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Best Free Voice Changer App for iPhone & Android

Last Updated on Apr. 29, 2022 – by David Morgan
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Best Free Voice Changer App for iPhone & Android

Changing your voice can be both fun and an effective tool in a professional setting. You can use it for voiceovers for videos and even in live conversations to disguise the way you sound. The key to making the voice change sound convincing is using the right app. Read on to discover the best voice changer apps, how to change your voice with PowerDirector, and how to do other cool effects with voice apps.

Why Do You Need to Use Voice Changer?

You can use voice-changing apps to make yourself sound like someone else, add a little variety to your videos or voiceovers, or just for fun.

Best Free Voice Changer App on iPhone & Android

Here are some of the best free voice-changing apps for iPhone and Android:

1. PowerDirector — Best Free Voice Changer App

PowerDirector gives you a full suite of voice-altering effects, as well as audio editing features. It uses AI to identify frequencies and automatically clean up or enhance audio. You can use it to create professional-level audio for any of your videos—or even just for audio alone. Try it out today by downloading PowerDirector for free on iOS or Android.

PowerDirector Interface

PowerDirector also features a basic and straightforward user interface, making it easy to get started within a few minutes—or less. Its buttons are both intuitive and simple. This results in a streamlined workflow, enabling users to create and edit faster.

In addition to being easy to use, PowerDirector is a lot of fun, too. Its voice-changing options are both entertaining and creative. You can play around with anything from a duck voice to that of a child, robot, man, woman, or radio and phone effects.

2. Voice Changer with Effects — Best to Adjust Voice Profile

Voice Changer Logo

Voice Changer with Effects is most useful for adjusting the way your voice sounds. The app gives you a lot of options, enabling you to get as creative as you’d like with changing your voice profile. It features an intuitive user interface, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time tinkering around before you get started.

3. VivaVideo — Best to Create Templates with Voice Changer

VivaVideo Logo

With VivaVideo, you can create elaborate templates to use with your videos featuring voice changers. You can select from a number of filters, add animated text and stickers, and trim and edit your videos as you’d like.

How to Do Use the Voice Changer with PowerDirector

To use the voice changer with PowerDirector, you take the following steps. You have plenty of options, making PowerDirector your go-to solution for a man, woman, chipmunk, child, robot voice changer, and more.

  1. Download PowerDirector
  2. Select Video Clips For Your Project
  3. Tap Video Clip to Open Tool Bar → Tap "Voice Changer" Under Audio Tool
  4. Choose a Voice Profile You Like
  5. PowerDirector Interface - Voice Changer
    • Man
    • Women
    • Chipmunk 1
    • Chipmunk 2
    • Cute Child
    • Robot
    • Duck
    • Radio 1
    • Radio 2
    • Phone 1
    • Phone 2
  6. Produce the Video

FAQs About How to Change Voice or Audio from Videos

1. How to Make Voices Stand Out?

To make your voice stand out from the background noise, the app has to reduce the frequencies of the distracting audio without reducing those that coincide with your voice. This is straightforward with an app like PowerDirector. Here’s how to do it:

“In the Audio Tool, you can click on “Denoise”, and adjust the strength according to your need. Using AI, the app identifies the frequencies of the voices in the video and then automatically lowers them for you.” 

Using AI, the app identifies the frequencies of the voices in the video and then automatically lowers them for you.

2. How to Remove Voice From Your Video?

To remove a voice from a video, all you need to do is tap “Audio Tool” and then “Extract Audio”. With this function, you can change the voice of a specific part. It allows you to make a more flexible change to the audio of a video.

PowerDirector Interface - Remove Audio

3. How to Record Voiceover Audio?

Recording voiceover audio involves adding an audio track to an existing video. In most apps, this is pretty simple. For example, this is how you do it in PowerDirector:

  1. Select the audio icon and then hit the Voice-Over button.
  2. Choose the point in the video where you want to record your voice and cue it up by moving the selector to that section.
  3. Press the microphone icon in the middle of the screen, press the red Record button, and choose which audio track you want to use.
  4. Record your voice, and if you make a mistake, just hit Retake to give it another shot.
  5. PowerDirector Interface - Record

4. Who Are the Ideal Users for Voice Changer with PowerDirector?

The ideal users would include YouTubers and Gamers. Here are some reasons why:

  • YouTubers can quickly make and edit videos, then apply voiceovers and effects to add creativity and fun to their productions. In this way, they can set themselves apart from other content creators.
  • For gamers, its easy-to-use workflow makes it a quick, convenient tool for making videos of yourself playing or commenting on games. Gamers can change their voices for a cool effect, to conceal their actual identity, or simply to sound more like their male, female, robot—or duck—avatar.

Download PowerDirector: Best Free Voice Changer App For iPhone & Android

PowerDirector is an easy-to-use, free, powerful editing software that can give you a new voice in moments. If you need a voice changer, this app is a convenient, simple solution. Download PowerDirector for iPhone or Android today to check it out!

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