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How to Remove Objects from Photos on iPhone & Android

Last Updated on Mar. 25, 2022 – by David Morgan
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Remove Objects from Photos

Have you ever taken a photo only to realize that an unwanted object is ruining the view?

We've all been there. Whether you were trying to capture a beautiful beach sunset, block out the crowd in a concert photo, or snap a quick pic without cars on a road trip, finding that your image contains an unwanted object or person can be frustrating.

Thankfully, removing objects from photos is easier than ever with PhotoDirector. This app for iOS and Android uses AI imaging technology to replace an object with the surrounding colors, seamlessly removing it from the photo.

If you're looking to erase an object from your picture quickly and easily, you've come to the right place. First, download PhotoDirector, then follow the steps below to begin removing objects from your photos.

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How to Remove Unwanted Objects

Removing an object through PhotoDirector is achieved by simply highlighting what you would like removed in the picture. PhotoDirector then does all the hard work removing and filling in the area of the photo realistically.

You can follow these six quick steps to remove unwanted objects or people from your photos with PhotoDirector:

1. Use PhotoDirector to Remove Objects From Your Photos

Your first step in removing an unwanted object is opening the PhotoDirector app. You can download PhotoDirector on your Apple or Android mobile device and complete all your editing right from your smartphone.

Once your app is downloaded and open, select Edit from the home screen to create a new photo project.

2. Select the Photo You Would Like To Edit

Next, select the photo you would like to edit from your camera roll.

PhotoDirector's AI technology allows you to remove unwanted objects from any photo, regardless of how complex or straightforward the picture is. Similarly, you can remove several things from the same image in a single PhotoDirector editing session.

3. Begin Removing Unwanted Objects From Your Photos

Now that you have your image opened in the PhotoDirector app, it's time to begin removing your unwanted object.

You will see a list of editing options at the bottom of the app. First, scroll to the Remove/Clone option. Click on this tab, then select Remove. PhotoDirector will take you to a new page with tools to remove the unwanted object from your photo.

4. Use Your Finger To Highlight the Object You Would Like To Remove

PhotoDirector makes it easy to select small, intricate objects, as the app's AI technology interprets and narrows your selection for you.

To select your object, simply use your finger as a brush and highlight around the object's edges, coloring in the middle. If necessary, you can adjust the size of the brush using the buttons at the bottom of the window. You can also zoom in on the object by pinching the screen to see the object's outline better.

We recommend making your selection slightly larger than the object for the best results with the object removal tool. PhotoDirector's AI technology will use this information to fill in space where the object was with a realistic-looking background patch, removing the object altogether.

5. Finish Removing Unwanted Objects from Your Photos

After selecting the object with your finger, click the Apply button at the bottom of the page. PhotoDirector will take a few seconds to analyze your selection and the surrounding area, then remove the object from your photo.

If you aren't satisfied with the result, you can always undo the effect and try again. Sometimes selecting an even wider area around the object will make the object removal effect less noticeable.

6. Save and Export Your Photo

Once you are satisfied with the removal effect, you can move on to the remainder of your photo editing session. PhotoDirector offers numerous tools and features to turn base-level photos into photography masterpieces. Try out some of the app's other editing tools to elevate your image further before saving and exporting it.

BONUS: Clone and Move Objects

You can use a similar method to clone and move objects within your photo. The cloning effect allows you to duplicate something in your photo. It is helpful for images you want to fill out, such as concerts with half-full audiences. The move effect allows you to transfer an unwanted object to a more suitable location in the photo, preventing you from needing to delete it entirely.

To use these tools, simply select the object the same way you did with the object removal effect.

Then specify its position in your photo. PhotoDirector will take care of the rest.

Start Removing Objects From Pictures

In the past, editing objects out of photos required extensive Photoshop skills. If you weren't a graphic designer or pro photographer, you were stuck with unwanted people and distracting things in your pictures.

PhotoDirector's innovative technology has simplified the process. As a result, even the most novice photo editors can remove unwanted objects from their photos quickly and effectively.

Download PhotoDirector today to begin applying professional-level edits to your photos with a few taps.

Free Download
For Android and iOS devices

Need the desktop version for Windows and macOS? Get your Free Download here.

PhotoDirector App

Effortless Photo Editing
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