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How to Turn Photo into Sketch with the Best AI Art Generator

Last Updated on Mar. 8, 2024 – by CyberLink
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Tired of the same old snapshots? Embrace some humor by turning your photos into sketches. The delight stems from uncovering the allure crafted by the enchanting touch of AI. Join us as we navigate the effortless process of sketching with Vivid AI — the premier AI image generator. Beyond photo to sketches, it can also transform your photo into multiple art styles. Let’s embark on this whimsical adventure of turning mundane moments into extraordinary masterpieces!

Vivid AI — The Best App to Turn Photos Into Sketches


Vivid AI stands out as an all-encompassing AI art generator, boasting an array of enchanting features such as the Text to Image Generator, AI Outfit, AI Avatar, and more. Among its gems is the widely loved "AI Sketch" feature. Effortlessly turn photos into sketches with simplicity. The results not only mirror the original photo remarkably but also exude sophistication, making them versatile for use as a profile picture, comic material, or any other creative purpose.


The AI Sketch feature in Vivid AI isn't limited to just turning photos into sketches; it's a treasure trove of artistic possibilities. Beyond the "minimalist" style, it offers a plethora of enchanting styles like marker, oil painting, graffiti, and crayon. This diversity lets you weave magic into your photos, making them as versatile as your imagination allows.


Beyond the captivating allure of AI Sketch to turn photos into sketches for profile pictures, Vivid AI unveils another feature — AI Scene. This remarkable feature allows you to transport any photo into a myriad of art styles. Whether it's a bustling street scene, architectural masterpiece, or serene landscape, AI Scene effortlessly breathes artistic life into your images. What's more, customization is at your fingertips; simply type in your desired style and watch your photos evolve into personalized works of art!

Learn More About the AI Scene Feature:

How to Turn Photos Into Sketches

1. Download Vivid AI and Tap “AI Sketch”


Vivid AI is the best AI photo app to play with the photo to sketch technique because of its versatile features and stunning results. It’s both available on iOS and Android. Just download the app and you can find the “AI Sketch” icon on the main page.

2. Upload a Photo

Upload a photo of your choice for a picture transformation. Whether it's a selfie, solo shot or a group picture, ensure that there are people in the frame. For optimal results, let the face occupy the majority of the frame. Should your face not dominate the photo, fear not! Vivid AI has your back with a convenient crop feature, allowing you to effortlessly adjust the photo size.

3. Select a Paint Style


There are versatile styles for you to choose from. You can turn your photos into many different styles, including sketch, pop, marker, crayon, and graffiti. Feel free to explore and experiment with each style.

4. Save and Share!


Stunned by the transformation? If the result doesn't quite hit the mark, simply tap the chosen style once more and let the magic unfold again. There is also a before-and-after slider, allowing you to witness the captivating evolution of your photos at the tap of a finger. Prepare to be wowed over and over again!

Let’s Turn Your Photo Into Other AI Art!

Vivid AI, as the ultimate AI image generator, can not only turn photos into sketches but also transform them into AI Anime, Avatars, or even turn street photos and interior pictures into different art styles and decor styles. Brace yourself for a journey of constant awe and creative exploration!

Anime Art


Transforming photos into cartoons and anime is a raging trend in photo editing, and Vivid AI's AI Anime feature takes it to the next level. Revel in a plethora of versatile styles, from festive flair with Santa styles to youthful vibes in Sakura and School and spooky ones with Zombie and Horror. Still not finding your perfect fit? Simply tap "Custom," type in your desired style, and let Vivid AI turn your photo-editing dreams into reality. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Open Vivid AI and Tap “AI Anime”
  2. Upload a Photo
  3. Choose a Style or Customize One with the Custom Button
  4. Save and Share the Masterpiece!

Learn More About AI Anime:

AI Avatars


At the forefront of the AI trend in 2023 is the sensational AI Avatar, and Vivid AI has mastered the art. Dive into a myriad of styles to transform yourself — be it a Barbie-like doll, the Gothic allure of Wednesday from the series, a baby face, or various hairstyles you can try on. Your fantasies come to life with AI Avatar, making it a must-try experience. Follow the simple steps below to curate your collection of personalized avatars:

  1. Open Vivid AI and Tap “AI Avatar”
  2. Select Up to 10 Styles
  3. Upload 10-20 of your Photos
  4. Wait for the Magic!

Learn More About Vivid AI’s Avatar Usage:

AI Scene


Whether you're injecting some fun into life, creating personalized cards or wallpapers, or diving into the world of art design, AI Scene from Vivid AI is your best companion. Excelling in transforming photos into diverse art styles, it shines particularly bright with landscapes, street scenes, and architectures. From the whimsical Fairy to the serene Sunset, dynamic Vector Art, or the captivating Anime style, the options are boundless. 

Just like with AI Anime, customization is at your fingertips. For instance, if turning a photo without figures into a sketch is your goal, simply type "Sketch" and let the magic unfold. Follow the steps below and unleash your creativity:

  1. Open Vivid AI and Tap “AI Scene”
  2. Upload a Photo
  3. Choose a Style or Customize One with the “Custom Button”
  4. Save and Share the Masterpiece

AI Interior Design


AI Room mirrors the functionality of AI Scene but tailors its expertise exclusively to interior design enthusiasts. If you aspire to visualize your room's aesthetic in distinct styles such as Industrial, Kanso, Scandinavian, Tropical, or Bohemian, AI Room is your go-to companion. Feel free to customize your interior style effortlessly by typing your preferences, putting the power of design at your fingertips. Follow the Steps Below to Discover Different Room Designs:

  1. Open Vivid AI and Tap “AI Interior Design”
  2. Upload the Photo of Your Room
  3. Choose a Style or Customize One With the “Custom Button”
  4. Wait for the Magic

FAQs About Photo to Sketch

1. Can AI Turn a Photo Into a Painting?

The process of transforming a photo into a sketch with AI involves neural networks that analyze and interpret image features. Using convolutional neural networks, the AI identifies edges and textures, capturing the essence of the original photo. By applying intricate stroke patterns, the AI generates a realistic and artistic sketch, seamlessly combining technology and creativity to breathe new life into digital imagery.

2. What App Makes Image to Sketches?

There are apps like Vivid AI, PhotoDirector, YouCam Perfect and Starri AI for you to turn a photo into a sketch. For example, Vivid AI offers a dedicated feature called "AI Sketch" to turn photos into sketches with versatile sketch styles. On the other hand, Starri AI allows you to upload an image and obtain a sketch by providing textual instructions in the prompt box, specifying your desired sketch transformation.

3. What Is the Best App to Turn Photos Into Sketches?

Vivid AI stands out as the top AI image generator to turn a photo into a sketch. Distinguishing itself from other apps that offer a single sketch or painting style, Vivid AI excels with its diverse range of sketch styles. Whether you prefer minimalist, pop, marker, or crayon aesthetics, the app provides a plethora of options for free, making it a user-friendly platform to effortlessly experiment with the enchanting world of photo-to-sketch transformations.

4. How to Turn a Photo Into a Sketch for Free?

With the following simple steps, you can turn photos into sketches with stunning results:

  1. Download Vivid AI — The Best AI Art Generator
  2. Tap “AI Sketch”
  3. Upload a Photo
  4. Select a Paint Style
  5. Save and Share!

Download Vivid AI — The Best App to Turn Photos Into Sketches


Turning photos into sketches adds a creative flair, evoking nostalgia and enhancing storytelling. Vivid AI stands out as the premier AI image generator, offering a diverse range of free sketch styles, from minimalist to pop and crayon. Its versatility, user-friendly interface, and the ability to personalize images make Vivid AI the top choice for effortlessly infusing artistic charm into your digital creations.

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