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The Best 9 Effects for Instagram

Last Updated on Nov. 25, 2021 – by Jayed Miah
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The Best Effects for Instagram

Whether you want to become an Instagram influencer or just share eye-catching content with your friends and family, you need to start using Instagram story effects and filters—#nofilter is simply #nofun! At CyberLink, our experts are here to show you the best effects for Instagram, the best Instagram filters, how to use them, and more.

Additionally, we’ll introduce you to the best Instagram video editor to help you create captivating videos for your feed. With the help of an editing app or software, you can get effects you won’t find on Instagram that will help your content stand out. Get ready to take notes!

Best Instagram Effects for 2021

1. Filters

face filters on powerdirector

Posting fun videos of yourself gets a whole lot easier with Instagram face filters. Instead of an ordinary selfie video, you can post yourself with math equations swirling around your head or you can transform yourself into an adorable koala with ears that move—just to name a couple examples of how playful you can get with these filters.

In 2017, Instagram debuted eight face filters, but now the possibilities abound. The filters appear on both front-facing and rear-facing videos, and some face filters even work with a friend, too. You can apply them to photos and videos in your Instagram posts, stories, and direct messages to friends.

Use them to:

  • Become a different character
  • Enhance your physical appearance
  • Add cuteness, humor, or another characteristic to your selfie video

Adding face filters to your Instagram videos is a breeze. You just have to open the camera in the Instagram app, tap the face icon in the bottom right corner, and select your filter.

2. Video Speed

Increasing or decreasing the speed of your Instagram video is much easier than it sounds—you just need to use a video speed effect.

Use it to:

  • Speed up a long video to create a cool time lapse
  • Slow part of a video down to showcase a dramatic moment

The Instagram app does have a basic video speed adjustment feature, but a video editing app like PowerDirector will grant you more control over the adjustment as well as how it’s applied. With the app you can ease in, ease out, or apply the speed adjustment to the whole video. If you’re looking to get complete control over your speed adjustments, we highly recommend trying out the PowerDirector video editing app.

Free Download
For Android and iOS devices

Need the desktop version for Windows and macOS? Get your free download here.

Free Download
For Android and iOS devices

Need the desktop version for Windows and macOS? Get your free download here.

Check out how easy it is to change video speed in PowerDirector.

3. Color Filters

Perhaps what most people think of when they hear “Instagram filters,” color filters are a staple of the app. By far, “Clarendon” reigns as the most popular Instagram color filter to date. This cure-all adjustment brightens, highlights, and intensifies shadows for a striking color contrast.

While many color filters like Clarendon are available for regular photo posts, others such as the widely used Retro Cam can only be used in Instagram stories.

Use them to:

  • Create a variety of aesthetics, including vintage, grunge, color pop, etc.
  • Brighten and intensify colors
  • Color correct your footage

After taking your photo or video, click the filter icon in the top right corner and peruse the vast selection of color filters Instagram has to offer.

4. Green Screen + Chroma Key

A green screen allows you to change the background of your photo or video. You can use any image from your camera roll as a green screen background for your Instagram post. You can also apply a different visual to just a specific area using the chroma key effect. Select the color you wish to remove, then fill that transparent area with a different image or video.

Use it to:

  • Transport yourself to different settings you don’t have access to in real life
  • Make it appear as if two characters were filmed simultaneously instead of separately
  • Make people or objects become invisible

You can access a green screen effect within the Instagram app using a green screen AR filter but be aware it’s relatively basic and not always effective. For a more complete green screen and chroma key setup, check out the PowerDirector app . With the PowerDirector app, you can use AI to precisely remove your background even if you don’t shoot on a green screen!

5. Stabilize Video

If you don’t have a steady hand while recording, don’t worry. The video stabilizer effect does exactly what it sounds like. In addition to stabilizing with the touch of a button, you can manually adjust the motion level.

Use it when:

  • You laughed while filming your video and couldn’t hold still
  • You tripped while filming or got bumped 
  • You moved around a lot while filming

As Instagram’s stabilization program requires a separate app anyway (Hyperlapse), you’re better off with a more comprehensive all-in-one option. Try stabilizing your videos on the PowerDirector app for perfect stabilization no matter how bumpy your footage is.

6. Voice Effects

Voice Effects

Following the success of voice effects in apps like TikTok, Instagram added its own voice effect generator toward the end of 2020. The update includes the voice effects helium, giant, vocalist, announcer, and robot.

Use them to:

  • Make your voice fit different situations (over the phone, far away, etc.)
  • Use the voice effect to portray a different character
  • Add some humor with a weird voice

You can use these voice effects in your Instagram story or reels. To find them, tap the voice changer button in the bottom row.

7. Blending Effects

Blending effects allow you to layer two video clips to create a new video for Instagram. All you have to do is select your blend mode and adjust the opacity of the top clip.

Use them to:

  • Create a surreal-looking scene with a double exposure effect, intertwining two visuals together
  • Add soft glows, deep shadows, and beauty passes to change the mood
  • Add footage to create a new scene, such as a fire or a snowstorm
  • Designate a basic colored shape as a visual anchor for text

Instagram doesn’t offer blending effects, so you’ll need an additional app. Just like all of the other listed effects, the PowerDirector app can handle blending, too! Select any two clips to combine and use the feature’s various tools to remove and replace any part of your image. Check out the video below to see how it’s done:

8. Transitions

These days attention spans are short. An Instagram video that isn’t dynamic enough will lose viewers’ attention. Luckily, you can keep them interested when you apply exciting transitions in between scenes.

Use them to:

  • Juxtapose two different scenes like a before and after
  • Smoothly merge two different takes
  • Switch between characters speaking

Since Instagram doesn’t provide any transition effects, the PowerDirector app is here to the rescue again. Cut, trim, and sequence all of your clips and choose from one of the many basic and more creative transitions, all within the app. Check out the video below to see how it’s done:

9. AR Filters

AR Filters

Although they sound futuristic, AR—augmented reality—filters have recently become accessible to the general public. AR filters entail using computer-generated effects to create unique visuals for your Instagram stories. From virtual makeup looks to dancing characters, the AR possibilities are endless.

Use them to:

  • Showcase your personality with 100% original filters
  • Transform your followers’ experience with interactive elements

You can start creating your own AR filters today in Facebook’s Spark AR Studio platform. You can also use other users’ AR filters by tapping the “try it” button in the bottom left corner and then pressing the “upload” button.

Where to Get These and Even More Advanced Effects

You’ve probably heard of more than a few Instagram video editors, but PowerDirector stands out among them all as the most comprehensive, user-friendly, and versatile video editing app on the market.

Don’t believe us? The PowerDirector app won a Google Play Editors’ Choice award for video editing. Talk about credibility that can’t be beat.

In addition to the effects we’ve listed above, PowerDirector Essentials (for computer) and the PowerDirector App (for smartphones) bring a variety of video editing goodies to the table, including:

  • Motion graphic titles
  • Video masks
  • Color correction
  • Templates, effects, filters
  • Access to royalty-free music, videos and photos
  • Zoom and pan

You can download even more templates and effects from DirectorZone if you want to add more tricks to your wheelhouse.

Edit Your Instagram Videos Using PowerDirector

When posting to the ’Gram, you want to ensure that you’re sharing content that will intrigue your followers. Using Instagram effects can help you create videos that will blow everyone away.

So, what have we learned about Instagram effects? Let’s take a moment to review some key points:

  • You can use effects within the Instagram app like face and color filters to alter your visuals.
  • Spark AR Studio gives you the ability to create the Instagram filters of your dreams.
  • When you use the PowerDirector video editing app, the sky’s the limit for your Instagram videos, with effects like blending, stabilization, and chroma key.

If you need help becoming an Instagramer, allow our experts at CyberLink to walk you through our Instagram video editor.

Download PowerDirector for your desktop or the PowerDirector app for or today!

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