ACE Biotek adopts FaceMe® face recognition for access control and health screenings in healthcare
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ACE Biotek adopts FaceMe® face recognition for access control and health screenings in healthcare

Problems and Challenges

  • Since the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, the need for a contactless access control and health screening solution has become of utmost importance for safe & secure operations. The systems and processes typically used are time consuming and require multiple touch points.
  • The most common health screenings solution is the use of a temporal thermometer and the physical recording of each temperature read-out taken. This approach increases the risk of transmission from person to person, while also being inconvenient and requiring multiple steps from each employee.
  • Typical physical access control systems requiring active supervision by security agents are expensive and susceptible to human errors. 

Solution by CyberLink

  • Equipped with FaceMe® facial recognition, the TC-800 can complete ID verification and accurate temperature measurement within 0.5 second, providing quick and contactless access control and health screenings. 
  • The data collected by TC-800 is uploaded directly to the access control systems. This solution vastly improves their efficiency, saving valuable time and energy.
  • The new TC-800 system integrates FaceMe® facial recognition to accurately verify employees’ identity and prevent security breaches.

The Result Highlights

Numerous organizations have taken advantage of the TC-800, the AI Visible and Infrared Screening System made by ACE Biotek. The system uses FaceMe® facial recognition to verify employees' identification. Coupled with TC-800’s temperature measurement, this new system handles access control and health screening at once, with no contact and within less than a second. 

A successful deployment of this solution is a technology company headquartered in Taiwan. The TC-800 system’s integration and testing was completed within three months and now routinely monitors the body temperature as well as time and attendance of more than 5,000 employees. The TC-800 reduces labor costs and minimizes human errors, eliminating time loss and bottlenecks at check points, and improving overall efficiency.

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