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How to Change the Starting View and Stabilize Your 360º Video with PowerDirector 16

By CyberLink Learning Center

It's not always easy to keep footage captured with a 360º camera steady and shake free, particularly if from shooting on a moving vehicle or while walking. With PowerDirector 16 you can now reset your video’s starting view and fix shaky 360º footage instantly so that it’s always smooth, no matter what angle the viewer looks.

Step1: Import a 360° Video to the Timeline and Adjust the Starting View

If you find that the starting view of your 360° video clip is not facing the direction that you want you can use the 360° Start View Setting feature to change it. In the Edit module, select a 360° video clip on the timeline and then select Tools > 360º Start View Setting.

You can change the direction of your camera either by clicking and dragging your mouse in the preview window, using the navigation controls in the top left corner of the preview window, or by using the X, Y, Z rotation controls.

Click OK to save your changes. Your changes will be applied to the video clip and updated on the video timeline.

Step2: Stabilize Your 360° Video

Select your 360° video clip on the timeline and then click on Fix/Enhance. Enable the Video Stabilizer option.

This tool is ideal for correcting videos taken without a tripod or recorded while moving. Once enabled, drag the slider to increase or decrease the level of correction. PowerDirector’s 360° Video Stabilizer employs motion compensation technology to correct shaking in videos so your video won’t be distorted or degraded.

If you have several clips need to be stabilized you can also click Apply to All to make the changes to all the clips on the timeline.

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