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8 Best Christmas Video Ideas for a Festive Celebration

Last Updated on May. 17, 2024 – by CyberLink
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As Christmas approaches, you may be looking for new ways to embrace the holiday season. Filming Christmas videos is a great way to record your favorite holiday moments and connect with others on social media. If you want to create videos to commemorate this Christmas, here are ten ideas to get you started, plus tips for editing your footage.

8 Best Christmas Video Ideas

Not sure what kind of Christmas videos you want to film this season? There are plenty of options that work for different niches and topics. Show off Christmas fashions and interior decor, film nostalgic family videos, or post something funny. Here are eight ideas to get you started:

1. Funny Christmas Video


If you have a comedic personality, try writing and performing a Christmas-themed comedy skit. You can entertain your friends and followers by dressing up like Santa Claus and dancing, telling Christmas jokes, or re-enacting a silly holiday scene. Add in Christmas props or a holiday background to make your videos more engaging and interesting for your audience.

2. Family Christmas Video


Sharing wholesome family moments can be a heartwarming way to celebrate this Christmas. Take candid footage at a family Christmas gathering, then edit together your favorite moments. Show people opening presents, singing carols, or chatting by the fire. Add Christmas music for a cheerful finishing touch.

3. Christmas Makeup Tutorials Video


Love being creative? Try designing your Christmas makeup look or showing off your take on a holiday makeup trend. You can do anything from a basic red-and-white look to something more complex with detailed eyeliner or gem details. Film yourself explaining each step of the process, from prepping your skin to putting on glitter and eyelashes.

4. Christmas Outfits Sharing Video


Fashion lovers can flaunt their style this Christmas by filming their holiday outfits. “Fit checks” are a popular way to share your style and show how you get ready each day. For these videos, assemble a stylish outfit that features Christmas colors, sparkly accessories, or cozy knit garments. You can also show off Christmas costume outfits where you dress in clothes inspired by popular holiday characters like a reindeer or snowman.

5. Christmas Decor Tour Video


Decorating your house for Christmas takes a lot of effort, so you might as well show off your hard work in a home tour. Give your viewers a look into the decorating process, or cut straight to the finished product. You can include your Christmas tree, stockings, outdoor Christmas lights, and lawn decor.

6. Christmas Party Video


Create relatable content by filming your next Christmas party and sharing it online. Capture clips of your family and friends making holiday crafts, decorating cookies, or dancing to Christmas music. You can also ask your guests to show off their outfits or share a holiday memory to make your video even more special.

7. Christmas Gift Unboxing Video


Once you receive your Christmas gifts, share your haul with your followers through an unboxing video. Film your reaction to your gifts, then open up the packaging and talk through each of their features.

8. Christmas Song Cover Video


Share your musical talent with the world by recording your rendition of a classic Christmas tune. Pick from traditional Christmas carols and more modern Christmas pop songs. Here are a few options to consider:

  • “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree”
  • “It’s Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas”
  • “Jingle Bell Rock”
  • “Silent Night”
  • “All I Want for Christmas Is You”
  • “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town”
  • “Last Christmas”

Vivid Glam — The Best App for Beautifying Christmas Videos

People love watching Christmas-themed content during the holiday season. Share an inside look into your Christmas by filming and editing holiday videos with VividCut. It includes many features to enhance your videos, such as Face Reshape, Skin Smooth, and Body Reshape. You can also use AI Color and background editing tools to infuse a festive Christmas aesthetic into each clip.

How To Level Up Christmas Videos?

Once you shoot your Christmas video, it’s time to start editing. By using AI editors like VividCut, you can edit your body and face to help you look your best. Then, you can embrace the holiday spirit by using AI to add a Christmas atmosphere. Here’s a basic guide for using VividCut for your Christmas videos:

  • Reshape Your Face
  • It’s natural to want to look your best in any video you post online. VividCut allows you to refine your facial features with Face Reshape so your looks can shine in Christmas makeup tutorials or Christmas song covers that have up-close framing.

    • Face Reshape
    • vivid_cut

      Face Reshape allows you to adjust your facial features, including your jawline, eyes, nose, eyebrows, and mouth. You can upgrade your natural features and make minor adjustments to help you look camera-ready for your Christmas video shoots. Play with the sliders to see different levels of intensity for each filter.

    • Skin Smooth
    • vivid_cut

      Smooth skin lets viewers focus on your videos instead of getting distracted by blemishes. Use VividCut’s Skin Smooth option to eliminate imperfections and give your skin a nice glow. Go for a subtle, natural look with the “Low” level or aim for a polished finish with “Medium” or “High” options.

    Learn More About Reshaping Your Face With Vivid Glam:

  • Edit Your Body
  • vivid_cut

    Vivid Glam’s beauty features aren’t just limited to your face. You can also edit your body to get the figure you want. In Christmas videos where your full body is in the frame, such as holiday fit checks or other wide-frame videos, use Body Reshape to transform your figure. This smart AI tool will track your body as it moves, making the edits look natural and realistic.

    Body Reshape allows you to slim your figure or add shape to your waist to create a more attractive silhouette. You can even lengthen your legs if you want to appear taller or adjust your head size to create ideal proportions. Make small adjustments to each factor until you’re happy with the final result.

  • Change the Background
  • vivid_cut

    Make sure your video exudes Christmas cheer by adding a holiday background to any clip. Vivid Glam’s “Cutout & Change Background” tool uses AI to detect and remove your video’s background, allowing you to transport the subjects into any Christmas scene you can imagine. Add a warm Christmas tree, a bustling Christmas village, or a peaceful snow scene to take your video to the next level.

    Once you upload your video and select the background removal feature, AI will automatically remove the background in seconds. Then, you can replace it with any Christmas-themed scene. Pick between solid colors, animated scenes, and basic static backgrounds that boost the holiday vibe of your videos.

  • Add Filters
  • vivid_cut

    Festive filters are the ultimate way to add a Christmas aesthetic to your video. Explore over 50 filters to add Christmas sparkle and shine to your videos. Add a warm tone to your indoor holiday gatherings or a cool vibe to your outdoor winter scenes. You can explore other options like black and white or springtime as the seasons change.

Download Vivid Glam — Make Your Christmas Video Ideas Come True!

VividCut allows you to transform any aspect of your Christmas videos, from retouching your face to enhancing the background. Explore a range of preset filters, or use custom prompts to produce the holiday videos of your dreams. You can post a professional-looking video to share your favorite memories or entertain an audience with fun, relatable content for the holidays.

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FAQs About Christmas Videos

Get the most out of your Christmas memories by reviewing this Q&A before planning your videos:

1. Why Should I Film Christmas/Santa Videos?

Creating Christmas videos is a simple way to document your favorite holiday memories. Along with allowing you to preserve special moments this holiday season, Christmas videos are also a great way to engage with your followers on social media. Help them get into the Christmas spirit by posting different Christmas-themed videos that align with your interests and social media brand.

2. What’s the Best Christmas Video Idea?

You can post plenty of Christmas-themed video ideas on your social media. The best option is whichever subject interests you the most and fits in with the rest of your content. For example, a beauty influencer might post dreamy Christmas makeup looks. You could also post funny comedy videos, share your holiday outfits, show a tour of your Christmas decorations, or record a Christmas song cover. If you want to document your Christmas memories, try posting an unboxing, a video of your Christmas party, or footage of your family having fun together during the holiday season.

3. What’s the Best App to Edit Christmas Videos?

As a comprehensive AI video editor, Vivid Glam provides many ways to edit and enhance your videos this holiday season. It has an easy-to-use interface so anyone can get the most out of their holiday memories. Explore fun filters, add beautifying effects, or even generate a custom Christmas background.

4. How Can I Use Vivid Glam to Enhance My Christmas Videos?

You can enhance any style of Christmas video right from your phone in Vivid Glam. Ensure you look your best in every clip by using beauty features to reshape your face and make your skin smooth and blemish-free. You can boost your confidence by emphasizing your curves or slimming your body. Or, focus on the vibe and aesthetic of your video by using AI to add a Christmas background. Then, you can choose between dozens of filters to add a festive holiday ambiance to any scene.

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