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Best Sources of Free Visual Effects for PC and Mac

Last Updated on Aug. 3, 2021 – by Jayed Miah
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Best Sources of Free Video Effects


Whether it’s pepping up that product promo or breathing new life into an old testimonial, adding special effects can really put your marketing videos over the top.

With free video effects software, you can add some much-needed magic to that presentation, webinar, or product demo without making a long-term commitment – or putting a sizable dent in your digital marketing budget.

But with so many options out there, how do you know which free effects platform might be best for your next project?

Here’s a look at different types of video effects, the best free visual effects software available, and how to create a truly stunning marketing video that will turn heads and get results.

Types of Video Effects

Today’s cutting-edge video editing technology offers nearly endless ways to power up those videos and launch your storytelling strategy into the stratosphere.

From frame-to-frame manipulation to exciting color, audio, and motion-bending options, free video effects tools make it easier than ever to turn mind-numbing clips into mind-blowing works of art. These tools will put your brand, products, and message front-and-center and ahead of the competition.

Different effects for enhancing videos and unleashing your inner creativity include:

  • Fast or slow-motion – Speeding up or slowing down pivotal moments of your video can be a great way to highlight products and spotlight customer satisfaction.
  • Motion blur – Motion blur helps blend live-action shots with special effects to improve video believability – as well as to lend a professional touch to each new production.
  • Zoom – The zoom effect makes it easy to sharpen the focus on important objects throughout your video, allowing you to emphasize the people and products that matter most.
  • Freeze frame – Freeze framing is ideal for fast-paced action videos, allowing you to isolate individual frames and provide viewers with a captivating close-up of key shots throughout each clip.
  • Masking – A powerful visual effects tool, masking allows you to cut out unwanted elements and create composites that strengthen your overall narrative.
Other visual effects commonly available with free video effects platforms include:
  • video stabilization
  • panning
  • motion tracking
  • animation
  • color grading
  • and more

Best Free Video Effects

1. CyberLink

CyberLink’s comprehensive, user-friendly PowerDirector Essential offers a variety of professional-grade video effects for enhancing clips and turning everyday videos into marketing masterpieces.

Through an intuitive interface and an extensive collection of easy-to-use features, PowerDirector makes adding effects and customizing promotional videos a cinch – no matter your skill level or video editing experience.

In fact, you can add and customize most PowerDirector video effects in a matter of minutes, which solidifies the platform’s position as one of the easiest video effects and editing products to learn and use on the web.

Robust and reliable, the free PowerDirector download offers such high-end video and motion effects as:
  • Mask Designer, an all-in-one composite creation tool with precise image-cropping capability
  • Color match and adjustment tools for maintaining color brightness and consistency
  • Customizable objects and keyframe controls for inserting text and graphics
  • Animation templates to create and customize eye-popping overlays
  • Green screen video editing tools enabling Hollywood-style special effects
  • Advanced title animation and reveal capability
  • Frame-by-frame motion tracking for achieving 100% accuracy and continuity
PowerDirector also comes with an array of one-click video enhancement tools for creating effects and adjusting footage on the fly. These include:
  • Freeze frame, stop motion and zoom functionality
  • Fast and slow motion
  • Video stabilization tools
  • White balance correction capabilitys
  • Repeat, replay, and reverse options
  • Fish-eye correction capability
  • And more

PowerDirector’s broad spectrum of special effects and precision video-editing tools are available with a free, one-time download and membership. Additional features like premium plugins, product updates, and unlimited access to extensive audio and image libraries are available with a small monthly subscription fee.

Check out DirectorZone for free user-generated effects for all CyberLink software.

2. FootageCrate

screenshot of the FootageCrate website

FootageCrate is the visual effects arm of ProductionCrate, an extensive library of visual, audio, and graphics-related assets sourced from content creators across the web.

While not as comprehensive as PowerDirector, FootageCrate offers a variety of high-quality free video effects, transitions, and motion graphics for spicing up that product tutorial or behind-the-curtain company tour.

A free FootageCrate membership gets you access to:
  • Thousands of searchable HD visual effects across various categories, including weather, sci-fi, fantasy, magic, military, and many more
  • Countless professional-quality motion graphics like scene transitions, animated overlays, text elements, and social buttons
  • Numerous plugins and scripts for creating stylized shapes, text animations, and hologram designs.

Signing up for a free FootageCrate account is easy, though your free membership includes just five downloads a day – as well as limited access to all ProductionCrate assets. FootageCrate offers up to 20 daily downloads for a $10/month donation.

3. Pixabay

screenshot of the Pixabay website

Pixabay features thousands of pre-produced, royalty-free video clips, animations, and slow-motion vignettes, making it easy to search and download the stock-quality, production-ready video background you need in just minutes.

From nature settings and landmark destinations to concert venues and bustling urban epicenters, the Pixabay video archive covers a wide array of categories and genres to fit nearly any video-making demand. Pixabay footage also offers crisp, clean production value that makes their videos easy to work with and work into your next video project.

Pixabay’s sizable free video effects library includes:
  • Thousands of sharp, sound-free video clips from which to choose, including many animated, slow-motion, and time-lapse productions
  • Numerous video categories to sort through, from animals and architecture to medical, music, sports, travel, and more
  • Videos in both HD (1080p) and 4K (2160p) resolution

Pixabay videos and video effects are free and licensed for commercial use, with no membership or signup required.

4. Videvo

screenshot of the Videvo website

Videvo is an expansive stock video and audio content forum, providing users free access to countless videos, stylized motion graphics, sound effects, and music tracks from one convenient location.

With an easy search function and a vast collection of footage, Videvo puts thousands of sharp, well-produced clips and animated graphics right at your fingertips.

Videvo’s many free video effects include:
  • Background clips, including drone-filmed landscapes from around the world
  • Green screen videos for overlaying customized footage or graphics
  • Time-lapse, fast-motion, and slow-motion videos
  • Hundreds of stylized 3D clips
  • High-quality looping animations with strong production value
  • Motion graphics to fit a variety of production needs
  • Numerous free sound effects and short music clips

Most Videvo footage is free and easy-to-download, although premium, subscription-only videos are interspersed throughout the site. Signing up for a free Videvo account is fast and requires only an email address.

5. Videezy

screenshot of the Videezy website

Last (but not least) on our best free video effects list is Videezy, a popular stock footage and visual effects platform with a vast collection of clips from which to choose.

Videezy boasts thousands of free, production-ready videos, animations, and even After Effects templates for the beginner or seasoned video editor – numerous high-end motion graphics, background clips, and other special effects available for immediate download.

Videezy’s extensive effects library features:
  • A wide selection of royalty-free video backgrounds
  • A host of special effects, including transitions, slideshows, 3D animations, lens flares, and more
  • Numerous After Effects templates for incorporating customized graphics and text
  • An array of videos available in SD, HD, 4K, and Ultra HD resolution

Videezy signup is easy and free, requiring just an email address to access its online effects archive. While most Videezy footage is available at no cost, many of the site’s higher-resolution videos are accessible only with a paid membership.

How to Add Video Effects in CyberLink PowerDirector

CyberLink PowerDirector makes it easy to add eye-popping effects to any video production.

Step 1: Download PowerDirector Essential

Visit the CyberLink website to begin your free PowerDirector Essential download. Once complete, follow the prompts to create your free CyberLink account and then start the video effects and editing process.

Step 2: Select Your Aspect Ratio and Mode

Choose your preferred aspect ratio (4:3, 16:9, 9:16, 1:1, or 360) and the editing mode with which you’d like to work. Each mode offers different tools and levels of support during your edit.

Step 3: Upload Your Video

Locate and upload your video clip to the PowerDirector user platform. You can do so through drag-and-drop or by using the ‘Import’ function within the ‘File’ menu.

Step 4: Visit the Effects Room

Click on the Effects Room Tab (fx) located at the left of your screen. Once there, you’ll find a variety of video effects options from which to choose.

Step 5: Select Your Effect

Drag-and-drop the desired video effect into your video. To remove or change an effect, select the clip at the bottom of the screen, open ‘Effect settings,’ and click the ‘-‘ button.

Step 6: Add Effects to Your Timeline

Drag-and-drop your selected free video effects to your video timeline. You may add as many as needed throughout your content.

Step 7: Use Keyframes to Adjust Your Effects

Open ‘Effects Settings’ and select the ‘Keyframe’ feature to customize effects throughout your video. Adding new keyframes allows you to adjust the start and end time of each unique effect (keyframe animation).

Create Stunning Videos with PowerDirector

PowerDirector Essential offers the latest in video editing and special effects technology, providing users with a powerful, high-performance interface for building stunning, professional-quality videos faster and easier than ever.

With a broad range of professional-grade tools, effects, and easy-to-use templates, PowerDirector’s free video editing software gives you the control and precision to develop polished, engaging marketing videos that will resonate with audiences and get results.

From speedy, one-click enhancement options to an extensive variety of high-end effects and dynamic video editing tools, PowerDirector provides everything you’ll need to bring your creativity to life, including:

  • An intuitive, user-friendly platform for adding effects and creating professional-quality videos
  • Cutting-edge masking tools for building beautiful, hyper-realistic composites
  • Enhanced keyframe and motion controls that enable precise, professional effects customization
  • A wide assortment of customizable motion graphics, vector shapes, and text options
  • Easy-to-use animation templates for creating powerful, scene-boosting overlays
  • Cell-by-cell motion tracking tools to ensure object accuracy and continuity
  • Color grading and adjustment features to set tone, mood, and style throughout your video

PowerDirector’s robust video effects and editing capability also come with dynamic title reveals, advanced-action camera-editing tools, a powerful screen capture feature, and a host of zoom, crop, and pan options to create truly eye-catching clips and put your brand ahead of the pack.

What’s more: With a low-cost monthly subscription to PowerDirector 365, you’ll receive access not only to industry-leading special effects and video-editing features but also to an extensive library of premium video clips, audio tracks, stock images, and more – including premium CyberLink plugins, updates, and priority customer support when you need it most.

Available for Windows, macOS, Android, and iPhone devices, CyberLink PowerDirector is your one-stop-shop for professional-grade special effects, comprehensive video editing, and creating shareable, awe-inspiring video content that will get noticed and bring results.

Ready to Build Your Masterpiece? We Can Help

From state-of-the-art video editing tools to unparalleled special effects customization, CyberLink provides everything you’ll need to realize your creative vision and achieve your video marketing goals.

Whether it’s an online presentation, video tutorial, product review, or webinar, our intuitive, easy-to-use platforms help you build striking visual content that will deliver value and visibility for your business.

Learn more about our extensive line of video editing and special effects products from CyberLink today.

If you're an aspiring editor looking to create cool videos, head on over to our complete guide on video editing effects. We've also got other great articles in our blog that'll introduce you to all the tools you need to enhance your portfolio.

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