Dynamic Imaging uses the FaceMe® SDK within their jail management mobile app, CorreTrak, for inmate identification
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Dynamic Imaging uses the FaceMe® SDK within their jail management mobile app, CorreTrak, for inmate identification

Client Fast Facts

  • Location: Collingswood, NJ, U.S.
  • Industry: Public Sector
  • Year founded: 1993

Problems and Challenges

  • Guards are required to be in close, sometimes dangerous, proximity to inmates when verifying identities via RFID wristbands to ensure inmates are in the correct cell or work area (i.e. laundry, kitchen, library, etc.). Prisoners can also stretch and switch their wristbands.
  • Strict regulations require a permanent, tamper-proof log of all officer and supervisory activity.
  • Inmate identity issues need to be discovered and attended to in real time by monitoring staff, including supervisors.

Our Solution

Dynamic Imaging integrated FaceMe facial recognition within CorreTrak as a contactless alternative to the traditional scanning of inmate ID wristbands. When utilized, facial recognition provides an easier and safer way for gaurds to identity inmates by reducing contact. Gaurds simply capture the inmate's face via a moible device for real-time identity verification; verification that is accessible to additional staff via a real-time dashboard. Ensuring inmates are accurately accounted for, and in the correct location, also maintains inmate safety by confirming that specific inmates are not intermingling. Additionally, since visitors can easily fake IDs and records, visitor safe lists (lawyers, spouses, family members) can be created for screening and guards can be alerted when unauthorized visitors attempt to see an inmate.

Why CyberLink FaceMe®

  • Exceptional Accuracy: In verifying inmates’ identities, FaceMe® performs 1:1 face comparison with a remarkable accuracy rate of 99.83%.
  • Easy to integrate : FaceMe SDK supports various operating systems, including iOS, Android and Windows. Clients have the ability to easily implement their on-prem solution with Windows-based server for face enrollment, while an iOS or Anroid mobile phone (for example the guard's personal phone) can access the client's app to perform identity verification. For security, the enrollment database is not stored in client app, instead face templates are extracted and then sent to the server for face matching.
  • Outstanding performance : FaceMe SDK is optimized on iOS devices, able to do real-time face recognition without delay.
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