Introducing AI Video Editing Effects for Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects

Last Updated on Mar. 8, 2024 – by David Morgan
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Professional artists spend countless hours carefully crafting the tools of their trade, be they acrylics, watercolors, or oils, onto canvas. If you don’t have that kind of time or that kind of artistic talent, then why not harness the latest in artificial technology to do the work for you?

CyberLink’s awesome AI Style packs do just that, taking the artistic styles of master artists and applying them to your videos. These video editing effects for Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects use a deep-learning algorithm to make any video look hand painted. While traditional video editing effects and templates simply overlay styles when applied to video clips, AI Style Packs use a deep learning algorithm to replicate the artistic idiosyncrasies of a range of artists, styles and regions, down to the color tones and brush strokes. Essentially you are putting both the brains and a lifetime of skill into your Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects projects.

1.Van Gogh AI Style Pack

The Van Gogh Pack contains 10 unique video editing effects in the style of Vincent Van Gogh. Including; A Starry Night, The Potato Eaters, Bedroom in Arles & multiple iconic self-portrait styles are all included. If you haven’t already, check out the award-winning animation film Loving Vincent, which was the very first fully hand-painted animation. While there’s no denying its beauty and craftsmanship, not many people have the resources to undertake a multi-million dollar project that requires 65,000 individually hand painted compositions. If you want this look at a fraction of the effort the Van Gogh AI Style Pack is the video editing effects for Adobe that you need first!

2.Impressionist AI Style Pack Volume 1 & 2

Video editing is all about capturing movement. Impressionism is about giving each still image a fleeting sense of motion and life. A match made in heaven? We think so. With the Impressionist AI Style Packs Volume 1, you can merge the flowing masterpieces of Monet and Manet with your video projects. The Impressionist AI Style Pack Volume 2 includes 10 more unique video editing effects from a range of Impressionist artists.

3.Chinese Traditional Paintings AI Style Pack

The most highly regarded of all the Chinese traditional paintings were the grand landscapes of artists like Guo Xi and Fan Kuan. With meticulous detail and some of the finest examples of ink-washing techniques, this AI Style Pack has video editing effects perfect for those who want to extract every nuance from their landscape-based videos – or any video for that matter. But if you’re an avid travel vlogger with a passion for shooting larger than life scenery, this pack is your perfect pairing.

Try These Video Editing Effects for Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects Today!

These templates are available for Adobe® Premiere® Pro CC 2017 (Windows) and Adobe® After Effects CC 2017 (Windows). Check them out in more detail on the CyberLink Store.

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