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Vivid Cut: The Best Photo Retouching Beauty App

Last Updated on Mar. 8, 2024 – by CyberLink
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the original girl photo at the background and retouched photo with Vivid Cut's UI and lgoo icon
the original girl photo at the background and retouched photo with Vivid Cut's UI and lgoo icon

Your photos are your first impression, and you’ve taken about 50 photos of yourself trying to get the perfect shot. But when you look at them later, you find flaws in each. With digital photo retouching, you don’t need to start over again. Instead, open Vivid Cut and start editing and beautifying your photos with its retouch tools. Keep reading to discover how to use them and what photo retouching does for your pictures!

What Is Photo Retouching?

When you retouch pictures, you edit them digitally to make them more visually appealing. These edits can range from minor color corrections to face reshaping for a more flattering angle. They can remove background objects that clutter the frame, zap away blemishes, and brighten the photo's overall look to create a positive impression on your viewers.

How to Choose the Right Tool to Retouch Pictures

Each app functions differently, and you won’t find a one-size-fits-all photo editor. Before you download, here are a few things to consider:

  • Beginner-friendly

    If you’ve never retouched photos before, you want something easy to use.

  • Basic or professional features

    Sometimes, you just want to crop, adjust brightness or contrast, or add a cute filter. Other people might want a more professional tool that removes blemishes, reshapes, and enhances details.

  • OS and platform compatibility

    Know which device you plan to use with your tool before you download.

  • Free or paid

    If you’re just starting, it’s a good idea to stick with free options before you upgrade. And if you do plan to pay, check the cost and upgrade features to make sure it’s worth it.

  • Regular updates

    Your photo retouch app should update to include new features and tools so you can keep up with editing trends.

Vivid Cut—The Best App to Photo Retouch

Vivid Cut helps you retouch pictures with tools you can use, even if you’ve never edited a photo before. With it, you can make minor adjustments or do more extensive retouching with professional-level tools. Its free option is available for iOS, and you get frequent updates to make every feature even better.

  • Slim Face
  • slim face of a girl wearing yellow knitted hat with Vivid Cut

    Vivid Cut has four face shapes that you can tap to automatically adjust yours, including beauty, natural, slim, and baby. And, when you want a custom look, you can manually adjust your face width, jaw, chin, and hairline.

    Learn More About Face Editing:

  • Skin Retouching
  • retouch skin of a woman's photo to make the skin flawless with Vivid Cut

    When you see blemishes in your portrait photos, Vivid Cut’s skin retouching tool will clear your skin. Its skin smoothener has a low, medium, and high setting, so you can reduce acne while still looking natural.

  • Put on Concealer
  • put on concealer to a woman's photo to cover blemishes and freckle with Vivid Cut

    You can decide how much concealer you need with Vivid Cut’s low, medium, and high settings. It covers up any issues with uneven skin tone or redness, so you feel confident in your skin.

  • Enhancing Eyes
  • enhance the eye of a girl holding a camera by brightening the eye with Vivid Cut

    Your eyes express a lot about you, and with Vivid Cut, you can brighten them up to make them the star of your photo. The app also lets you adjust your eye size, height, and span.

  • Whiten Teeth
  • whiten teeth of a girl wearing a straw hat with Vivid Cut

    The first thing people notice about you is your smile. Vivid Cut’s teeth whitener makes your smile shine, and you can decide how dramatic a difference the tool makes.

  • Makeup Tools
  • put on makeup with Vivid Cut on a woman's photo

    Vivid Cut’s makeup options have over 60 lipstick colors, each with six textures to make up your vibe. Apply six blush styles with 20 colors and give yourself the perfect contour with more than 15 looks. As a finishing touch, you can choose from over 10 eyebrow shapes to frame your face.

Examples of Photos to Retouch

Whether you’ve got professional portraits, a new outfit of the day, or want a website headshot that draws in visitors, Vivid Cut has the tools to help.

  • Portrait Retouching
  • retouch portrait of a red-hair girl with Vivid Cut

    The portrait tool in Vivid Cut has a collection of features that allow you to:

    It lets you retouch every part of your photo in one place with seamless edits for a clean portrait. You can choose from presets within each feature or manually edit to get the precise look you want while keeping your natural beauty.

  • Fashion Photography Retouching
  • retouch fashion photography with Vivid Cut

    Match your makeup to your wardrobe with Vivid Cut’s makeup tools. With tons of colors and styles to try, you can customize your look to your overall style without buying another makeup product.

  • Headshot Photography Retouching
  • retouch headshot photography with Vivid Cut

    Before you put your professional headshot on your resume, Vivid Cut’s portrait and makeup tools combine to give you a beautiful close-up that you’re proud to share. With these tools, you not only elevate your headshot, but your brand too.

    Learn More:

How to Retouch Pictures With Vivid Cut

1. Download Vivid Cut — The First Choice App to Retouch Photos

Vivid Cut is only available for iOS right now, but it will be released for Android soon. You can download it from the App Store and start putting your photo retouch skills to use!

2. Choose from the Photo Retouch Features

highlight the retouch feature section of Vivid Cut's launcher

There are two ways to start retouching with Vivid Cut. First, you can use the camera in the app to take a picture. If you already have photos to retouch, tap New Project and upload your picture.

On the main menu, choose the retouch feature you want to use from the portrait or makeup options. Make manual edits with the tools or choose one of the low, medium, and high presets for an instant change.

3. Save and Share the Retouched Photos

When you’re done with your photo retouching, tap the save button to download your edits. Vivid Cut also lets you share your photos directly from the app. Choose the platform where you want to post or choose your messaging app to text your photo to your friends!

FAQs About Film Grain

1. What Are the Common Mistakes in Photo Retouching?

When you retouch photos, it’s easy to get carried away. Many people make mistakes like:

  • Overediting to look unnatural
  • Making the contrast, saturation, or brightness too high
  • Smoothing skin out too much
  • Adding too much makeup

Vivid Cut fixes these issues by letting you manually retouch and pause to check your edits at every stage. It helps you get a more accurate view of your photo so you end up with a result that balances your natural beauty with the improvements you make.

2. How Can I Retouch Skin Without Making It Look Fake?

You can retouch your skin on your terms using Vivid Cut's smoothener and concealer tools. Adjust the degree with its presets or take control with the manual options.

3. What Is Essential for an Effective Photo Retouching App?

When you’re choosing a photo retouching tool, pick one that matches your editing experience and goals for your images. Many people like a beginner-friendly option, but before you download, check out whether you get only basic tools or more advanced options. You should also make sure the app you choose works for your device, updates regularly, and is either affordable for you or free.

4. Can Photo Retouching Be Learned Without Formal Training?

Yes, you can learn retouching either by spending time learning advanced techniques or with a user-friendly app like Vivid Cut. Vivid Cut uses AI technology and smart tools to help you make easy edits and gain confidence in your photos, even if you’re a beginner.

5. What Is the Best App for Photo Retouching?

Vivid Cut is a free beautify app that lets photo editors at every level enjoy retouching pictures. It’s convenient, quick, and gives you natural results that work for professional and fun photo sharing.

Download Vivid Cut — The Must-Have Free App to Photo Retouch

retouch fashion photography with Vivid Cut

Vivid Cut’s photo retouch features give you the ability to clear your skin, reshape your face, and add makeup to any portrait photo. You don’t need any special editing skills to enjoy retouching like a pro, and you don’t have to worry about overediting. Whether you take a new shot with the app or upload one you’ve already got, Vivid Cut gives you the freedom to discover your editing style. Download the app for iOS to explore all its photo retouch tools!

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