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How to Slim Your Face on iPhone & Android [2022]

Last Updated on Apr. 29, 2022 – by David Morgan
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If you’re tired of comparing yourself to other people in your photos, try a face slimming app. You don’t need to go through the long process of dieting or the risks of surgery to change your face shape. Keep reading to learn how PhotoDirector can help you slim your face and boost your confidence with just a few taps!

How to Slim Your Face Easily with 4 Steps

Getting a slimmer face shape is easy with PhotoDirector. Follow this simple step-by-step guide to slim your face with a realistic photo editing app.

Step 1—Download the Best Face Shaping App—PhotoDirector

Start slimming your face when you download PhotoDirector free for iOS or Android.

PhotoDirector App - Slim Face

The app has plenty of features you can access with the free version and even more tools with the premium edition. PhotoDirector gives you seamless edits, including reshaping your face. Whether you want to make a few subtle changes or create a dramatic difference, the app has what you need to make it look natural.

PhotoDirector App - Slim Face

Step 2 — Select a Photo You Want to Make Your Face Thinner

Before you start shaping your face, choose the photo you want to edit from your photo gallery. When you use the face slimming tool the first time, try picking a selfie that lets you see the details of your face shape. That way, you can see the difference your edits will make and adjust each area precisely.

PhotoDirector App - Slim Face

Step 3 — Get a Slimmer Face with a Quick Adjustment

Once you’ve selected your photo, find the Face Shaper Tool under the Portrait Tool and use these steps to reshape your face:

  1. Let PhotoDirector automatically detect the face.
  2. Use the slider bar to change the shape of your face. Moving it to the left will make your face slimmer, and moving it to the right will widen it.
  3. PhotoDirector App - Slim Face
  4. PhotoDirector supports slimming faces separately, too. If you want to edit more than your own face, simply tap the two faces icon on the top right side to select another face and repeat steps 1 and 2.
  5. PhotoDirector App - Slim Face

Step 4 — Save & Share the Photo After You Slim Your Face

After you’ve made all your desired edits, make sure you save them. Saving your edited presets helps you get the same consistent look in all your photos. It can make editing even faster, so you can skip manual adjustments in the future and apply your ideal face shape in one tap. Plus, it makes it easier to share your photos with friends and followers!

3 Best Face Shaper Apps on iPhone & Android

There are plenty of apps designed to help you shape your face and body to create the look you want. Each one has different strengths, and depending on your photo editing needs, one can work better for you than the rest. Check out these three face shaper apps to get the perfect look in your snaps!

PhotoDirector — The Easiest Face Editing App

PhotoDirector makes the most natural and professional-looking changes to your face shape. You can use the face shaping feature to slim your face, but it doesn’t stop there. Create fun group snaps with the face shaping app and play around with the feature when you don’t feel like making serious edits.

PhotoDirector is anything but generic, and you can customize your face shape with just a few taps. Once you’re done editing your face shape, explore PhotoDirector’s other tools, including:

  • Skin smoother
  • Magic brush
  • Animation
  • Background tools

If you want more than the app’s free features, try the premium version to get access to even more incredible photo editing tools!

FaceApp — Reshape, Edit, & Change Face

FaceApp Logo

FaceApp lets you reshape your face, as well as change the size and look of your facial features. Use its face editing options to narrow your face, shorten your chin, and shape your jawline in a single tap. Beyond face shaping, you can have fun, explore, and totally change your face and features.

If you want to see how you’d look in the opposite gender, get a sneak peek at your older self, or apply a style from a different photo, FaceApp lets you do that, too. You can even try different weight filters to see what you’d look like with a bigger or smaller body.

Slim & Skinny — Reshape Your Face & Body

Slim & Skinny Logo

Slim & Skinny has all the tools you need to reshape your body from head to toe. Its intelligent technology always makes accurate edits no matter what you want to change or how you want to change it. It detects your head and face, as well as different areas of your body, to apply the most seamless changes. Use the slider bars to slim or widen your face and body anywhere you choose without the hassle or risk of surgery.

Download PhotoDirector: Best Face Shaper App on iPhone & Android

PhotoDirector is the best face shaper for making the perfect edits to your snaps. You don’t need to have any technical photo editing knowledge to use it and get your ideal look. Download PhotoDirector for iOS or Android to discover how to slim your face in seconds!

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