorful origami boat leading a fleet of white boats. The quote and visuals go together perfectly and make a great intro video for a YouTube video about leadership. You can also customize the quote and use it for any inspirational videos.

You could also replace the quote with your channel’s title and episode number for an origami how-to video!

22. Vintage Slideshow by CyberLink - Best Vintage

Vintage Slideshow Template - Best Vintage

The sepia-tone footage, old-fashioned script, and nostalgic scrapbook clipart in this YouTube intro template make an excellent intro video for a vintage slideshow, or any YouTube channel that delves into the past.

If you are going even more vintage (like before there were airplanes), you can easily replace the background footage in the Video Intro Designer with photos or videos from Shutterstock or Getty Images, which PowerDirector subscribers can use for free. You can also utilize the free music library to add a song of your choice.

23. Save for Everyday by I am Nobody - Best for Finance

Save for Everyday Template - Best for Finance

Showing money growing before their eyes, whether jars of coins or stacks of 100-dollar bills, will make viewers think “I want my money to do that!” The fun animation will also hold viewers’ attention until the start of your video. This intro template could be used for any financial video from simple saving tips to complex investing. Since the video has a piggy-bank feel, it can even be used for parenting videos on how to teach kids about money.

24. Caring for Pet Cat by creator8 may - Best for Pets

Caring for Pet Cat Template - Best for Pets

The paw print sticker on this YouTube intro template works for general pet videos, cats, dogs, rabbits, and more. Keep the cute kitten for general pet or cat videos or change it out with your own pet’s mug. You can also use PowerDirector’s royalty-free stock library to find videos or images of the specific breed of animal reflected in your video.

25. Car Rental by D Boy! - Best for Cars

Car Rental Template - Best for Cars

We love this YouTube intro video for its versatility. It works for any type of car-related YouTube videos, like car buying tips, car repair how-tos, or car reviews. The toy car image also works for miniature vehicle enthusiasts or road trip videos. It stands out from the sea of other car-themed YouTube videos and causes viewers to do a double-take.

Customize the text in the search engine graphic with your episode name/number.

Download the Best YouTube Intro Templates for Free

Including an intro in your YouTube videos is one of the easiest ways to transform your channel from basic to professional and stand out from the crowd in a good way. Even if you only have a few subscribers, we recommend adding intros to all your upcoming videos.

You don't need to have any editing knowledge or expertise to utilize PowerDirector's YouTube intro templates. PowerDirector's Intro Video Maker lets anyone make an excellent intro in minutes. So whether your YouTube channel is a fun hobby or a side business, you can use PowerDirector to elevate your content.

Download PowerDirector for Windows and Mac today to take your videos to the next level and watch your subscriber count climb!

YouTube Intro Templates FAQ

1. What Is a YouTube Intro?

A YouTube intro video is a quick introduction that plays before a YouTube video. Intro videos should include the brand logo, the title of the channel, animation, and music. All successful YouTube channels have a signature intro sequence that tells viewers what the channel is about in a fun and exciting way.

2. Can I Make a YouTube Intro on My Phone?

Yes, you can use the Promeo app for iPhone and Android to create a YouTube intro.

For more information, check out 3 Best YouTube Intro Maker Apps to Captivate Your Audience in 10 Seconds.

3. What Features Should I Look for in a YouTube Video Intro Maker?

The top ten features you should look for are

  1. Large selection of customizable YouTube intro templates
  2. Royalty-free stock images and videos
  3. Animated graphics
  4. Large selection of customizable fonts
  5. Stickers and Emojis
  6. Animated titles
  7. Video overlay
  8. Royalty-free music library
  9. Direct upload to YouTube
  10. Beginner-friendly

If you’re looking for a YouTube intro video maker that checks all these boxes, we recommend PowerDirector.

4. How do I Download a YouTube Intro Template?

Browse the Intro Video Room in PowerDirector to find the template you want to download. Simply double-click on the template and it will download automatically. The Video Intro Designer will pop up when your download is complete so you can begin customizing your template.

5. What is the Best Intro Maker for YouTube?

The best intro maker for YouTube is PowerDirector. It comes with thousands of templates to save you time, or you can make your own from scratch. PowerDirector is easy enough for beginners but filled with tools for more experienced users.

PowerDirector has a dedicated video intro designer to help you customize any intro template you find in the program. It also has millions of royalty-free stock assets like music, videos, sound effects, and images, and thousands of fonts, animated titles, stickers, and video effects. You can also upload your own images, videos, and brand assets. It’s everything you need to make the perfect YouTube intro video in one place.

6. How do I Make a YouTube Intro?

You can easily create your own YouTube intro video in minutes by customizing one of PowerDirector’s YouTube intro templates. Simply enter the Video Intro Room, download a template, and start customizing. See above for a step-by-step guide.

For a more in-depth look at creating your own YouTube intro, check out How to Create Engaging YouTube Intro/Outros [Step-by-Step Guide].

7. What Intro Maker do YouTubers Use?

YouTubers use PowerDirector to make intro videos. It is a one-stop shop for making intro videos and saves YouTubers valuable time with customizable templates. PowerDirector is easy enough for beginners but will grow with you as your knowledge progresses. YouTubers also like that PowerDirector is much more affordable than other video editing software, which means they can keep more of their hard-earned YouTube earnings.

8. How Long Should Your YouTube Intro Be?

A YouTube intro video should be under 10 seconds - you don’t want viewers to get bored and click out of your video before it has begun.

9. Why are YouTube Intros Important?

YouTube intros can show viewers everything they need to know about a channel or specific episode. They also add viewing time to your videos, which helps with monetization and makes your channel look legit.

Every successful YouTube channel has a YouTube intro, which shows they are necessary to add and keep viewers.

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