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There are many reasons why it might be useful to add text to a picture. You can use it to identify them as your images and artwork, make them pop on your online blog or social media, add fun quotes, call out a person or thing and so much more.

No matter what your reasons are for wanting to add text to your images, there's no denying that it's a valuable skill to have. Read on to learn how to quickly and easily add different style text to your pictures.

How to Add Text to Pictures

We're going to teach you how to add a basic text overlay to an image and then how to use fun photo effects to make your text pop out even more. For example, you can add bevels and shadows or even make your text glow, and it's all incredibly easy to do using PhotoDirector.

Download PhotoDirector to follow along and add text to your own photos.

1. Add a Basic Text Overlay to Your Image

If you're ready to learn how to add text to photos with PhotoDirector, you’ll need to use the "Edit" mode.

First, upload the image or select your photo from the library (or choose one of the thousands of stock images) and navigate to the "Edit" mode.

PhotoDirector - Open Image and navigate to the Edit Tab

Select the Text tool and click on your uploaded picture to add a text box over the image. Type what you would like the text to say.

PhotoDirector - Click on the Text button to add and edit text

Now is the fun part: select the text you typed and use the left-hand menu bar to change the font type, size, color, and style. Play around to find the perfect combination that will make your text and photo unique.

PhotoDirector - Export image for final result

You're ready to create pictures with a professional text overlay that you can use on your blog, social media, for school projects, anywhere.

2. Use Emboss and Bevel Effects on Your Text

You can also use PhotoDirector to emboss or bevel your text to create an eye-catching, three-dimensional look to your images.

Open the "Edit" tab in the upper left corner. You're going to use the skills you just learned to add a text box. Type in the text you want, then adjust it for color, size, font, etc.

Next, navigate to the "Layer Properties" icon, scroll until you see the "Bevel & Emboss" section, and then tick the box to start editing.

You can adjust size and depth or even soften the edges of the letters. You can also change the angle of the light source and experiment with different effects.

Ultimately, there are four different emboss and bevel styles you can choose from to create a unique text overlay for fun photos that look professionally edited.

3. Create Fantastic Text Titles with Glow and Shadow Effects

You can also use PhotoDirector to create fantastic text titles with amazing glow and shadow effects. It's the perfect way to transform plain, simple text.

First, create a text box and adjust the text's font, color, and size to your specifications. Then, open "Layer Properties" and tick the "Inner Shadow" box to create a shadow effect on the letters. Check out different effects by adjusting color, opacity, distance, light source, and size.

If you want to add glow effects to your text, you can tick the "Outer Glow" or "Inner Glow." Those effects will give your text a neat glowing effect, which you can also adjust by opacity, color, size, and more. By using these effects, you can create unique and eye-catching pictures with a text overlay that is anything but plain and boring.

4. Add Basic Text on iOS and Android

If you prefer to edit photos on your phone adding text is easy with the PhotoDirector app. You can download the app from both the Apple App and Google Play store.

Once installed, open the app and choose "Edit" from the launch menu. Then select which photo you would like to edit from your phone’s photo library.

With your photo chosen and in the editing module look to the bottom of the screen. Here are all your editing tools. Scroll over the "Text Tools".

You can add regular text or a text bubble. After you have added your text, choose your font settings and save your changes with the checkmark in the top right.

PhotoDirector App - Add text
PhotoDirector App - Change Text Color
PhotoDirector App - Change Text Font

Now, you can either save your photo or share it to your favorite social media profile.

Start Adding Text to Photos

You now know how to add text to pictures and cool text effects. You can download PhotoDirector on your mobile device or any Windows or Mac computer.

Once you download the app, you can start photo editing right away. There are tools for adding effects, creating photo overlays, and all the latest editing techniques to transform your basic images into works of art.

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