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How to Capture DV Camcorder Video

In general, DV camcorders come with two main modes: Recording Mode, which allows you to record live video content, and Playback Mode, where you can playback recorded video content. In PowerDirector, depending on the mode your DV camcorder is switched to, the program will detect the DV camcorder status and automatically switch the program capture mode to DV Camera mode (live) or DV VCR mode (playback).

Getting Started

Step One: After you have launched PowerDirector, and have your DV camcorder correctly connected to your IEEE 1394 FireWire port, click on the Capture icon (image on the right) on the Mode Wheel or press F2 on the keyboard.

Step Two: Turn on your DV camcorder to either the recording or playback mode, depending on what you wish to capture.

Step Three: On the Capture page, click on the DV Capture icon.

Note: If your DV camcorder is not properly connected to your computer, or is not turned on, the program will display the following error message.

Step Four: How to Adjust Profile Settings and Real-time Capturing

Step Five: Capturing video in DV Camera mode or DV VCR mode

Capture in DV Camera Mode - capture live recordings from a DV camcorder

Capture in DV VCR Mode - capture previously recorded video contents from a DV camcorder