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13 Best Free Video Editing Apps in 2023 on iPhone & Android

Last Updated on Mar. 10, 2023 – by David Morgan
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Best Free Video Editing Apps for iPhone and Android

Video editing once meant plopping yourself in front of a desktop. Not any longer. The best video editing apps for iPhone and Android allow you to create compelling content from your mobile device. The game-changing part is you don’t have to pay a dime to use them.

Speaking of games, mobile phone video editing is ideal for Super Bowl watch parties. Just take a video of the action with your phone, instantly apply professional effects to your video clips with a few taps of your finger, and upload it right away to your social media without even leaving your seat or your couch. That way, you won’t miss a second of the Super Bowl, whether it’s the game, the epic commercials, or the Super Bowl Halftime Show.

In addition to Super Bowl video clips for social media, downloading a free video editing app for Android or iPhone also equips you with the tools to make full commercials or outrageous YouTube videos in no time. But which app should you download? Don’t worry, we have you covered. Here are our choices for the best free video editing apps for iPhone and Android to get you ready just in time for the weekend of the NFL Super Bowl LVII (57).

Snapshot of the Top 3 Free Video Editing Apps

PowerDirector App Logo

1. PowerDirector – Google Editors' Choice

Intuitive interface with high-resolution multi-track editing. Includes hundreds of templates, effects, filters, and overlays. More Info >

iMovie Logo

2. Promeo - Best App for Social Media

Promeo is an easy-to-use app for quickly making social media content. It is equipped with thousands of photo and video templates designed for sharing on numerous social media platforms.
More Info >

iMovie Logo

3. iMovie - Video Editor App for Beginners

Apple’s iMovie is the go-to choice for iPhone and iPad users. It combines an easy-to-use interface with high performance so that you never sacrifice video quality by using a free video editor.
More Info >

How To Choose the Best Video Editing App

Deciding on a good video editing app is not easy due to the sheer amount of apps available for download. The best video editing app for you is the one that suits you in terms of features and user interface. Another big factor is also your budget. Many video editing apps in our list offer a free trial of 3-7 days to test out key features. This is always a good way to not only determine which features you actually need but also which app might be the most user friendly to you.

Our list of best video editing apps gives you these key factors to make it easier for you to decide.

How We Test the Best Video Editing Apps on Our List

In order to find the most suitable app for your needs, we have categorized each app and listed key features and how each is priced. As a smartphone user it’s also important to choose a video editing app that doesn’t feel too clunky and isn’t hard to use on small screens. Additional factors we look at include:

  • Compatibility with different mobile devices
  • Clear and easy-to-use interface
  • Advanced editing tools
  • Frequent updates
  • Integrated stock media library

When You Need a Video Editing App

When you’re filming lots of videos and you’d like more creative control and more options to stand out quickly and easily, a good video editing app is a must-have.

Most successful social media influencers on TikTok or YouTube depend on video editing apps to stand out from others to garner likes and shares. Using visual effects, transitions, stickers, and extra stock media helps content creators save time and stand out to gain more followers. If you’re trying to up your game on social media, a great video editing app will get you there.

Otherwise, if you’re only trying to save time, differentiate yourself from others, and really dress up your videos to leave as impactful an impression as possible, having a good video editing app is essential.

13 Best Free Video Editing Apps

1. PowerDirector – Google Editors' Choice

PowerDirector App Interface

Compatibility: iOS, Android

Overall Rating: 10/10

Key Features:

  1. World’s 1st anime video app to cartoonize videos
  2. Trim, splice, and rotate videos with simple taps
  3. Apply jaw-dropping effects and transitions with drag & drop
  4. Add text or animated titles to your video in seconds
  5. Create video and picture collages with PiP overlays
PowerDirector App | Cinematic Style Editing at Your Fingertips

Cartoonized anime photos have been very popular lately, but now PowerDirector is at the forefront of applying these effects to videos. PowerDirector is the very first app in the world to allow users to produce cartoonized videos.

PowerDirector condenses all the functionality of its desktop version into a streamlined mobile interface. That includes multi-track and 4K editing, giving your videos a professional touch to help them stand out on social media.

Inshot App Interface

The powerful features and intuitive interface lets you hit the ground running even if you have no editing experience. A linear timeline lets you stitch together your clips. The audio mixer is excellent for sound designing your projects.

Brand new PowerDirector video effects also include dozens of AI Body Effects that have been trending recently on TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. Instantly apply video effects to dance clips or ones with objects or bodies in motion to awe your viewers and keep them hooked to your channel. Choose from wraparound, Out of Body, or Shadow video effects to get the exact vibe you’re going for.

PowerDirector Body Effects

PowerDirector also comes equipped with the AI Motion Tracking feature. You can instantly add text, animated stickers, or graphics that automatically follow the motion of any object with impressive precision. Object tracking has become increasingly popular in video editing, and PowerDirector’s feature does not disappoint.

PowerDirector Effects

The app includes various visual effect tools, from compositing to speed adjustments. Templates for YouTube intro and outros. Plus, a library for motion titles and stylized transitions.

PowerDirector Effects

PowerDirector offers HD 1080p output, but you can export videos in 4K if you upgrade to the pro version. You can also export directly to YouTube or Facebook with the tap of a finger. The pro version also offers access to 8,000,000+ royalty-free stock videos, images, and music all within the app.

No other app delivers the same level of versatility when creating high-end videos.

2. Promeo - Best App for Social Media

Promeo App Interface

Compatibility: iOS, Android

Overall Rating: 10/10

Key Features:

  1. Ideal for social media
  2. Easy to use
  3. Ready-to-use fully customizable templates
  4. Royalty-free music, stock photos and videos, stickers, and fonts included

Promeo is a time-saving video editing app that allows you to create promotional content on social media in 3 steps. With access to more than 10,000 ready-to-use templates, Promeo is ideal for creating a variety of content on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, and more.

Posts can be created by simply choosing a favorite template, replacing the image or videos with ones you like, and then sharing it directly with your followers.

You can create content with your own videos and photos, or you can freely use the videos, photos, and music from supported stock media from Shutterstock, iStock, or Unsplash.

Social Media content templates come in categories like education, beauty, real estate, food, auto, fashion, travel, sports, wellness, finance, and more. Plus, seasonal and promotion-specific templates and new designs are added every month, which helps for never running out of ideas for social media content creation.

No other video editing app matches Promeo’s ease-of-use and breadth of content creation and sharing options.

3. iMovie - Video Editor App for Beginners

iMovie App Interface

Compatibility: iOS

Overall Rating: 7/10

Key Features:

  1. Free for Apple customers
  2. Simple interface
  3. Works on all modern Apple devices

iMovie straddles the line between professional and novice video production. For instance, it supports 4k and multi-track editing, has an array of filters, and lets you insert free music that automatically adjusts to a video’s length. You don’t have to be a video editing guru to conquer the iMovie learning curve.

One of the most notable features is iMovie’s suite of themes. Some pre-programmed themes include Photo Album, Sports, Travel, Comic Book, and Neon. Each option comes with music, transitions, and text overlays, saving you time and effort during the editing process.

If you haven’t used iMovie recently, it’s worth revisiting. Apple regularly updates the platform, providing users with more options and features. In August 2020, the tech giant added three new filters and 25 soundtracks to iMovie.

4. Splice - Free Video Editor for Trimming and Cropping

Splice Video Editing App Interface

Compatibility: iOS, Android

Overall Rating: 7/10

Key Features:

  1. Exports directly to social media
  2. Covers all the basics of video editing

Splice offers the perfect introduction for any newcomers to mobile video editing.

Let’s say you want to create a highlight reel of your latest hiking adventure, this app is perfect. After uploading your clips and placing them on the proper tracks, you can trim and crop them with a few taps. The result is smoother and cleaner footage, though you can’t edit in 4k.

You can add some sonic flair with Splice’s extensive free music and sound effects library. Tap the track you want and drag it to the desired spot on the timeline. Splice also lets you insert transitions, apply video effects, and share directly to social media.

Want to get more out of your Splice experience? Upgrade with an in-app purchase. You can select from monthly, quarterly, and yearly versions. Each option also comes with a free trial.

5. Quik - Best Video Editor for Montages

Quik App Interface

Compatibility: iOS, Android

Overall Rating: 7/10

Key Features:

  1. Ideal for video montages
  2. Allows different orientations
  3. Comes with integrated themes

Quik, formerly known as Replay, is another GoPro product tailor-made for creating multi-clip highlight reels.

GoPro designed Quik for fast and fun videos. It lets you mix and mash clips together, add a theme or soundtrack, and export in minutes. So if you want to create a short video for Instagram, Quik is the app to do it.

Quik allows you to make a few edits to your masterpiece. You can add filters, titles, fonts, and trims, putting your personal touch on things from start to finish. Quik also provides access to 28 different video formats for increased customization.

If you want to create the next Tenet on your phone, though, Quik isn’t the app for you. It doesn’t support 4k editing, and while you can have multiple audio tracks, the same does not apply to video. The user-friendly video editor appeals to people who want to create videos quickly.

6. KineMaster - Video Editing App For Experienced Editors

KineMaster App Interface

Compatibility: iOS, Android

Overall Rating: 7/10

Key Features:

  1. Precise editing controls
  2. Professional-grade tools

KineMaster supports 4k editing and exporting your videos to YouTube.

You can trim, cut, and tweak clips on a frame-by-frame basis. Of course, that applies to audio tracks, too. These precision editing capabilities ensure that your videos turn out precisely the way you want.

KineMaster is missing a traditional timeline, so your clips will overlap instead of going below on a separate track if you are used to editing on other apps or software. However, you can pile on images, video effects, and text to create a sophisticated final product. Note that you’ll need to upgrade to the pro version if you want to remove watermarks.

Other KineMaster features include transitions, blending, chroma key, and lighting adjustments. All of these tools are available in an easy-to-navigate interface.

7. Filmmaker Pro - Best for Vertical Editing

Filmmaker Pro App Interface

Compatibility: iOS, Android

Overall Rating: 6/10

Key Features:

  1. Green screen editing
  2. 30 filters, 17 transitions, and 200 fonts
  3. Audiometer assisted voiceovers

Filmmaker Pro enables professional-grade video editing in the palm of your hand. The app comes with the advanced tools you need to make award-winning productions. You have complete control, whether to edit green screen clips or toggle chroma keys.

While the app doesn’t have a multi-track editor, Filmmaker Pro makes up for it in myriad other ways. For example, it allows you to customize 4K clips with 30 filters and 17 transitions. It also comes with an Audiometer, making it easy to add a voiceover in minutes.

Filmmaker Pro relies on a freemium model where the best features require an in-app purchase. Buying a monthly or annual subscription will get you access to a dynamic range of audio tracks, tools, and illustrations. You can also get rid of pesky watermarks when you export the final product.

8. InShot - Best Video Editor App for Aspiring Social Media Content Creators

Inshot App Interface

Compatibility: iOS, Android

Overall Rating: 6/10

Key Features:

  1. Easy to use
  2. Ideal for TikTok and Instagram

InShot aligns itself with social media content creation. The app has essential editing tools and a manageable learning curve. It even has some features, like speed adjustments, that you won’t find on other editing apps.

The all-in-one app handles both your video and image editing needs. It has pre-made templates for various social media channels, including TikTok and Instagram. The sleek interface makes it straightforward to import, edit, and personalize your videos, even if you lack video editing experience.

InShot does not meet the standards of a professional video editing app. It lacks multi-track or 4k editing and support systems if you have a question or technical issue. Many of these shortcomings won’t matter if you want a barebones video editor.

9. Mojo - Best for Any Kind of Social Media Post

Mojo App Interface

Compatibility: iOS, Android

Overall Rating: 6/10

Key Features:

  1. Hundreds of animated templates
  2. Variety of stickers and effects
  3. Access to millions of stock content
  4. Monthly updates

Right after downloading Mojo, the app will ask you some questions about how you want to use it - whether you are promoting your business or just using it for fun. The interface is inspired by social media platforms, so avid users of Instagram or Facebook should have no problem finding what they are looking for.

Mojo offers a variety of video sizes to match the most popular social media platforms. To give you a headstart in creating content, popular templates and topics are displayed on the home menu. Just click on one to immediately edit it. Besides basic video editing features, Mojo also offers filter effects like VHS, glitch, or bokeh to make your content stand out. If you have your own brand, Mojo allows you to create your own Brand Kit to add colors, fonts, and your own brand logo.

After downloading the app, you have to subscribe in order to enjoy a 3-day free trial.

10. VivaVideo - Best for Beginners

VivaVideo App Interface

Compatibility: iOS, Android

Overall Rating: 6/10

Key Features:

  1. Variety of filters & effects
  2. Video transitions
  3. Graffiti screen recording
  4. Integrated auto caption tool

VivaVideo is an overall robust video editing app for all kinds of editors. It offers basic video editing features for everyday use. The app also offers a lot of commercial use stock content that range from cartoon to realistic videos. VivaVideo also comes with a variety of AI effects that automatically detect the object and frame it with pulsing video effects, stickers or sparkles, making it perfect for creating trending TikTok content.

For everyone who likes to record social media videos on their phone but feels the auto subtitle feature in YouTube or Instagram is not that easy to use, VivaVideo offers an integrated auto caption feature to easily translate your speech into text. Another feature that makes VivaVideo stand out is the voice changer tool that not too many apps on the market have.

Just like the other video editing apps on our list, you have to subscribe to Mojo in order to enjoy a 3-day free trial.

11. InVideo - Best Video Editing App for TikTok

InVideo App Interface

Compatibility: iOS, Android

Overall Rating: 6/10

Key Features:

  1. Ideal for TikTok videos
  2. Easy to add trending music
  3. Optimized for sharing on other social media platforms

InVideo is a basic video editing app with a simple and visually pleasing UI that makes it easy to add text and voice overs or to overlay objects (photos, videos, or graphics) to your video clip.

The thing that jumped out at us was how easy it was to add music to your video. The app’s music is divided into separate subject categories like gaming, cooking, beauty, romance, travel, and more. You can also import your own music. There is a “Trending” category for music you can use in your videos, which is ideal for sharing to TikTok.

The app has lots of filters and some good visual effects like Glitch and several light effects, but it doesn’t have as many as other apps on this list.

After you’ve edited your video, it’s easy to share to TikTok by clicking the icon when exporting the final video. You can also share your video as an Instagram post or story, upload it to YouTube, or send it on WhatsApp.

The app comes with a 3-day free trial and is lacking more advanced video effects, editing features, and A.I. powered functions. However, if you want a quick fix for a great TikTok video, this video editing app gets the job done well.

12. Zoomerang - Best Video Editing App for Short Dance Music Videos

Zoomerang App Interface

Compatibility: iOS, Android

Overall Rating: 7/10

Key Features:

  1. Step-by-step tutorials for shooting dance videos
  2. Easy to see what’s trending on social media
  3. Global community to share content with

Zoomerang is a template based video editing app with a simple editor interface, unique stickers of yourself you can create and customize, and emojis, GIFs, and Text effects, plus some useful features like a background remover.

Among other video editing apps on this list, the best thing about Zoomerang is its step-by-step tutorials for shooting short-form dance videos currently trending on social media. You can also follow hashtags to find what is currently going viral, and the app offers templates to use for you to jump on the bandwagon.

You can shoot a video using your phone’s camera as soon as you start a project in the app. It also features A.I. visual effects like Out of Body effects and Body Tracking effects with pulses and energy that are popular in dance videos on social media platforms like TikTok.

Zoomerang also has its own community with over 25 million users around the world, so you can see how others are using the app.

Zoomerang is a great video editing app for staying up-to-date on whatever is trending on social media, and it offers simple solutions for creating trending content of your own. However, it is lacking more robust A.I. powered tools and complete creative control over your videos.

13. PicPlayPost - Best Video Editing App for Collages

PicPlayPost App Interface

Compatibility: iOS, Android

Overall Rating: 7/10

Key Features:

  1. Ideal for video collages and slideshows
  2. Easy options for customization

Most of us have made some kind of photo collage. But what about a video collage?

A frame of multiple videos playing at once can be very useful. You can simultaneously showcase multiple steps for how-to tutorials, locations for travel videography, or routines for fitness regimens all requiring action shots.

PicPlayPost is a great video editing app to make video collages and slideshows quickly. The app lets you easily add animated text, stickers, effects, filters, and music to slideshows or collages.

When creating a project, the app first prompts you to select an aspect ratio suitable for your desired purpose, such as sharing on a particular social media platform. Then once you’ve selected your videos, the app suggests collage frames to use with them, making the process very easy.

If you just need to make a video collage, PicPlayPost is a good choice. However, it is lacking other basic video editing capabilities and does not have many other features, so it is not considered a comprehensive video editor app.

Best Free Video Editing App - PowerDirector

Whether you want to make a short video for social media or an intro for an online series, any of the video editing apps from this list has the power and features you need.

But of all the apps on our list PowerDirector provides the best video editing experience. It’s ideal for those just starting out in editing but powerful enough for those with years of experience.

Download PowerDirector for free and start editing videos on your phone today.

Free Video Editing App FAQ

1. What are the benefits of mobile video editing?

Mobile video editing caters to anyone looking to create videos on a budget, so you can make videos without breaking the bank. You don’t need a large crew or high-tech equipment to start making exciting and engaging content.

Downloading the best free video editing app for Android or iPhone will ensure flexibility to create videos how you want. Usually, you have to wait to return to the studio to upload and edit your clips. But your phone already has all of the video files so you can start editing when and where you want.

2. What is the best free video editing software for Windows?

If you’re more interested in editing videos on a Windows PC here are our top picks:

  1. PowerDirector
  2. DaVinci Resolve
  3. Movie Maker Online
  4. Lightworks
  5. Shotcut
  6. VSDC
  7. VideoPad
  8. Openshot
  9. Hitfilm Express

Read our full review on the best free video editor on Windows and download the editor of your choice for free.

3. What is the best free video editing software for Mac?

Mac users out there, we tried out lots of video apps and here are our favorites:

  1. PowerDirector
  2. iMovie
  3. DaVinci Resolve
  4. Lightworks
  5. Shotcut
  6. Openshot
  7. Hitfilm Express

Check out our in-depth review of the best free video editors on Mac.

4. When is the best time to buy video editing software?

Typically, during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the best time to buy software is around the end of the year. However, you can find great deals year-round. For example, CyberLink, the creators of PowerDirector, have sales on their website throughout the year. It is always good to check a product’s website before purchasing to see if you are getting the best price.

If you’re interested in PowerDirector 365, definitely check out CyberLink.com’s home page before purchasing to make sure you are getting the best deal.

5. What features should I look for in video editing apps?

Usability is incredibly important. Start by finding out how easy it is to learn and become proficient with.

Next, think about what kind of videos you are planning to create. The most popular videos on YouTube are those that include professional-looking graphics and titles, background music, and other effects.

If YouTube is your intent, make sure the app includes these features. If it’s just sharing with friends and family for fun, these features won’t necessarily be needed.

6. Should I pay for a video editing app to get better results?

First, decide if you are willing to pay. Free video editing software options can create decent videos, but they can have poor performance, limited file format support, lack major editing features, and have other limitations. If you are wanting the best of the best, paying might be the thing to do.

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