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MADNESS SALE Ends March 22 Get special bonus with every purchase!
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CyberLink Technology

From PCs to mobile devices and the cloud, CyberLink has engineered software that is truly cross-platform, meeting the tough demands of today's digital media enthusiasts.

  • Powerful photo editing tools
  • HDR photography software
  • Powerful photo processing software

Windows PC Software

From what began as a mission to create superb digital multimedia products for consumers by a group of National Taiwan University students led by Professor Jau Huang, CyberLink has since grown into a global and award-winning brand with nearly 30 products and a solid reputation for efficiently delivering innovative, interoperable solutions.

For the last 19 years CyberLink has worked closely with Microsoft to develop innovative software for Windows PCs. With a company motto of "Create & Play", CyberLink's Windows technology is integrated into a broad portfolio of multimedia applications that provide users with a powerful range of entertainment and creativity software.

Media Entertainment

With the latest in media playback on PCs, across devices in the home network, and on-the-go with portable smart devices. Supports Blu-ray, DVD and the latest video and audio formats, including 4K Ultra HD, HEVC H.265, and HD surround audio 7.1.

Media Creation

A wide range of easy-to-use applications to generate enticing videos & photos, author Blu-ray & DVD discs and more. CyberLink features its Creative Director Family – a software suite designed to create digital media content from the consumer to professional level, including PowerDirector and PhotoDirector for the best in video & photo editing.

PhotoDirector 6 and PowerDirector 13

iOS, Android and Windows Tablet Mobile Apps

CyberLink has established what it calls its "Magic Team", tasked with developing its mobile apps across all popular app platforms: iOS, Android and Windows. While some code can be shared among the platforms, the Magic Team ensures the final products is a fully native application with a fully native user interface and platform-specific coding.

Mobile Solutions

CyberLink brings its award-winning multimedia technology to Android, iOS and Windows 8 devices with its line of camera, photo/video editing and media player apps for a richer multimedia "CREATE & PLAY" experience on-the-go.

CyberLink's complete range of mobile apps can be viewed in the App Zone.

PhotoDirector 6 and PowerDirector 13

CyberLink Cloud Services

  • CyberLink Cloud services are a set of technologies designed to enrich the media experience with CyberLink multimedia products. Whether you need to wirelessly sync music, photos and videos between PC and mobile devices or back up valuable media creation projects and templates - it is effortless, safe and convenient with CyberLink Cloud!

  • PhotoDirector 6 and PowerDirector 13
  • Access from Any Device

    Whether you are using a PC, notebook, tablet or mobile phone, your synced content is at your fingertips. You can choose to access CyberLink Cloud from web browser, or through Director Suite Live or PowerDVD Live on your PC, or Power Media Player on your mobile devices.

  • PhotoDirector 6 and PowerDirector 13
  • Playback Music and Photos in a Web Browser

    Whether you're using a Mac, Windows PC or just about any mobile device, you can play your music and photos directly from your web browser with CyberLink Cloud.

  • PhotoDirector 6 and PowerDirector 13
  • Download Your Media Collections from the Web

    Even when you're nowhere near your PC, you can easily download photos, videos and music—all from your browser. Use it to access CyberLink Cloud's web management interface, and you can download multiple media files with a few clicks.

  • PhotoDirector 6 and PowerDirector 13
  • Download Your Projects & Templates

    Downloading your creative projects and template creations has never been so easy! All your projects are safely stored in CyberLink Cloud, with just a browser, you can easily browse and download the projects and templates you are looking for.

Cloud Service

CyberLink Cloud service is designed to enrich media creativity and your entertainment experience on both PC and mobile, with convenient cloud backup and sync. CyberLink also hosts two cloud communities—DirectorZone and MoovieLive—online platforms for users all over the world to share their creations and passion for movies.

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