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With FaceMe®, iMedtac’s medicine cabinets improve the safety of prescription medicine distribution

Problems and Challenges

  • Medication control is managed in a traditional way by using keys or passwords to distribute
  • Controlled substance access procedures require that at least two pharmacists keep the key and passcode to open medicine chests
  • Overall inadequate security controls allow unauthorized staff to access the pharmacy stock

Solution by CyberLink

  • New smart medicine cabinet with FaceMe® facial recognition solution identifies authorized medical personnel via AI biometric identification.
  • The medicine cabinet is synchronized to the schedule staffing system to ensure the pharmacist accessing the cabinet is authorized to open it and get the medication at that specific time and day.
  • The integration of facial recognition improves the protection and safety of the medicine cabinet by providing streamlined, frictionless access to controlled substances.

The Result Highlights

iMedtac collaborated with CyberLink to launch the “Smart Medicine Cabinet” solution powered by FaceMe®. These smart medicine cabinets utilize IoT and facial recognition technology to enhance pharmaceutical management. iMedtac’s smart medicine cabinets are now being used in hospitals and clinics in Taiwan, China and Thailand to increase the protection and accessibility of prescription medicine. This solution greatly enhances safety, streamlines the drug delivery workflow, and contributes to an overall improvement in the quality of medical care.

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