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How to Remove People From Photos on iPhone & Android [2022]

Last Updated on May. 13, 2022 – by David Morgan
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How to Remove People From Photos on iPhone & Android

Advances in photo-editing technology have made a big impact on what you can do on mobile devices. This is the case with features that enable you to remove people from photos. And even though the technology that drives this capability is intricate, the steps required to snatch people clear out of your photos are relatively simple. Here are steps on how to do it using the best app PhotoDirector to get the job done.

How to Remove People from Pictures with Free App—PhotoDirector

1. Download PhotoDirector—Best App to Remove People from Photos

Use the best photo editor app, PhotoDirector to remove people from your photo

Step one is to get the best app for removing people from photos, and that’s PhotoDirector. What makes PhotoDirector ideal when you want to remove people from photos? There are two key features that set it apart from many other photo editing applications:

  • Marginal removal. With this feature, you can select the area you want to remove, and the app keeps everything but that section. In this way, you get a clean, complete removal.
  • Region filling. Region filling automatically fills in the area that you just removed using what’s most likely to have been in that space.

2. Tap Edit and Choose the Photo You Want to Remove People from

Next, you tap Edit and then pick a photo. It’s best not to pick a photo that’s too dark or with people too close to those you want to remove. This is because the app takes portions of what’s in the image’s background and uses it to fill in the space where the image used to be.

3. Go to “Tools” and Tap “Removal” to Remove People from Photos

Use the best photo editor app, PhotoDirector to remove people from your images

In the bottom left corner of your screen, you will see the Tools button. Tap it and then tap Removal, which is in the list of options that come up, along with Crop & Rotate, Fisheye, and Perspective.

When you’re ready to check the before and after images, you can hit the turning-page icon in the lower right corner of the screen to toggle back and forth between the new image and what it looked like before. This way, you can view and compare the two pictures to decide which adjustments to make next.

4. Pinch with Two Fingers to Zoom and Pan

You can make the removal process more detailed by using two fingers to zoom in and out of the image. You also get a small view box that shows a close-up view of what you’re removing in real-time. The box moves out of your way if you touch an area close to where it’s positioned in the image.

5. Brush on People You Want to Remove From Pictures

Use the best photo editor app, PhotoDirector to remove people from your pictures

Next, you have to use either your finger or a stylus to mark the person you want to erase from your photo. As you mark it, a red line covers the area that’s going to be taken out. You can tap the circle in the middle of the tool bar to adjust the size of the brush.

6. Click Remove and Save Photo to Camera Roll

When you’re done selecting the area, hit Remove. If you’re satisfied with your work, you can save the photo to your camera roll by clicking the checkmark at the top of the screen.

Common FAQs About How to Remove People from Pictures with PhotoDirector

1. What are the Best Apps to Remove People From Photos?

PhotoDirector App Logo

1. PhotoDirector

PhotoDirector is the best app for removing people from photos. This app makes it easy to choose the exact area you want to remove and automatically replaces the removed part seamlessly.

YouCam Perfect Logo

2. YouCam Perfect

With YouCam Perfect, you can erase unwanted background objects or people with the intelligent object removal tool to get a clear, polished photo in mere seconds.

TouchRetouch Logo

3. TouchRetouch

TouchRetouch is an editing app that focuses solely on object removal, including blemishes, wrinkles, and text, and is best for quickly removing multiple objects in the same photo.

Snapseed Logo

4. Snapseed

Snapseed is a free photo editing app created by Google, best used for minor imperfections, such as distant objects in the background, rather than medium or large objects.

Adobe Photoshop Fix Logo

5. Adobe Photoshop Fix

This is a great option for fixing minor imperfections and touching-up portraits, but the biggest downside is that you're required to sign up for an Adobe ID.

2. In Which Situations Would You Need to Remove People from Photos?

There are several different kinds of situations that would require you to remove people from photos, for both editing and creative reasons.

To Edit Another Person Out of a Photo

Sometimes you get a great shot of yourself, and the only thing that messes it up is someone else. Whether it’s somebody walking in the background of your selfie, an ex-flame you’d rather forget, or that bridesmaid that couldn’t help but photo-bomb your shot, sometimes you just need to erase somebody.

To Remove a Person from a Landscape

Sometimes, it’s not personal at all—you just want to maintain the pure beauty of mother nature. You take a shot of a perfect sunset, but a little kid jumped in the frame at the last second. Before you post to Instagram, you may want to use the remove people from photos feature to get the little guy away from the glowing oranges, reds, and blues of a perfectly-captured evening.

To Remove a Reflection of Yourself from the Background

Have you ever been in a well-lit building, restroom, or room with mirrors in it and snapped an awesome selfie—only to see a reflection of yourself taking the shot in the background? With a remove people from photos app, you can take your reflection out in under a minute.

Another useful feature of this function is the person doesn’t have to be crystal clear in order for you to remove them. Any image inside the picture can be taken out—including semi-blurry reflections of you accidentally photo-bombing yourself.

3. What is the key to successfully removing a person from a photo?

To successfully remove a person from a photo, you should:

  • Keep the background clean
  • Use the Add/Erase tool to thoroughly remove all edges around the person
  • Zoom in and pan out with two fingers to pinpoint the area you need to mark for removal
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