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How Cyberlink PhotoDirector Empowers a Professional Photographer?

Last Updated on Jul. 29, 2019 – by David Morgan
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Recently we caught up with Martina Houdek, winner of our 2019 Dynamic Photo Contest, who works as a professional photographer in the Czech Republic. She shared with us some editing tips using CyberLink PhotoDirector that might help you take your photo editing skills to the next level.

Martina Houdek is a professional photographer. She also edits photos for magazines, helps archive images for small companies, and also teaches photo editing. Even though she has studied at three photographic schools, her biggest creative influence is just from life. “Take pictures of what you live.”

Martina is known for taking many photos of dancers or dancing. She shared with us why she started taking photos of this subject. “I have started to dance the Lindy Hop just 7 years ago and constantly found myself wishing I could stop and capture each emotion-filled step. Moments like that are so quick, and spontaneous. After visiting a swing dancing community in Barcelona I was able to take photos outside, despite the low light, and edit them afterwards,” Martina Houdek said.

The winning photo is one of many photos in which Martina shoot very dynamic moment, jumping, which is not possible to stop. The couple in the photo – María and Aurélien – are professional dancers living in Catalunia, who also do shows and enter contests in the US. Dancing is their life, they organize dance festivals, live together, and shape their lives through dance. “I admire them and, love their classes. María is Spanish, and Aurélien is from Switzerland. They are a great couple and hard workers. Hard work is also to jump exactly as the photographer wants. It is true, they had to jump two or three times,” Martina mentioned.

Martina also shared with us her experiences with Cyberlink PhotoDirector. As a professional photographer, photo management is really important, she said. “That’s why I use CyberLink PhotoDirector. I have just downloaded my CyberLink Director Suite prize too, which I’m really excited to start using! I love the ability to select pictures and mark them as flagged or rejected. Going through and organizing large photo collections easily is vital to selecting and publishing the right photos. I want to try Director Zone to share some of my work and get inspiration. What I also really appreciate is face recognition. I haven’t found it in products I’ve used in the past, and it’s been a huge help to me already. I’m sure I’ll be using a lot more in the future.”

Select the best shot. There’s a Czech saying: “The bin is your best friend”. But Martina said, “never throw away all your data. Just select few shows and you’ll automatically find the best one. I really recommend CyberLink products for everyday editing – video, audio, photo managing and color editing. I love also using CyberLink products to record my monitor.“

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