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LAVIE AI Assistant uses facial recognition by FaceMe® on NEC’s all-in-one personal computers

Problems and Challenges

  • Multiple family members often share and use the same computer
  • Family members can’t use the voice assistant to take care of their personal preferences and needs
  • Users also can’t customize their interfaces

Solution by CyberLink

  • The integration of CyberLink’s FaceMe® AI engine on NEC's LAVIE Home All-in-one PCs, enables new features powered by facial recognition on “LAVIE AI Assistant” software. Now the PC can recognize each family member's face with FaceMe® and launch a personalized interface, enhancing the overall user experience in a multi-user scenario
  • “LAVIE AI Assistant” software allows individuals to register their face and set up shortcuts for their frequently used apps in their personalized profile. All users need to do is to show their face to the camera and they instantly access their favorite “Hey LAVIE” applications

The Result Highlights

NEC’s Personal Computers use the FaceMe® AI engine to transform authentication and give access to the PC with the “LAVIE AI Assistant” software. By integrating FaceMe®, users can access their own favorite applications in an enhanced, convenient and secure way. 

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