Best After Effects-Style Transitions for iPhone & Android

Last Updated on Mar. 8, 2024 – by David Morgan
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5 Best Video Transitions That Look Like After Effects Transitions

Transitions can make or break your final project. These effects keep your viewers engaged, make two clips look cohesive, and set the mood for the coming scene. Choosing the right transitions for your film is just as important as adding any other post-production effect.

Few video editors include dozens or even hundreds of different transitions in their libraries. Thankfully, PowerDirector does. This makes it easy to find the perfect transitions for your video footage.

PowerDirector is a video editing app that offers a wide selection of high-quality, professional-level transitions, effects, templates, and filters. Its transition effects look similar to what you might create in Adobe After Effects, but they come with a much more affordable price tag and user-friendly interface. Even better, you can apply these transitions right from your mobile device.

Some of PowerDirector's most popular video transitions include Glitch, Distortion, Shapes, Seamless, and Split. Read on to learn more about these transitions, then download PowerDirector for iOS, Android, or Chromebook today.

Check out how easy it is to add a transition in the app!

5 After-Effects-Style Transitions for Your Phone or Tablet

1. Glitch

The glitch effect is the perfect transition to add between two contrasting scenes. This effect adds brief, zig-zag diagonal lines across the screen, and when the lines clear, the new scene appears.

You can customize the glitch effect to include various colors and shapes. For example, we like applying a multicolor glitch effect that resembles TV static between two clips in completely different settings. This transition communicates to the viewer that the scene has changed, just as if they had switched channels on their TV.

Another eye-catching way to utilize the glitch effect is to apply it between scenes that feature two different actors. The effect will highlight that there is a new person in the scene, almost as if the original actor glitched out of the footage and the new actor replaced them.

2. Distortion

Distortion effects twist or warp the scene before smoothly untwisting into the subsequent clip. PowerDirector offers several distortion effects to suit your specific footage or film genre.

One of our favorite distortion effects adds a whirlpool-like, trippy transition between two scenes. This effect is ideal for highlighting the contrast between scenes in two opposite settings, such as inside and outside or beach and mountains. When viewers see this effect, they will understand right away that the video is shifting to a completely different scene.

Another impressive distortion effect swipes away the first clip from the side of the screen, blurring it and fading it into the next scene. This quick transition is the perfect effect to add between two scenes that take place in the same location but at different times, as it mimics the passing of time within the footage.

3. Shapes

Adding transitions between clips is a fun way to bring color and excitement to your footage. The Shapes transition pack features several different geometric transition patterns in a wide range of color palettes, allowing you to give your video an entertaining, lively appeal.

Here are a few of our favorite shape transitions:

  • Vertical, multi-colored lines that swirl in and out of the frame
  • Stars that emerge from the center of the clip
  • Thick lines that slide from the left to the right and cover the entire frame before fading away
  • Overlapping triangles that disperse to the sides of the frame
  • Hexagons that swirl from the center of the clips to the edges

You can play around with each of these effects to find the perfect shapes, movement, and color palette for your video.

4. Seamless

Sometimes, the best transition effect for your scene is one that doesn't detract from the actors and setting in the footage. The seamless effect is the perfect transition to create a subtle, smooth movement between two contrasting scenes.

PowerDirector offers several seamless effects. One of our favorites subtly rotates the entire frame clockwise or counter-clockwise, positioning the new scene at the end of the rotation.

Another popular seamless effect slides the scene from right to left, almost as if you were swiping to a different clip using your finger. This transition is ideal for highlighting a change in setting or the passing of time.

Seamless transitions are especially suitable for clips that feature movement. Applying a seamless transition that flows with the action in the scene creates a clean, appealing finished product without drawing too much attention to the transition.

5. Split

Split transitions slice the scene into several pieces using diagonal, horizontal, or vertical cuts, piecing the cuts back together to create the next clip. You can customize these transitions to include one cut, several cuts, or a mixture between diagonal, vertical, and horizontal slices.

These transitions are slightly more noticeable than the seamless transitions, yet they still provide a subtle shift between scenes that doesn't draw too much attention away from the video's focus. As there are options to slightly alter each split, you can also keep your transitions consistent while keeping things interesting.

Add Professional Transitions to Your Videos with PowerDirector

Adding transitions to your videos is one of the easiest ways to transform them from an amateur video project to a professional-level film. Even if you don't have much editing experience, you can use PowerDirector to add clean, top-quality transitions with a few taps.

PowerDirector lists all its transitions in its easy-to-navigate effects library, allowing you to view your choices quickly and test out different options. You can even add a transition in the middle of a solid clip by slicing the clip in half using PowerDirector's Split tool.

Even better, PowerDirector's mobile app for iPad, iPhone, Android, or Chromebook makes it easy to edit your video footage straight from your phone. You can take videos using your phone's camera, open them into the app, and add transitions between clips in a few minutes or less. Download PowerDirector today to create Hollywood-level films using professional transitions!

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