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Whether it’s important for the video’s atmosphere or you’re just playing with audio settings, a voice-changing app can engage your viewers with different effects. It also makes editing your video and audio more fun when you can experiment with your own voice and change the pitch, volume, and overall sound.

PowerDirector has many tools to help you change your voice before you post your videos. We put together a step-by-step guide for how to change voice settings on your phone so you can do it yourself.

The Diverse Applications of Voice Changers

A voice changer app can alter the speaker’s voice to make them anonymous so that no one can identify them by their real voice. Other times, changing the sound of someone’s voice in a video can be an affirming experience. For some transgender and nonbinary people, changing their voices to match their gender is one step closer to feeling seen and heard for who they really are.

But changing your voice doesn’t always have to be that deep. You can change the sound of your voice for fun, just to hear what a different version of you would sound like. Voice changes can add diversity and variation and help with language translation by applying accents and adjusting the pitch of your voice in your video.

PowerDirector — The Best Voice Changer App


PowerDirector makes changing your voice simpler than most professional video editing apps. It’s easy to navigate so even beginners can have fun using its tools. With all its voice editing options, you can adjust your voice style to sound completely different from your real self. Change your gender or turn yourself into a robot without worrying about making complicated adjustments.

PowerDirector comes with plenty of other tools to enhance your videos, too! You can add auto-generated captions and apply the text-to-speech feature to make your videos more accessible and reach a wider audience. The app has a huge library of sound effects to create a more impactful video that makes your audience laugh or gasp when a sudden noise surprises them.

Other practical tools add to the viewing experience, too, with the app’s background noise removal tool. This feature declutters your audio so viewers can focus on what you’re saying and understand your video more clearly. Combine these features with PowerDirector’s green screen, AI tools, and filters, and you can create a stunning video in minutes!

How to Change Voices on iPhone

PowerDirector’s audio tools give you the ability to get creative with your voice. Once you choose your sound, it only takes one tap to make yourself sound like a new person. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Download PowerDirector and upload your video.
  2. Go to the Audio Tool section and choose Voice Changer.
  3. Select the voice profile you want.
  4. Save your video edits!

1. Download PowerDirector and Import a Video


PowerDirector’s user-friendly platform and many voice styles make it the best all-in-one video editor you can find. It’s available for iOS and Android, so you can use it on any device and edit your videos anywhere you want.

It has plenty to explore beyond audio features, too! When you have a voice you love, you can change your video background, stabilize your shot, and choose from PowerDirector’s many video effects. Once you’ve downloaded the app, open PowerDirector and tap “New Project” to upload your video.

2. Tap “Voice Changer” Under Audio Tool


From the main toolbar, tap Edit to open all of PowerDirector’s video and audio features. Choose the Audio Tool option, where you’ll see the voice changer, denoise, voiceover, and audio extraction tools. To change your voice, tap Voice Changer.

If you haven’t yet recorded your voice for your video, you can do that first with the voiceover feature. PowerDirector will automatically add your audio once you record it, and you can even record multiple tracks and edit each of them individually.

3. Choose a Voice Profile


PowerDirector has over 10 voice profiles to apply to your video. You can try the basic man and woman profiles to make your voice deeper or more high-pitched, or go for the fun and creative sounds, like the chipmunk and robot! Some of the options have two versions of a similar style, like the chipmunk and radio sounds, so you can decide which you like better before you save your video.

To apply your chosen sound, make sure you drag the audio back to the beginning, or PowerDirector won’t apply it. Then, tap the effect you want.

Tap the play button if PowerDirector doesn’t automatically play the sound so you can hear your new voice and decide if you like it. Try them all to experiment and explore until you find the one that matches your video’s vibe!

4. Save Your Edits

Once you’re happy with your voice profile, you can either save your edits or tap the back arrows to keep editing your video. PowerDirector has four resolution settings up to 4K, and you can adjust the bitrate and frame rate for the best possible quality in your video. If you want to export without a watermark, you can do that by tapping the switch. Now, post your video as an Instagram Reel, TikTok, or YouTube video!

Try Other Audio Tools!

PowerDirector has plenty of audio editing capabilities beyond changing your voice. Try these other features to upgrade your videos with clear sound your audience will want to keep replaying!

  • Text to Speech
  • PowerDirector

    The text-to-speech tool in PowerDirector lets you type any message you want to give your audience and the app will turn it into audio for you. This feature helps make your content accessible to blind and visually impaired people.

    If you’re not comfortable with sharing your voice online, this tool adds anonymity while still letting you hop on trends and have fun with video content. Here’s how to use PowerDirector’s advanced text-to-speech feature to enhance your videos:

    1. Import your video from your library.
    2. Select the Text to Speech tool, and type your message.
    3. Choose your gender and one of eight language options. You can also choose from 17 voice styles!
    4. Customize your text-to-speech results by adjusting the speed, pitch, and volume.
    5. Save your video or return to the main toolbar to finish editing!
  • Auto Captions
  • PowerDirector

    Auto Generated captions make accessibility convenient for you as well as your viewers. While it allows people to watch your videos and have full context without sound, it also means you don’t have to do hours of work to transcribe your audio.

    PowerDirector’s Auto Caption feature takes your audio and turns it into text for you. It transcribes in nine languages with impressive accuracy. And, if it does get a word wrong, you can easily edit the text or change the style, font, and color for better readability. Use these steps to create your own captions for your video:

    1. Import your video and go to Auto Captions from the toolbar.
    2. Choose your language and audio source.
    3. Check the subtitle accuracy and tap the section you want to edit. Here, you can change the text color and font and add effects.
    4. Save your video or keep editing other parts of it!

    When editing your video text, make sure it’s still readable afterward. It’s easy to enjoy editing your subtitles and customizing them to your aesthetic so much that it becomes difficult for people to read. Stepping back here and there or asking a friend to make sure you haven’t edited too much can make sure your viewers stay engaged later.

  • Denoise
  • PowerDirector

    Background noise can ruin an otherwise perfect video clip. That static, traffic, or background conversation gets in the way of your message. PowerDirector clears it away with its Denoise tool, so you keep the focus on you in your video, podcast, or interview.

    With professional video editing software, it takes hours to pick out the sounds you want to remove and chip away at them. With PowerDirector, the app’s AI feature identifies the background noise and removes it for you. Here’s how to lower the background noise with a few steps in the app:

    1. Import your video or audio.
    2. Tap Edit to open more tools and then tap Audio Tool.
    3. Select Denoise.
    4. Use the slider to adjust the strength of the background noise or remove it completely.
    5. Play the video to check your edits and make sure the background noise is low enough to hear your voiceover clearly.
    6. Export the video or keep using PowerDirector to edit!

FAQs About How to Change Voices on iPhone & Android

1. Can I Change the Voice in a Video?

Video editing and post-processing apps make it possible to change your voice in a video. You can edit specific parts of the audio track or use the software to add a voiceover, adjust the sound of your voice, and create vocal effects. When you want a more unique or clearer sound in a dubbed video, podcast, or recording, post-processing with a video editor lets you get creative, even if you’re still a beginner.

2. Are There Any Apps for Me to Change My Voice?

You have lots of voice-changing app options, but the best one for you will depend on how you want to use it. Here are three that we recommend trying for all-around audio editing tools:

  1. PowerDirector
  2. Voice Changer with Effects
  3. VivaVideo

You can learn more about their tools by reading about the best free voice changer apps to see how to change voice effects and settings with each one.

3. What’s the Easiest Way to Change My Voice on iPhone?

PowerDirector has the most user-friendly tools for changing your voice on your phone. To get started, download the app, import your video, and go to the Audio Tool. There, you’ll find the Voice Changer, which gives you several options for how to change your voice. Select the one you want, and save your video!

Download PowerDirector — The Ultimate Voice Changer App


PowerDirector’s voice changer can give you confidence in your videos so you can share them proudly. Whether you need it for practical use or you just want to try on a new sound, you can try each voice profile with one tap. And you don’t need any advanced video editing skills to do it!

As a complete video editor, PowerDirector also lets you remove and replace your video background and create stop-motion effects. Add sound effects that match the video context or turn your videos into your favorite cartoon style. Download PowerDirector for free to try out all its different voices!

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