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Editing 360° videos using PowerDirector 15

PowerDirector 15 provides end-to-end 360° video editing, which means you can import 360° video footage from many different cameras, edit the 360° footage by adding effects, text and more – and then produce and share amazing 360° videos to your friends and the world!

Now, please follow our step-by-step tutorial on how to complete your first 360° video with PowerDirector 15!

Importing your 360° Video

Before editing a 360° degree video, here is a basic walkthrough on the concept of a 360° video, and why you need to first stitch your videos before editing with PowerDirector 15.

  • Working with 360° video
  • Importing 360° video from Samsung Gear 360
  • Importing 360° video from RICOH Theta S
  • Importing 360° video from Kodak SP360
  • Importing 360° video from LG 360
  • Editing your 360° Video

    PowerDirector 15 provides a wide range of editing tools for 360° videos, from a basic trim/cut timeline – to advanced editing such as adding titles, animated PiP objects, etc.

  • Basic editing - Trim & transition
  • Adding title to 360° video
  • Adding PiP to 360° video
  • Enhancing your 360° video with TrueTheater
  • Adding video effects to 360° video
  • Exporting your 360° Video

    Now that you have completed editing, ready to share it with the world? Learn how to produce and share your first 360° video!

  • Exporting 360° videos
  • Using 360° to 2D View Designer
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