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7 Great Ways Businesses Can Benefit from Video Marketing

Last Updated on Mar. 5, 2024 – by Jayed Miah
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7 Great Ways Businesses Can Benefit from Video Marketing

Video Marketing Benefits: How Video Can Transform Your Brand

The most popular brands all share one thing in common—they are masters of video advertising. When you scroll through your social media after a hard day's work, you'll encounter video marketing for businesses.

The brilliance of video marketing is its malleability. It enables you to showcase new products, amplify brand awareness, or even engage with your target audience on a more personal level.

If you and your company are new to the world of video advertising, don't worry. You'll find plenty of guides that give you tips and tricks to transform your brand with video content.

Over 84% of shoppers say they have bought a product or service after watching a video that was part of a marketing video campaign. Ignoring that information is doing a disservice to your company.

Join some of the most successful businesses in the world by utilizing the potential of video advertising. With so many marketing video templates available online, you have no reason not to start video marketing today.

Read our top seven video marketing benefits and see how video advertisements work exceptionally well for companies of every stripe. We offer strategies and tips that will bring your company from the stone ages into the bright new world of video marketing.

  1. Optimized Videos Increase SEO
  2. Video Increases Consumer Trust and Branding
  3. Video Makes Consumers More Likely to Buy
  4. Video Complements Marketing Strategies
  5. Video Boosts Social Media Engagement
  6. Video Increases Online Presence
  7. Video Drives Sales
  8. The Time for Video Marketing is Now

1. Optimized Videos Increase SEO

Improve SEO with video marketing

The simplest way to revamp your online presence involves transforming your video content marketing from standard to SEO-optimized. Even the platform to which you upload your video can play a large role in determining who will see your video. Learn the ways you can alter it to ensure that it reaches more viewers.

Create quality video captions. Your captions are extremely important in delivering a great message and a strong call to action. Additionally, they give search engines more words that the search algorithm can use to find and pull up your videos into search results.

Dressing up your thumbnail goes a long way for video promotion. Your thumbnail acts as your video's sales pitch to a potential viewer scrolling past. If you create something eye-catching, dramatic, and enticing, you will begin attracting more customers even if they were not searching for your specific brand originally.

If you post multiple videos on your site's page, make sure to list the most important one first. Additionally, use PPC and SEO marketing to ensure that when someone enters a search for your brand or related key terms, they will most likely find your link. Optimizing your video with written copy will drive video engagement before someone even clicks through to your page.

2. Video Increases Consumer Trust and Branding

Build consumer trust with video marketing

Just like traditional copywriting, video advertising aims to capture your potential customers by their emotions and imaginations. Unlike text, video can reach people in far more visceral ways, making it extremely powerful for video content marketing.

Including candid footage of your employees is a primary way to build immediate trust with your audience. Even scripted shots filmed within your workplace can elicit a sense of transparency. You are letting your audience enter your brand at the "inside" level, which will put them more at ease.

You can turn any additional content that you or members of your organization generate into video advertising and release it on a rolling basis. The more genuine and human your communication, the more powerful your message. Creating small posts, even those by individual employees can make your brand appear more real and relatable.

3. Video Makes Consumers More Likely to Buy

Video marketing improves sales

Video marketing can place your brand at the epicenter of customer engagement and present your company as competent and relevant. Reach out and catch those potential customers who are regularly browsing the internet, watching video reviews of products to decide which to buy. Generating your own review content through video advertising can secure your spot in their field of view.

Cut out the middleman. People already use videos to learn about new things, so your product description video would be an easy way to familiarize your potential customers with your product. If your marketing video is straightforward and informative, your audience members will be more likely to buy. With video marketing, your potential customers gain a better sense of your product and what it can offer them.

Depending on your ad budget, you could go the route of vloggers and influencers. Attaching a famous personality to your brand campaign can be a successful strategy that can firmly plant your company in one of the more rapidly growing ad formats.

If you are new to the arena of creating marketing videos, check out some of these tremendous video-editing apps. Regardless of your experience level, these apps will provide the tools to make professional video content that will wow your target audience.

4. Video Complements Marketing Strategies

Increase Social Media Engagement with Video Marketing

The best part about video content is its ability to integrate itself into your already-established marketing plan. Video advertising provides you with a flexible medium; you can use video content to embellish your current strategy, transform the scope of your current strategy, or anything in between.

You can often remodel the marketing process you already use—like blog-based content—into video content. Many times, you will not need to change much in the transition. If your company reviews your products or releases blog-like informational content, imagine how much more robust that material would be in an easy-to-consume video format.

With so many synergy options available, consider checking out some marketing video apps and software. These programs will afford you a seamless transition while bringing your marketing content to a whole new medium. Just film your desired content, edit, and begin sharing it with your target audience.

Once you have created your video, you can use it as an ad on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or Instagram. That way, your marketing strategy can reach thousands more people on their social media platforms of choice. Your brand can soar to new heights once you harness video content's synergy with your brand's current message.

5. Video Boosts Social Media Engagement

Facebook accrues over 8 billion video views on an average day. That fact alone speaks well about the strength of video in the marketing arena. People like content that resembles the videos they watch in their free time. With the right panache, your company could create social media videos that will exponentially increase the number of customers buying your products.

Companies that take advantage of targeted video ads on Facebook and other social media platforms experience all kinds of growth. Social media gives you not only new customers but also the prospect of creating a viral video. Staying engaged with customers on social media plays a significant role in keeping their attention on your brand.

A great way to get your feet wet in the world of Facebook Ads is by using Facebook Ad Templates, which allow you to create ads quickly and without hassle.

Facebook Ad Templates can provide you plenty of video ad examples. With hundreds of customizable editing options, these templates add a professional sheen to your video content. This easy-to-use platform helps you achieve the sharp style associated with professional marketing video makers.

6. Video Increases Online Presence

Increase online presence with video marketing

If not obvious enough throughout the rest of our list, video marketing benefits you by bolstering your online presence. No matter how loudly you shout your brand's message into the internet, you neglect a large part of your audience when you fail to use video advertising.

While it requires effort at first, developing a multifaceted video marketing plan will start a snowball effect. Once your content gains some traction online, that support will flourish and multiply.

When people enjoy your content, they will share it with their friends. The more "likes" you get on social media, the more search engine algorithms will favor your content.

Posting a range of videos, from product highlights to your company's employee interactions, can inform your audience and show them why your brand is right for them.

7. Video Drives Sales

Video Marketing drives sales

Videos remodel the way your brand appears on the internet. Whether making your brand seem more human, helping you meet potential customers on new platforms, amplifying your company's image—or some combination of all of these—videos give you a boost that can translate directly to increased sales.

With video's dominance on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, it becomes clear that video marketing is a gold mine of opportunity. Video marketing drives sales the same way your other marketing strategies, both traditional and digital, can drive sales. Expanding your marketing efforts to video will offer you a net increase in sales.

By creatively inserting your brand message into a video, you provide customers a direct route to engage with your company. Video marketing is vital because it presents what appears to be an authentic appearance. The art of moving images creates a sense of truth more powerful than words and even photos can do. In our modern popular culture, video's ability to pull the viewer into the story world becomes the closest way we imaginatively interact with others in what scholars call parasocial relationships.

This humanization of your brand will primarily increase your customer engagement with your brand, which leads to increased sales. Video marketing benefits your company the moment you begin, so why not check out some video editing apps designed to help your business increase revenue? Get moving with video as soon as possible.

The Time for Video Marketing is Now

Overall, video marketing is a tremendous tool for increasing exposure to potential customers and the revenue that comes with it. From Instagram story ads to targeted Facebook ads, a breadth of platforms already support (and encourage) video-driven content.

Be sure not to delay: get your brand started with promotional videos. We recommend Promeo, a video-maker explicitly engineered with businesses in mind. It is one of the best marketing video apps on the market, designed to simplify and maximize the potential of your video marketing. With access to hundreds of customizable templates and all the premium stock content, you can make powerful video content in less than 5 minutes.

PowerDirector is also a tried-and-true app used by countless YouTube content creators and other video-editing professionals.

When you download one of these apps, you will begin your journey into the world of video content creation. Using the right apps, you will find that video editing can be an enjoyable and straightforward process.

Your brand already has a marketing strategy, so why not take it to the next level?

If you found this article useful, why not venture over to our ultimate guide for video marketing? Our guide covers everything you need to know when creating ads or promotional videos for your brand or business.

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