5 Best AI Voiceover Generator Apps to Enhance Your Video Content in 2024

Last Updated on Mar. 8, 2024 – by CyberLink
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In the dynamic world of content creation, adding a professional and engaging voiceover to your videos can significantly elevate their quality. Whether you're a content creator, filmmaker, or business professional, the right voiceover can convey your message effectively and captivate your audience. In this article, we are introducing 5 best AI generator apps that can help you achieve outstanding results without the need for expensive recording equipment or hiring a voice actor, and we will guide you with how to generate AI voice with the best AI voiceover generator app — PowerDirector.

What Is a Voiceover Generator?

A voiceover generator is a software tool or application that uses advanced technologies, particularly artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, to produce synthesized voice recordings. These tools can transform written text into spoken words, creating voiceovers that sound natural and lifelike. Voiceover generators are commonly used in various industries and applications, such as video production, e-learning, accessibility services, and more.

Here's a brief overview of how voiceover generators work:

  • Text Input: Users input the desired text or script into the voiceover generator.
  • Voice Selection: Users can often choose from a variety of voice options, including different accents, languages, and tones.
  • Processing: The voiceover generator processes the text using AI algorithms to generate a voice recording that closely mimics human speech patterns, intonations, and nuances.
  • Output: The generated voiceover is then available for download or integration into the desired platform or application.

5 Best AI Voiceover Generator Apps for iOS

1. PowerDirector — The Best AI Voiceover Generator

Available: iOS / Android

the text to image UI of support language and preview of PowerDirector

PowerDirector stands out as the premier voiceover generator app, offering a multilingual experience with support for 8 languages: English, Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Korean. English users can revel in the unique "English Novelty" voice option, adding a touch of novelty to their projects.

The app's versatility shines through with the ability to select different genders and voice tones for each supported language, ensuring a personalized touch.

Users can fine-tune their audio with the freedom to adjust volume, speed, and pitch to perfection. PowerDirector not only delivers linguistic diversity but also empowers users to craft voiceovers that resonate seamlessly with their creative vision.

Besides being an amazing voiceover generator app, PowerDirector stands out as the premier video editor, seamlessly blending creativity with cutting-edge technology.

With 25 body effects and 20 background effects, it transforms videos into captivating visual stories. The unique ability to morph videos into six anime styles immerses users in a world where they can effortlessly morph into manga characters or whimsical elves in mere seconds.

Beyond its creative prowess, PowerDirector is a powerhouse of AI capabilities, offering video enhancements that upscale video quality, eradicate video background noise, and enable online voice modulation to robot or chipmunk tones. Its automatic face blurring feature adds a layer of privacy, solidifying PowerDirector's status as an all-encompassing, innovative video editing tool.

2. Voice Changer - AI Effects

Available: iOS

the voice generator UI and voices of character of Voice Changer app

Voice AI App is a cutting-edge voiceover generator that elevates your audio experience to unprecedented heights! You can immerse yourself in the realm of advanced artificial intelligence technology, where your text metamorphoses into captivating voices. It also revels in endless amusement with an array of celebrity voices, from Morgan Freeman's gravitas to Beyoncé's charisma. Users can feel free to unleash the AI Joke feature for personalized pranks, effortlessly sharing laughter as audio or video files.

More than a mere voice changer, Celeb Voice AI lets you embody iconic personalities like Tom Cruise for creativity and humor. Join us now and embark on a journey of parodies, pranks, and limitless joy with the transformative power of AI Voice Changer!

3. AI Voice Generator

Available: iOS / Android

the voice generator UI of AI Voice Generator

AI Voice Generator is a revolutionary AI voiceover generator app that can effortlessly transform your text into natural-sounding voice overs for your projects or creative endeavors. You can choose from a diverse selection of neutral male and female voices, or explore our extensive celebrity and generic voice options. Not satisfied with the voice? Try to clone your own voice or add a touch of star power to your content.

If you are concerned about ethical usage, the terms of AI Voice Generator’s service ensure responsible and harm-free application of the captivating voices created by their state-of-the-art AI Voice Generator. 

4. AI Voicer

Available: iOS

the voice generator UI and options to upload voice of AI Voicer

AI Voicer is the groundbreaking voiceover generator that's revolutionizing communication. Dive into the future of voice overs with their cutting-edge Voice Cloning technology, seamlessly replicating your unique sound.

Experience Text2Speech Magic as written words metamorphose into compelling spoken narratives with unparalleled clarity and emotion. The future of voice technology awaits – embark on a journey of text-to-speech mastery, voice cloning, dictation, and more with AI Voicer. With AI Voicer, your words can transcend boundaries and redefine the landscape of TTS and voiceovers!

5. AI Voice Generator Video Maker

Available: iOS

the voice generator preview UI and support voice languages of AI Voice Generator Video Maker

AI Voice Generator Video Maker is an instant text-to-voice and video transformation app. This AI voiceover generator can elevate your messages as cutting-edge artificial intelligence models bring over 60 human-like voices in multiple languages to life. It crafts captivating audiovisual experiences effortlessly with customizable text styles, word-level animations, and dynamic keyword highlights.

What’s more, with this voiceover generator, you can export high-resolution videos at up to 60 FPS for personal or commercial projects. Whether you're a storyteller or content creator, this voiceover generator app seamlessly integrates AI voice generation and text to video creation, ensuring your words resonate authentically in every frame.

How to Generate Voice From Text With the Voiceover Generator

1. Download PowerDirector and Import Video

main page UI of PowerDirector with add new project button highlighted

PowerDirector stands out among the limited options for video editing apps that provide an AI voiceover generator feature. This enables convenient voice creation directly on your mobile phone. The app is accessible to both iOS and Android users; simply download the application and tap on "New Project" to import your video.

2. Tap “Text to Speech” and Type the Text

workflow of PowerDirector's text to speech feature

Once you've imported the video, you can drag the blue bar to the desired time point for adding voice. Locate the "Text to Speech" feature in the toolbar and tap on it to input your text.

3. Select a Language and Voice

support languages and voices of PowerDirector's text to speech feature

PowerDirector supports 8 languages, including English, Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Korean, which ensures a global reach for your creative endeavors.

English users, in particular, can indulge in the exclusive "English Novelty" voice option, injecting a distinctive flair and novelty into their audio narratives. This unique feature allows for a refreshing and engaging touch, making your projects stand out in the realm of audiovisual storytelling.

But that's not all. You can choose between female and male voices, each available in different tones and accents. This customization adds a layer of versatility, enabling you to tailor the voiceover precisely to your project's requirements. Whether you're aiming for a professional, friendly, or authoritative tone, PowerDirector empowers you with the voiceover generator tool to bring your vision to life.

4. Make Some Adjustments

adjustment of PowerDirector's text to speech feature and the preview

Once you've chosen your desired language and voice, fine-tune the volume, speed, and pitch with the slider. Click the checkmark to seamlessly integrate the text and voice, unlocking a range of enhanced editing features. This encompasses font adjustments, the inclusion of text animations, the ability to switch voices, and the refinement of the voice track by minimizing background noise.

5. Save Edits

If you find the AI voice over satisfactory, delve into additional tools offered by PowerDirector to enhance your video further. It is a gateway to creating captivating and immersive video content that resonates with audiences worldwide. Alternatively, you can promptly export the video by selecting the export icon located at the top right corner of the screen.

Try Other Audio/Text Features of PowerDirector

  • Voice Changer
  • voice changer option of PowerDirector including man, woman, chipmunk, child, robot, duck. radio and phone

    PowerDirector's voice changer is a delightful addition to its user-friendly interface. Beyond its intuitive design, the app offers a spectrum of creative voice-changing options, from duck sounds to robotic tones. This feature, coupled with a plethora of editing tools like green screen effects and video stabilization, secures PowerDirector's top spot among AI voice changer apps.

  • Auto Captions
  • workflow of auto caption feature of PowerDirector and supported languages

    PowerDirector's standout feature is its AI-powered auto-captioning, ensuring near-perfect audio-to-text conversion. With support for nine languages, including English, Japanese, and Spanish, the app seamlessly transcribes your audio. While automatic, users retain control, with options to edit font, color, and add effects, making captions visually appealing and customizable.

  • Denoise
  • adjustment of denoise UI of PowerDirector

    PowerDirector’s user-friendly interface comes equipped with robust background noise removal features, ensuring a seamless editing experience. The app's professional-grade audio restoration capabilities guarantee high-quality results, enhancing the clarity and professionalism of your videos.

FAQs About AI Voiceover Generator

1. Can AI Generate Voices?

Yes, AI can generate human-like voices through Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology, converting written text into spoken words using deep learning and neural networks. This enables realistic voice synthesis for applications like virtual assistants, audiobooks, and voiceovers, as the technology mimics the nuances of natural speech based on extensive human voice datasets.

2. How Are AI Generated Voices Made?

AI-generated voices are created through Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology. Deep learning and neural networks analyze and mimic human speech patterns by training on large datasets of diverse voices. These models learn the nuances of intonation, pitch, and rhythm, enabling the synthesis of natural-sounding, human-like voices from written text.

3. Can AI Simulate Anyone's Voice?

AI can simulate voices, but it's typically trained on specific datasets and may not precisely replicate any individual's voice. Some advanced systems can mimic certain characteristics, but generating an exact replica of someone's voice requires extensive training data from that specific person, which raises ethical and privacy concerns. Current AI voiceover generators like PowerDirector tend to produce general human-like voices rather than precise imitations.

4. What Are the Best AI Voiceover Generators?

There are many voiceover generators on the market and we recommend the following 5 apps:

  1. PowerDirector
  2. Voice Changer
  3. AI Voice Generator
  4. AI Voicer
  5. AI Voice Generator Video Maker

Among all the voiceover generators, we recommend PowerDirector most because it stands out for supporting 8 languages, offering options for different genders and voices, and providing flexibility in adjusting volume, speed, and pitch. Additionally, it serves as an all-in-one video editor, enhancing its versatility for various creative needs.

5. What’s the Easiest Way to Generate Voiceovers with AI for Video?

The easiest way to generate a voiceover with AI for video is to use PowerDirector. Its user-friendly interface, support for 8 languages, and quick voice generation make it a convenient choice, taking only a few seconds to produce the desired voiceover.

Download PowerDirector — The Best AI Voiceover Generator

the text to image UI of support language and preview of PowerDirector

Elevate your audio storytelling with PowerDirector, the unrivaled voiceover generator app. Boasting support for 8 languages, PowerDirector transcends linguistic barriers. Its unique feature allows users to customize voiceovers further by selecting different genders and voice tones for each supported language, ensuring a tailor-made touch. Dive into a world of precision with the freedom to finely adjust volume, speed, and pitch, sculpting your narrative with unparalleled control.

In the realm of voiceover creation, PowerDirector emerges as the quintessential choice, delivering a harmonious blend of linguistic diversity and meticulous customization.

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