How To Turn Images into Cartoons with PowerDirector’s Cartoonize Filters [Android Only]

Last Updated on Mar. 8, 2024 – by David Morgan
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Say goodbye to ordinary, mundane images, and say hello to fun animated pics! If you have noticed the trend of turning images into cartoon versions, you’ve probably wondered what you would like in a cartoonize filter. Maybe you have fun footage of your friends but you think the footage would be even better if everyone was a cartoon version of themselves. Perhaps you want to make your pet portrait a whimsical cartoon style to showcase how adorable your furry baby is.

If so, this is the guide for you. In this guide, we’re going to teach you how to transform your images by turning your photos into cartoons. With an AI-powered cartoonize filter, you can create whimsical cartoon images of yourself, your pet, and anything you wish on any Android device. It’s simple. It’s fast. And, it’s free. Grab your phone and let’s discover the best app for turning an image into a cartoon.

Best App To Turn Images into Cartoons in Seconds

Before you learn how to turn a photo into a cartoon, let’s talk about the app that makes this process easy and fun. PowerDirector is our top pick for apps that can turn an image into a cartoon. This app uses AI technology to apply a cartoon filter to your image. The best part is there are over 20 AI styles with different unique effects. The app makes it super easy to try out all kinds of unique cartoon filters.

PowerDirector - Cartoonize Video

Another huge benefit of PowerDirector is the speed and performance of the app. Within seconds, you can turn a video or photo into a cartoon style. Simply tap the button and voila! You have a cartoon version of your photo or video.

Adding to the appeal of your cartoon image or photo is the addition of background music. Music is embedded into every anime template in PowerDirector. You no longer need to take the extra step to find the right music to match the mood. PowerDirector does it all for you.

Finally, PowerDirector is our top pick because it supports 4K ultra HD videos. You can turn images into cartoon styles and export a high-quality video that will look great across all platforms. Upload it to TikTok, and share it to your IG reel. The options are limitless.

How To Turn Images into Cartoons with the Best Video Editing App

If you are ready to transform your image into a cartoon, the process doesn’t need to be complex. You don’t need a powerful computer with expensive video editing software. All you need is your Android device and the ability to tap a few buttons. Follow these easy steps to learn how to turn an image into a cartoon.

1. Download PowerDirector

The first step in using a cartoon filter is to download PowerDirector. You can find PowerDirector for free on the Google Play Store. While PowerDirector is also available for iOS devices, currently, this image to cartoon feature only works on Android devices.

2. Tap AI Effect

PowerDirector - Cartoonize Video

Once you have the app, you’ll open it up and tap on the AI Effect button. This will launch you into the image to cartoon AI options.

3. Choose From 20+ Cartoon Styles

PowerDirector - Cartoonize Video

Within the image to cartoon AI Effect feature, you’ll find over 20 effect styles and animated layers. A lot of the options even support two anime clips at a time. This means you can choose multiple effects to create a stunning image to cartoon video.

4. Import the Video or Image

Now, you’re ready to import your video or image. For the best results, make sure that the face of the person or pet in the video or image is clear. Ideally, you don’t want anything blocking your face, such as a hat or hair. This will help ensure that the cartoonize filter applies well and creates a high-quality image to cartoon video.

5. Adjust the Details of the Anime Video

PowerDirector - Cartoonize Video

Once you have applied the cartoonize filter to your image or video, you can adjust the details. Within the details menu, you’ll have the chance to edit all of the following:

  • Replace the media with another option
  • Crop the image
  • In the case of a video, choose the range of the video you want to include
  • Adjust the default music volume

6. Save & Share Your Video

PowerDirector - Cartoonize Video

Now that you have applied the cartoonize filter to your image or video, it’s time to save and export the image to cartoon video. You can export videos in up to 4K quality. Additionally, PowerDirector supports numerous social media platforms, including TikTok, Instagram Reels, Facebook, and YouTube.

Benefits of Turning Photos into Cartoons with an App

There are so many reasons people are transforming their images and videos into cartoon versions using a cartoonize filter app.

First, with an app, it’s super simple to add this effect. Through AI technology, the app does all the hard work for you. You’ll look like a pro without all the hassle of complex video editing.

Turning an image into a cartoon is also all about your own creative expression. You can add a unique touch to your photo or video that expresses your own personality.

PowerDirector’s cartoon effect is also the perfect way to change the aesthetic appeal of your image or video. With over 20 options, you can find the filter that matches your mood.

Another benefit of using PowerDirector in particular for cartoonifying your image is that the app takes your privacy seriously. In today’s world, data protection is critical. You can rest assured that PowerDirector will keep any images you use protected. The app will not store and hold onto your images beyond the moment you turn your photo into a cartoon.

Finally, why are people turning their profile images or TikTok videos into cartoon versions? Simply put, it’s a lot of fun! The entertainment value of watching your dog prance around the room as an animated version of themselves is priceless. Your explanation of your day is more engaging when you’re a cartoon. And, the added bonus of music makes your videos and photos even more appealing to followers.

Download PowerDirector To Turn Images into Cartoons Flawlessly

If you are ready to have fun turning your photos into cartoons, download PowerDirector. It’s free to download and easy to use. With this app, you can make your next portrait an anime version of yourself. You can turn videos of your friends into a comic-book-like cinematic experience.

Cartoonize Filter FAQs

Want to learn more about what a cartoon filter can do for your images and videos? Read on to learn more about how this AI technology works.

1. What Is a Cartoonize Filter?

A cartoonize filter is an effect that will transform any image or video into an anime version of the original file. TikTok kicked off the cartoon filter trend with users uploading whimsical and, often, comical versions of themselves as anime. Now, with PowerDirector, you can go a step further, tapping into over 20 cartoon filters.

2. Can a Cartoonize Filter Be Applied to Any Type of Image or Video?

A cartoonize filter can be applied to almost any type of image or video. PowerDirector supports PNGs, JPGs, and MP4s. Uploading the image or video is simple and takes only a matter of seconds.

3. What Kind of Image or Video Is Suitable To Turn into a Cartoon?

When choosing an image or video to turn into a cartoon, it’s best to pick something where the face of the subject is clear. Hats and hair covering your face can make the effect less precise. The clearer your video or image, the better you can turn your photos into cartoons.

4. Can iPhone Users Also Use PowerDirector To Turn Images into Cartoons?

While the feature we outlined in this article is for Android devices only, PowerDirector still supports iPhones. If you have an iPhone device, follow our guide on How To Cartoonize a Video on iPhone in Just 1 Click!

5. What Is the Best Video Editing App To Cartoonize Photos?

The best video editing app to turn images into cartoons is PowerDirector. This app was the first of its kind and is the best video app for applying cartoonize filters to images. Not only is the app free and easy to use, but it is also chock full of amazing editing features. It offers a robust library of cartoon templates, including embedded music.

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