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8 Best Video Stabilizer Apps for iPhone & Android [2023]

Last Updated on Apr. 21, 2023 – by David Morgan
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Best Video Stabilizer Apps in 2022 [iOS & Android]

Shaky video footage can be distracting and hard to watch. It can also look unprofessional. Luckily, video stabilizer tools can eliminate camera shake and improve footage quality.

If you need help picking the best video stabilizer app for your next shoot, you’re in the right place. We’ve reviewed the market’s top Android and iPhone video stabilizer apps. Let’s look at what sets these apps apart from the competition.

Top 3 Video Stabilizer Apps Snapshot

PowerDirector Logo

1. PowerDirector - The Best Overall Editor

Users can instantly fix shots with the best video stabilizer tool available. It’s easy to use and has many editing tools and visual effects. More Info >

Shaky Video Stabilizer Logo

2. Shaky Video Stabilizer - The Best Choice for Android Users

This Android app keeps the original video quality with minor distortions for stabilization purposes. More Info >

Emulsio Logo

3. Emulsio - The Best Choice for iPhone Users

This iPhone video stabilizer app automatically removes any camera shake and allows you to create cinematic motion. More Info >

How To Choose the Best App for Video Stabilization

Video Stabilization

Unwanted shaky footage can have a substantial negative impact on the audience. In most cases, vloggers or YouTubers focused on extreme sports usually want stable and balanced footage so their audience won’t get dizzy. Of course, camera stabilizers can fix this. However, they still come at an extra cost that maybe only professionals are willing to pay. That’s where video stabilization apps come into play.

In our article, we put together a list of video stabilization apps to assess stabilization accuracy, speed, and other video editing features. Besides that, we also looked at the pricing to ensure that you can find an app that fits your budget.

8 Best Video Stabilizer Apps

1. PowerDirector - The Best Overall Editor

PowerDirector Interface

Compatibility: iOS, Android

Overall Rating: 10/10

Key Features

  • Excellent transitions
  • Blending and compositing effects
  • Multi-track editing

PowerDirector is our favorite video stabilizer app because it's easy to use and the results are fantastic. The PowerDirector app has a built-in video stabilizer to eliminate camera shake with precision.

The app can process files in most video formats for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows devices. The interface is intuitive for filmmakers of any level, packed with video editing tools, and frequently updated with new features.

2. Shaky Video Stabilizer - The Best Choice for Side-By-Side Comparison on Android

Shaky Video Stabilizer Interface

Image from Malavida

Compatibility: Android

Overall Rating: 9/10

Key Features

  • Works offline
  • Compatible with several video formats
  • Video analysis tool

Shaky Video Stabilizer is a free app for Android devices. It can eliminate camera shake from several video formats, including MP4, 3GP, and MKV. The tool is user-friendly, and you can watch before and after video clips to compare. It also has an internal video analysis tool that can point out shakiness, smoothing, accuracy, and other issues that require improvement.

While the Shaky Video Stabilizer is great for video stabilization, it lacks other essential video editing tools. However, it doesn’t have watermarks on edited videos, nor does it reduce video quality.

3. Emulsio - The Best Choice For Side-By-Side Comparison on iOS

Emulsio Interface

Compatibility: iOS

Overall Rating: 9/10

Key Features

  • Import videos to Emulsio from anywhere
  • Horizontal, vertical, and rotational compensation for camera motion
  • Eliminate rolling shutter distortion

Emulsio is a good iPhone video stabilizer app for jitter-free videos. It allows users to adjust stabilizer strength and compare before and after video clips without leaving the app.

Emulsio also has tools to trim footage. Users can share edited videos via social media or email. Unfortunately, the free version will only process 30 seconds of video.

4. Video Stabilizer - The Best Choice For a Basic Tool

Video Stabilizer Interface

Compatibility: Android

Overall Rating: 9/10

Key Features

  • Freemium and premium versions
  • Automatic video stabilization

This is an Android app that uses algorithms to make corrections. It has a simple UI, so it's a good choice for users with no editing experience.

Users can quickly export videos as MP4s. The app doesn't reduce video quality, but user control is limited.

5. VideoStabilizer - The Best Choice For Using With KineMaster

VideoStabilizer Interface

Compatibility: Android

Overall Rating: 8/10

Key Features

  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy viewing of stabilized videos

VideoStabilizer is a free Android app that allows users to choose the preferred level of stabilization. Users can also preview the stabilized and original video side by side.

Users can also choose their preferred video quality and format. However, the app is highly limited in video editing options and adds a watermark to exported videos.

6. GooglePhotos - The Best Choice for Simple Editing on Android

GooglePhotos Interface

Compatibility: Stabilization feature is only available on Android

Overall Rating: 5/10

Key Features

  • Simple video stabilization feature
  • Completely free

Even though the name might imply otherwise, GooglePhotos is available for both Android and iOS. It’s a free app offering simple video editing tools such as stabilizing shaky video footage. The video stabilization feature is very straightforward: select your video, tap on the Stabilize icon, and wait for GooglePhotos to balance your video automatically. 

GooglePhotos is a simple app with few advanced features to further edit your videos. The video stabilization feature is very straightforward, but results may vary depending on how shaky your footage is.

7. LumaFusion - The Best Choice for Professionals

LumaFusion Interface

Compatibility: iOS, Android

Overall Rating: 6/10

Key Features

  • Very fast speed for stabilizing footage
  • Excellent output quality

LumaFusion is a multi-track mobile video editor with an integrated feature that quickly stabilizes video footage. The quality of stabilization is excellent, with minimal distortion, if any.

However, the big downside is it is not free and not cheap either. It’s $29.00 for the app, which doesn’t include in-app purchases. Overall, it is a good choice if you are a professional with a budget.

8. Stabcam - The Best Choice for Beginners

Stabcam Interface

Compatibility: iOS, Android

Overall Rating: 6/10

Key Features

  • Simple and to-the-point
  • Free and premium versions

As soon as you open stabcam, a short tutorial guides you through how to use the app, which is very straightforward.

Once you import your video, the app asks you how shaky it is and how accurately you want it stabilized (higher accuracy takes longer to render). Then it prompts you to input a couple of other basic settings.

The app then stabilizes the video based on your preferences and brings you to the share menu, where you can decide how to share it.

The free version only stabilizes the first 10 seconds of your video. You need the premium version to stabilize longer videos and to export them in the highest quality.

The Best Tools to Avoid Recording Shaky Footage

Here are the three most common accessories to stabilize cameras:

  1. Tripod - This portable device with three legs and a mounting head can support, stabilize, and elevate a camera.
  2. Unipod - This single pole or staff can support, stabilize, and elevate a camera.
  3. Gimbal - This handheld device uses pivoted support to allow a camera to rotate along multiple axes. The camera remains independent of the rotation to create smooth movement.

How Much Stabilization Should You Use?

Sometimes, too much video stabilization can result in unwanted distortions to your footage. If your video is extremely shaky, the video stabilization effect can warp certain areas, giving the video a feel that it’s been edited.

Sometimes the edges are cropped out of the video. Higher stabilization magnifies this effect. So, there is a trade-off between high stabilization and clipping the edges of the video footage. If using lighter settings, cropping occurs less at the edges.

We recommend deciding how important the very outer edge of your video footage is. If you are okay with having it cropped a little, a higher level of stabilization effect might be best for very shaky videos. But if you want to avoid clipping the edges, you might opt for a minimum amount of stabilization.

It’s a good idea to experiment to try hitting just the right amount.

The Best Free Video Stabilizer App

PowerDirector combines superior video stabilization with a comprehensive suite of editing tools to produce videos befitting Hollywood. Download the free app today to experience the power of this flexible editing software.

Video Stabilizer App FAQs

1. What features should I look for in apps or software?

The top features you should look for are:

  1. Ease of use
  2. Stabilization strength adjustment
  3. Broad format support
  4. Editing tools to improve footage
  5. High-quality footage outputs

2. What is the best software for Windows or Mac?

PowerDirector is the easiest video stabilizer software for both Windows and Mac. Try for yourself to see how quickly you can correct your handheld footage.

3. How do I stabilize a video on my Windows or Mac?

The easiest way to do this is with PowerDirector. Just follow these steps after you have installed it on your computer.

  1. Open PowerDirector in Full Mode and add the video you want to stabilize to the timeline.
  2. Open the Fix/Enhance menu with the video selected.
  3. Under Fix, check Video Stabilizer and your video will automatically stabilize. You can then decrease or increase the amount of stabilization that is applied.
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