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How to Remove a Watermark From Photos Easily With A FREE App

Do you need to remove watermarks from photos? In the past, it can be difficult to do without expensive software. With PhotoDirector the process is simple. Quickly remove unwanted watermarks from photos with a few clicks. PhotoDirector is the best app to remove watermarks from photos.

PhotoDirector - Best app to remove watermarks from a photo

Use the best photo editor app, PhotoDirector

Removing watermarks from photos used to be a challenge. It’s frustrating to spend a lot of time removing watermarks only to find they don’t come out well and all you get is still a useless image. However, these problems can be solved with PhotoDirector.

PhotoDirector is one of the best photo editing apps. With the most advanced AI-powered features, it can help you remove watermarks from photos effortlessly. By simply indicating the watermark and tapping remove, you will find that removing watermarks has never been easier!

In addition to removing watermarks from photos, PhotoDirector boasts many other professional and useful photo editing tools like AI Avatar, AI Anime, AI enhance, Photo Collage, Color Inversion, just to name a few.

On your PC or laptop? Click the button below to download PhotoDirector for Windows/Mac.

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How to remove watermarks from a photo on your phone

Removing watermarks from photos can enhance their visual appeal and usability, whether for personal or professional purposes. By leveraging the right watermark remover such as PhotoDirector, you can effectively eliminate watermarks without compromising image quality or integrity.

Follow these simple steps to clear watermarks from your image!

PhotoDirector - remove watermark from a photo PhotoDirector - remove watermark from a photo

  1. Download PhotoDirector – The Best Watermark Remover
  2. Download PhotoDirector through App Store or Google Play Store. Once the app is installed, the PhotoDirector icon will appear with the rest of the app icons on your device. Open by selecting the icon.

    On your PC or laptop? Click the button below to download PhotoDirector for Windows/Mac.

  3. Import an Image
  4. When the application opens, select the option to Edit. This will prompt you to select the image in which you want to remove watermarks. The application will access the photos already saved on the device. Once you select your image, it will appear within an editing screen with a menu bar at the bottom with the options Tools, Adjustments, Effects, Elements, and Live.

  5. Tap "Tools" and Choose "Removal" to Remove Watermarks
  6. This bottom menu contains an icon called Tools. When this option is selected, a second menu appears and has four icons named Crop and Rotate, Fisheye, Perspective, and Removal. The icon for Removal is the option to choose to remove watermarks from photos.

    After selecting Removal, a different set of options will appear on the bottom of the screen. These are called Size, Brush, and Eraser. Each of these is useful during the watermark removal process.

  7. Manually Adjust the Removal Area
  8. To select the watermark for removal, there are two helpful tools: a brush and an eraser. These two features are adjustable using the size scroll bar.

    The brush tool removes the watermark but keeps the background. This helps to keep the image looking realistic. For accuracy, the size scroll bar can be used to adjust the size of the brush selection tool.

    The eraser feature erases whatever is selected. This is a useful tool if the background of the watermark is a solid color. If a piece of an image is erased by accident, the action can be reversed by pressing the undo arrow. This arrow is located in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.

  9. Save the New Photo and Share With Others
  10. After the watermark is successfully removed and you are happy with the results. Just tap the check icon to save changes.. At this point, you can make more edits like adding text or effects. If nothing else needs to be done, the image is ready to share through Instagram, Facebook, e-mail, and various other mediums.

How to remove watermarks from images online

If you do not want to install anything on your device, choosing an online tool to remove watermarks from photos can also be a convenient and practical option.

MyEdit presents a user-friendly, AI-driven solution for effortlessly removing proof from photos online. It supports various image formats, making it easy to upload and edit your pictures seamlessly. MyEdit shines with its cutting-edge object removal algorithm, utilizing machine learning to automatically eliminate unwanted elements from your images, even handling watermarks on complex or textured backgrounds with efficiency.

Remove watermarks from images online with MyEdit

Here are steps of how to remove watermarks from an image with MyEdit:

  1. Go to MyEdit website and choose the Object Removal tool from the menu.
  2. Upload the image that you want to edit.
  3. Mark the area of watermark to be removed.
  4. AI tool automatically erases the watermark.
  5. Download the processed image.
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What else can I do with the best watermark remover

With the powerful removal features of PhotoDirector, you can erase anything unwanted from pictures. Let’s see besides removing watermarks from photos, what else can you remove?

1. Remove People

Remove People

Do you often meet the situation where you have captured a fantastic scenic landscape photo but are marred by unwanted bystanders? PhotoDirector comes to the rescue, effortlessly removing people while preserving the image's natural beauty.

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2. Remove Blemishes

Remove People

With PhotoDirector's removal tool, you can rescue your portraits from the frustration of facial blemishes. It effortlessly erases imperfections, leaving behind a flawless complexion, ensuring your photos radiate beauty and confidence.

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3. Remove Glares

Remove Glares

Have you ever taken a photo of a beautiful moment, only to be disappointed by unwanted glare? Glare can be annoying, obscuring details and diminishing image quality. Thankfully, with PhotoDirector’s Removal tool, you can easily remove them, restoring and enhancing your photo

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3 Best apps to remove watermarks from photos for iPhone & Android

Looking for an easy-to-use app to remove watermarks? Here are some useful apps that remove watermarks from photos simply with a phone:

  1. PhotoDirector
  3. Photo Retouch

1. PhotoDirector

Available on: iOS and Android

This app is best for those who not only want a seamless watermark removal feature but who also seek other useful photo editing features such as adding overlay effects to photos, collaging photos, or blurring the background.

PhotoDirector is a powerful photo editing app. With its robust AI technology, you can remove watermarks from photos effortlessly. PhotoDirector is also packed with other useful features such as photo filters, remove background from picture features, and photo animation functions.

On your PC or laptop? Click the button below to download PhotoDirector for Windows/Mac.


Available on: Android is an app specifically designed for Android users. This app can help you smoothly remove watermarks from images in just a few seconds. The auto detection feature can save you from selecting the watermark area. Sadly, it’s only available on Android devices and is not embedded with other photo editing features.

3. Photo Retouch

Available on: iOS

Photo Retouch is an app specifically designed for iOS users. With Photo Retouch, you can erase anything you don’t need in your pictures, including watermarks, unwanted people or other objects. Photo Retouch also includes basic video editing features which allow you to add stickers, texts or pictures.

Download the best watermark remover app for free

In the world of digital photography, watermarks can often mar the beauty of an image, making their removal a common necessity. PhotoDirector emerges as the ultimate watermark remover, effortlessly eliminating these distractions.

Moreover, its prowess extends beyond removing watermarks from photos; it's a versatile photo editing powerhouse. Whether you need to erase unwanted objects, retouch blemishes, or smooth out wrinkles, PhotoDirector provides the tools for perfection. It's undoubtedly your best choice for comprehensive and seamless photo editing.

FAQs about removing watermarks from a photo

1. What is a watermark?

In digital media, a watermark is an identifying image or pattern, often a logo or text, superimposed onto a photo, video, or document.

2. What does a watermark do?

A watermark is used to protect copyright and demonstrate ownership, as well as to discourage unauthorized use.

3. What are the common techniques to remove watermarks from a photo?

Common techniques to remove watermarks from photos include the Clone Stamp Tool and Content-Aware Fill. The Clone Stamp Tool clones pixels from one area to another, while Content-Aware Fill automatically fills selected areas with surrounding pixels, offering efficient and precise removal solutions.

4. Is it recommended to use free tools to remove watermarks from photos?

Free apps are often low quality. The best way to get a high-quality watermark remover and avoid paying is to download PhotoDirector. It can seamlessly remove watermarks from photos while maintaining a natural and realistic appearance.

On your PC or laptop? Click the button below to download PhotoDirector for Windows/Mac.

5. What is the easiest way to remove watermarks from a photo?

The easiest way to remove watermarks is by using a simple, easy-to-use app like PhotoDirector. The app is user-friendly so anyone can learn how to remove watermarks from photos.

On your PC or laptop? Click the button below to download PhotoDirector for Windows/Mac.

6. Can I remove watermarks from photos with an app?

Removing a watermark from a photo is easy with an app like PhotoDirector. It stands out from other watermark removal apps not only because the editing process is simple and quick, but also the seamless and professional outcome.

On your PC or laptop? Click the button below to download PhotoDirector for Windows/Mac.

7. Are watermark removers free to use?

Free watermark removers are generally available online and offer basic functionalities to remove simple watermarks. They may have limitations in terms of the number of images or videos that can be processed, the resolution of the output files, or the quality of the removal process. Some free watermark removers may also add their own watermark to the processed files as a form of advertisement.

8. What are the watermark removers that everyone is using?

Here are three popular watermark removers that people often use:

  1. PhotoDirector – This is a powerful photo editing app with a powerful AI removal tool, popular among photographers and casual users when removing watermarks from photos.
  2. – This is a watermark remover app only available for Android users to easily remove watermarks from images, offering a user-friendly interface.
  3. Photo Retouch – This app is commonly used for retouching photos, and it has a dedicated watermark removal feature.

9. What is the best watermark remover app?

The best watermark remover is PhotoDirector because it is free and it works. Other apps claim to remove watermarks but can be difficult to figure out. PhotoDirector is simple to use and can help you remove watermarks from photos with a flawless result.

10. How can I remove the watermark from a photo on my phone?

  1. Download PhotoDirector on your Apple or Android device.
  2. Tap AI Removal from the main menu.
  3. Import the photo with watermarks.
  4. Brush on the watermark and tap Remove.

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