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Banqiao Land Administration Office uses FaceMe® eKYC solution to improve accuracy and efficiency when performing identity verification

Problems and Challenges

  • The staff needs to verify hundreds of new applicants' identity daily by matching them to their official ID photos on site
  • Applicants might present pieces of identification with photos that have been taken years earlier and with changed features such as a different hairstyle, facial hair and altered face shape
  • Changes in appearance make it difficult for staff to verify applicant’s identification precisely
  • Errors in face matching made by staff have led to infringement cases

Solution by CyberLink

  • New Taipei City Banqiao Land Administration Office installed the FaceMe® eKYC solution on their e-system to accurately and objectively verify applicants’ identification
  • The staff gets an applicant's permission before taking his/her photo and proceeding with the facial recognition verification
  • FaceMe® eKYC solution executes a 1:1 biometric verification by matching the applicant’s live photo to their ID

The Result Highlights

On January 1st, 2020, the Banqiao Land Administration Office began using FaceMe® facial recognition to verify an applicant's identity. FaceMe® was used to precisely verify the identity of 3,600 applicants in 2020. With FaceMe®, the staff has decreased the average time spent on identity verification by 3 minutes for each applicant. Using the FaceMe® eKYC & Fintech technology results in a win for both the Banqiao Land Administration Office and the applicants. 

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