10 Best Beauty Apps To Get Your Perfect Selfie [iPhone & Android]

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When it comes to headshots, selfies, or profile pictures for social media and messaging apps like LINE, Instagram, Twitter, or even dating apps, we all want to capture ourselves looking cute and make a good impression. It would be great if we could take adorable and impressive selfies that make others think, "I'd like to get to know this person!" However, many people may be unsure about how to take a good selfie or which apps to use for editing.

In this article, we will provide tips for taking captivating selfies and introduce five top-notch beauty camera apps to enhance your selfies. We will also share key points for photo editing. If you're interested, give them a try and level up your selfie game.

How To Choose the Best Beauty Camera App for Selfies

When it comes to enhancing your selfies with beauty camera apps, there are several key points to keep in mind.

  1. Skin Whitening and Smoothing: Check if the beauty camera app offers features for clean, healthy-looking skin, regardless of gender. Look for subtle skin whitening and coverage for acne and pores.
  2. Facial Slimming: Look for a feature that refines the contours of faces, emphasizes facial features, and makes everything look more like real life.
  3. Individual Facial Feature Editing: Ensure the beauty camera app allows editing of specific features like eyes, nose, and mouth for precise enhancements that suit your face.
  4. Wide Variety of Filters: Choose a beauty camera app with a diverse selection of filters to enhance your overall color tone and create captivating selfies.
  5. Customized Effects: Look for features to add light effects, vintage filters, trendy effects, frames, etc., to match your personal style and create eye-catching selfies.
  6. Cute Stickers and Text: Seek beauty camera apps that let you add trendy stickers, write text, and create a fun and playful vibe, making your selfie edits more memorable.

Snapshot of the 3 Best Beauty Camera Apps

Explore the world of beauty apps tailored for selfies! We've handpicked the top 3 apps and showcased their standout features. Get ready for an exciting journey into the world of digital enhancements for your selfies!

App (iOS/Android Rating) Top Features
1. PhotoDirector (4.9/4.8)
  • Beautify selfies with makeup and portrait tools
  • Retouch photo by reshaping faces, removing blemishes and adjust teeth, eyes, and nose
2. Vivid Glam (4.8)
  • Beautify both photo and video
  • Default makeup looks
  • Flawless retouch tools
3. Snow (4.6/4.3)
  • AR makeup feature
  • Seasonal filters to add color

10 Best Beauty Camera Apps To Edit Selfies

1. PhotoDirector - Best AI Beauty Camera for Selfies

PhotoDirector is an exceptional photo editing app that offers a comprehensive range of AI portrait tools specifically designed to enhance your selfies. With its advanced features and intuitive interface, PhotoDirector enables you to achieve stunning results by effortlessly editing and perfecting your self-portraits.

  • Slim Your Face and Smooth Your Face
  • PhotoDirector's AI-powered technology analyzes your facial structure and applies subtle adjustments to slim your face to create a more sculpted and refined look. It reduces facial width and enhances facial contours, resulting in a slimmer and more defined appearance. Additionally, the app's skin-smoothing tools even out skin tone, reduce imperfections, and create a flawless complexion.

  • Remove Blemishes
  • PhotoDirector's advanced blemish removal tool effortlessly erases acne, spots, and other skin blemishes from your selfies. It precisely targets and removes these imperfections, leaving your skin looking naturally flawless and radiant.

  • Remove Eye Bags and Dark Circles
  • With PhotoDirector's powerful eye bag and dark circle removal tool, tired eyes and pesky dark circles are no longer a concern. The AI technology effectively removes bags under eyes and reduces the appearance of dark circles, giving your eyes a refreshed and revitalized look.

  • Nose Enhancement
  • With the nose enhancement feature, you can make subtle adjustments to the shape and size of your nose, ensuring it complements your overall facial features. Achieve a more refined tip, straighter bridge, or a slight slimming effect with ease.

  • Reshape Your Eyes
  • The powerful eye reshaping feature allows you to enhance the beauty of your eyes and captivate your audience. Subtly adjust the size, shape, and symmetry of your eyes to achieve captivating and alluring results. With this feature, you can not only enlarge eyes but also adjust their positioning.

In addition to these features, PhotoDirector offers a range of other face editing tools that further enhance your selfies. These include teeth whitening, smile enhancement, skin tone adjustment, and more. 

PhotoDirector stands out as the ultimate AI beauty camera for selfies, offering a wide range of powerful and intuitive portrait editing tools. If you want to effortlessly take your selfies to the next level, PhotoDirector is the ultimate choice!

2. Vivid Glam — The Ultimate Beautify App

Available: iOS

original girl portrait and the photo being edited with Vivid Glam's makeup tools

Vivid Glam stands out as the premier beautify app, leveraging advanced facial detection technology for precise feature recognition, ensuring seamless makeup filter application. Bid adieu to generic edits as Vivid Glam tailors enhancements to accentuate individual features naturally.

Unlike static alternatives, Vivid Glam offers dynamic beauty solutions for both photos and videos, expanding creative possibilities across platforms. Offering a plethora of makeup tools like lipstick, blush, and contour, users can experiment endlessly to discover their ideal style. With comprehensive styles for every tool, Vivid Glam guarantees a personalized experience, making it the ultimate choice for selfies.

3. SNOW - Best Beauty Camera for Beginners

In addition to having skin beautification and whitening features, SNOW allows you to adjust individual facial features such as contours, eyes, nose, and mouth. What's even more delightful is that you can make detailed adjustments to specific aspects of your eyes, such as angle, iris size, and vertical/horizontal width. This app enables you to fine-tune your desired facial features while maintaining a natural look, bringing you closer to your ideal appearance.

There is a wide variety of filters available as well, ranging from soft and feminine styles to retro film-like effects. You're sure to find the perfect filter that suits your preferences.

4. YouCam Makeup

YouCam Makeup is the ultimate AI selfie companion for flawless beauty on-the-go. It transforms your look with a myriad of makeup filters and photo enhancements, all conveniently on your phone. You can explore a vast palette of lipstick shades, eye makeup designs, contouring techniques, blush tones, and foundation finishes and dive into a world of trendy makeup filters, complete with 3D accessories for a truly immersive experience. Bid farewell to imperfections of your selfies and say hello to perfect selfies every time – effortlessly radiant, flawlessly beautiful, with just one tap.

5. Ulike - Best App for Teeth Whitening in Your Selfies

Ulike offers features for adjusting specific facial features in addition to its skin whitening and beautifying functions. However, some of these features may be available only for premium members, so please be mindful of that. The app includes a teeth whitening feature, allowing you to enhance your smile in your selfies and make them even more captivating.

If you're not satisfied with the wide-angle effect in your photos, there is a function that naturally lifts the corners of your mouth, creating a lovely smile. While it may not be suitable for those seeking edgier edits, it's definitely worth trying if you want to achieve an exceptionally cute and feminine look.

6. Beauty Plus - Best App for Makeup Effects on Selfies

Beauty Plus is a convenient app that automatically enhances your skin, creates a smaller and more beautiful face, and improves overall facial appearance with just a simple adjustment of the toolbar to the left or right. While the app may not offer an extensive range of detailed adjustments, it does allow for individual modifications such as nose size and eye enlargement.

The app also includes a makeup feature, which comes in handy when you want to change the color of your lipstick, for example.

7. Meitu - Best App for Styling Your Favorite Looks in Selfies

Meitu is an excellent app for selfies, offering a range of powerful features in a user-friendly interface. It allows you to adjust facial features, proportions, face shape, and achieve flawless skin. You can even enhance your neck and neckline, ensuring a perfect overall look. With its diverse selection of popular makeup themes, Meitu enables you to quickly apply complete makeup looks. Additionally, you can unleash your creativity by adding various stickers and templates, creating unique and eye-catching effects.

8. Facetune - Best App for Editing Selfies in Real Time

Facetune is a top-notch app for selfies, offering a range of features to enhance your photos. With its face-shaping tools, you can adjust your facial structure, smile curve, and the position of your features. It also allows you to remove blemishes and control shine, giving you a flawless complexion. 

Additionally, the app offers over 15 hair color options that can be applied with just a click. While it provides a variety of multi-colored base makeup and eye makeup options, you'll need to manually apply them as the app doesn't automatically detect makeup application.

9. Retrica - Best Selfie App with Large Number of Filters

Retrica is a top-notch selfie app that stands out with its extensive collection of filters. With over a hundred filters to choose from, you can easily find the perfect one to enhance your selfies and create unique visual styles. The app also offers various editing tools, including vignette, blur, and crop, allowing you to refine your photos with precision. Retrica's real-time filter preview lets you see how the filters will look before taking the shot.

10. VSCO - Best App for Filters and Effects To Elevate Your Selfies

VSCO is an excellent app for enhancing your selfies with a variety of filters and effects. It provides a diverse collection of filters that cater to different styles, enabling you to turn your selfies into captivating pieces of art. The app also offers intuitive editing tools such as brightness, contrast, and saturation adjustments, allowing you to personalize your photos effortlessly. With VSCO's preset feature, you can maintain consistent editing settings across your selfies, ensuring a cohesive look.

How To Edit Selfies with a Beauty Camera App

1. Download PhotoDirector - The Best Beauty Camera App for Selfies

PhotoDirector is a highly recommended beauty camera app for editing selfies. It is available for both iOS or Android devices and can be downloaded from your respective app store for free.

2. Choose To Make Extensive Face Edits

After downloading PhotoDirector, you can utilize its extensive face adjustment features to enhance your selfies:

  1. Slim Your Face: This feature allows you to make your face appear slimmer by adjusting the width and contour. It helps achieve a more balanced and refined facial appearance.
  2. Smooth Your Face: You can enhance your complexion by reducing the appearance of fine lines and uneven skin texture, giving your skin a softer and more youthful look. It allows you to customize the level of smoothing for a natural and flawless result in your selfies.
  3. Adjust Skin Tone: Customize the skin tone of your face to achieve the desired look. This feature enables you to fine-tune the color and warmth of your skin.
  4. Remove Wrinkles: Minimize the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines for a more youthful appearance. This feature helps to smooth out any age-related signs and create a rejuvenated look.

3. Adjust Facial Details

  1. Remove Blemishes: Eliminate any unwanted blemishes or skin imperfections from your selfie. This feature allows you to easily erase spots, acne, or other small marks, resulting in a smoother and flawless complexion.
  2. Remove Bags under Eyes and Dark Circles: Reduce the appearance of bags under eyes and dark circles, leaving you with a refreshed and well-rested look. This feature helps brighten the area under eyes, making your eyes appear more vibrant and youthful.
  3. Whiten Teeth: This feature allows you to remove any yellowish or stained appearance, resulting in a sparkling and confident smile.
  4. Nose Enhancement: Fine-tune the shape and size of your nose to achieve your desired look. Whether you want to refine the bridge, narrow the nostrils, or adjust the tip, this feature allows you to make subtle adjustments for a harmonious facial profile.
  5. Reshape Your Eyes: You can enlarge or resize your eyes, adjust the eye shape, and even correct asymmetry, giving your selfies a mesmerizing and expressive gaze.

4. Get Your Perfect Selfie Easily!

Now you can save and show off your flawless selfie to your friends and followers!

How To Edit Selfie Videos on Phone?

In addition to being able to edit your photos using a beauty camera app, iPhone users can now also enhance their video content with the help of Vivid Glam, which serves as the ultimate face video editor. This innovative tool offers an array of features that allow users to refine and reshape facial appearances within their video footage.

Step 1: Download Vivid Glam - The Best Face Video Editor

Vivid Glam is available for iOS for free, enabling you to explore all its functionalities upon downloading. You'll gain access to an array of features, including tools for reshaping faces and bodies, smoothing skin, and enhancing your videos with captivating effects.

Step 2: Tap “Face Reshape” and Upload the Selfie Video


Opting for the Face Reshape tool in Vivid Glam will prompt the app to access your phone's album. From there, you can pick the video you wish to edit and seamlessly upload it to the application for further editing.

Step 3: Adjusting the Details

Vivid Glam lets you tailor your facial appearance with AI techniques. You can target specific areas, such as the face, eyes, nose, eyebrows, and mouth, to refine your features. This allows you to achieve a more defined facial structure by slimming the face, adjusting the jawline, and altering the forehead and chin dimensions.

You also have the flexibility to modify eye size and spacing, nose size, or even fine-tune the area around the nostrils. Enhance your eyebrows by editing their thickness, height, and spacing. Plus, plump your lips by adjusting their size and height, resulting in a cute pout or fuller lips showcasing your lip color.

Step 4: Get the Perfect Selfie Video!

After finishing editing the video, you can download your video and share it to YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram! Tap the icons on the save screen to share your videos straight from the app. You can also save the video to your phone by tapping “More”!

4 Tips To Take a Perfect Selfie

  1. Be mindful of angles: Instead of taking a straight-on shot, tilt your head slightly and experiment with different angles to find the most flattering one. Tilting your head can create depth and add dimension to your face, making your selfie more visually appealing.
  2. Harness the power of lighting: Opt for natural light when taking selfies, as it is the most flattering. Face a window or go outside for well-lit shots, avoiding harsh overhead lighting or direct sunlight. Find the lighting condition that enhances your features and gives your selfie a beautiful, soft glow.
  3. Get creative with posing: Get creative with your poses to add personality and highlight your best features. Experiment with chin tilts, hand placements, or crossing your arms for a relaxed and natural look. Posing can make your selfie more interesting and expressive.
  4. Utilize selfie sticks or external cameras: Selfie sticks and external cameras expand your selfie options, allowing for wider frames and group shots. They also reduce camera shake, resulting in steadier and higher-quality selfies. Use these tools to enhance your selfie-taking experience and capture more of your surroundings.

FAQs about Taking Selfies with Beauty Cameras

1. What Are Some Tips When Taking Selfies?

When taking selfies, consider finding good lighting, experimenting with different angles, and using flattering poses to capture the best version of yourself. Additionally, using a selfie stick or external camera can help you achieve wider shots or capture group photos more easily.

If you want to know more details, you can check 4 Tips To Take a Perfect Selfie.

2. What Are the Best Beauty Camera Apps To Take Selfies?

The following are some popular beauty camera apps for taking selfies:

  1. PhotoDirector - Best AI Beauty Camera for Selfies (Recommended)
  2. Vivid Glam - The Ultimate Beautify App
  3. SNOW - Best Beauty Camera for Beginners
  4. YouCam Makeup
  5. Ulike - Best App for Teeth Whitening in Your Selfies
  6. Beauty Plus - Best App for Makeup Effects on Selfies
  7. Meitu - Best App for Styling Your Favorite Looks in Selfies
  8. Facetune - Best App for Editing Selfies in Real Time
  9. Retrica - Best Selfie App with Large Number of Filters
  10. VSCO - Best App for Filters and Effects To Elevate Your Selfies

Out of these options, we recommend PhotoDirector as the best beauty camera app for taking selfies.

3. Is PhotoDirector a Free App To Edit Selfies?

Yes, PhotoDirector is a free app for iOS and Android that offers powerful face editing tools. Despite being free, it provides extensive features for editing and enhancing your selfies. You can make precise adjustments to your facial features, smooth and tone your skin, remove blemishes, and much more. With PhotoDirector, you can achieve professional-level editing results without any cost.

4. What Features Can I Use To Edit Selfies with Beauty Cameras?

When using a beauty camera like PhotoDirector to edit selfies, you can utilize various features for enhancing your appearance, including:

5. How To Edit Selfies with a Beauty Camera App?

To edit selfies with a beauty camera app like PhotoDirector, follow these steps:

  1. Download PhotoDirector, a recommended beauty camera app available for free on iOS and Android devices.
  2. Use the app's extensive adjustment features like face reshaping, skin smoothening, and skin tone editing to enhance your selfies. 
  3. Refine facial details by removing blemishes, reducing bags under eyes and dark circles, enhancing your nose shape, reshaping your eyes, and whitening your teeth.
  4. Once you're satisfied with the edits, save your perfect selfie and share it with friends and followers.

To see more details, you can check How To Edit Selfies with a Beauty Camera App.

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