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5 Best Speech-to-Text Software

Last Updated on Dec. 9, 2022 – by David Morgan
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5 Best Speech-to-Text Software

Audio transcription is a lengthy process and a massive necessity for many. Whether that be people with specific disabilities or other needs for dictation via voice, although this seems very niche, the software is now becoming more sought after in the workspace, with many doctors, office workers, and business executives using it to improve their efficiency at work. Not to mention add captions to videos for social media.

Speech recognition technology, also called speech-to-text, is a revolutionary technology in which you can turn your spoken words into text written on a page. Speech-to-text software needs to be simple to use and accurate in its translation. With so many different accents around the world, this can be something that causes various software problems.

There are a few other things you need to look for when choosing speech-to-text software, such as its cost and which operating system you need to use. Below is a breakdown of the different software you could consider using. We have compiled the five best tools on the market today to help you turn your conversations, lectures, and meetings into effortlessly edited text. Let’s find out which one is perfect for you.

Snapshot of Our Top 3 Best Speech-to-Text Software

PowerDirector Logo

1. Best for Video Editing - PowerDirector 365

If you need to edit videos and add titles to your final product, then PowerDirector 365 is your best option. It's a stand-out software that allows you to edit, enhance, and produce your videos at a professional level with no prior editing knowledge needed. Its speech-to-text tool is highly accurate, fast, and works in multiple languages. Detailed Review >

Windows Logo

2. Best for Windows 11 - Built-In Dictation

Windows 11 has built-in speech recognition software that converts your speech into text with a few simple clicks. It's straightforward to use and features some pretty impressive accuracy. Those utilizing Windows 11 will find this software easy to use. Detailed Review >

Apple Logo

3. Best for MacOS - Built-In Dictation

MacOS also has a built-in feature for speech recognition that allows you to convert your spoken words into text with just one click. It's incredibly user-friendly and boasts some of the highest accuracy levels in the market. Anyone using an Apple operating system will enjoy the simplicity of this software. Detailed Review >

How to Choose a Speech-to-Text Software

When choosing the right speech-to-text software, you should consider the following.

Accuracy Rates

First and foremost, you want to look at accuracy rates. The higher the accuracy rate, the better, ensuring your written text is accurate. It's also worth looking into the various accents each program supports - this will help ensure your dictation is correctly interpreted.


You also want to look into the usability of the software - can it be used on desktop and mobile? Is there a user-friendly interface? How easily can you edit, save and share documents? These are all critical factors when choosing the right program for you.


Finally, you want to consider the cost. While many of these programs are free, it's important to remember that often more expensive options come with extra features and better accuracy rates. But, your flexibility in this area will ultimately depend on your budget.

With all of this in mind, take a look at our list of the five best speech-to-text software on the market today and find the perfect one for you.

5 Best Speech-to-Text Software

1. Best for Video Editing - PowerDirector 365

PowerDirector 365 Interface

Compatibility: Windows, MacOS

Overall Rating: 5/5

Key Features

  • Edit videos with a comprehensive library of tools
  • Accurate speech-to-text function to create subtitles for videos
  • AI video editing tools

Who It’s For

For anyone from amateur video makers to professional videographers. With the software being easy to use but having a vast amount of tools, it's suitable for anyone regardless of their experience.

Why We Picked It

PowerDirector 365 is an excellent choice for those who need to quickly and accurately turn speech into text for videos. Its easy-to-use tools make it an ideal choice for rapidly editing videos and adding subtitles.

Bottom Line

PowerDirector 365 is perfect for those who need to quickly and accurately turn speech into text and has an easy-to-use interface with comprehensive video tools.

  • Extensive range of video editing features
  • Extremely accurate transcription of speech
  • If you only need speech-to-text, it might be too in-depth for your needs

Try PowerDirector 365 for free today!

2. Best for Windows 11 - Built-In Dictation

Windows 11 Interface

Image from Microsoft Support.

Compatibility: Windows

Overall Rating: 5/5

Key Features

  • In-built speech recognition software
  • Background noise canceling effects
  • Real-time voice transcription
  • Control the windows operating system with just your voice

Who It's For

Windows PC users that need some transcription software but don't need anything else included. It is a speech-to-text software with no other features.

Why We Picked It

The built-in dictation software is excellent for Windows 11 users. It features an incredibly accurate speech transcription and is simple to get it working on your computer.

Bottom Line

The Built-in dictation software for Windows 11 is the ideal choice for those who need some transcription software with minimal features. It has an accurate speech transcription and is extremely simple to set up and use.

  • Understands multiple languages
  • Very accurate
  • You can control your whole desktop and not just transcribe text
  • Only for windows users
  • Earlier windows operating systems do not have this function

3. Best for MacOS - Built-In Dictation

MacOS Interface

Image from Apple Support.

Compatibility: MacOS

Overall Rating: 5/5

Key Features

  • Control Apple products with just your voice
  • Text-to-speech transcription
  • Share audio recordings

Who It's For

MacOS users need transcription software or to control their devices with their voice. It's easy to set up, so you don't need to be tech-savvy to get this one going.

Why We Picked It

The in-built dictation software for macOS is very accurate and incredibly easy to use. It allows you to easily control your Apple device with your voice and quickly transcribe text from speech. You can dictate punctuation if you need to send grammatically correct long text articles and include a specific punctuation mark.

Bottom Line

Dictation is the perfect choice for macOS users who need easy-to-use transcription software. It offers a wide range of features and is highly accurate.

  • Dictation is available in a variety of languages
  • Very easy to set up and use
  • Keyboard dictation is excellent for grammar
  • Only for Apple devices

4. Best Online - Google Voice Typing

Google Voice Typing Interface

Image from Google Cloud.

Compatibility: All operating systems using Google Chrome

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Key Features

  • Cloud-based document speech to text
  • Used on google docs
  • Accurate transcriptions in many languages

Who It's For

People who use Google Docs need a quick transcription of their speech into text. It's a great choice if you need to quickly transcribe speech into text and don't want the hassle of downloading and installing software.

Why We Picked It

Many people today rely on Google docs to send documentation via Google's cloud-based software to people anywhere in the world. It's a feature already within the Google docs software, so you don't need to download anything to use it.

Bottom Line

Google speech is an excellent choice for those who use Google docs and need easy-to-use transcription software. It's free and available to anyone with an internet connection.

  • Easy-to-use and reliable transcription
  • Available in many languages
  • Free to use
  • Cloud-based
  • It can only be used on Google docs
  • Have to use the Google Chrome browser

5. Best for Home Use with Windows - Dragon Home

Dragon Home Interface

Image from TechRadar.

Compatibility: Windows

Overall Rating: 4/5

Key Features

  • AI Deep learning technology starts to understand you better
  • Able to pick up speed dictation quickly and reliably
  • Mobile friendly

Who It's For

Professionals who are happy to pay for software. The software focuses on user experience and has a conversion engine aimed at a broad audience.

Why We Picked It

The software has many learning features to learn your accent and give more accurate translations the more you use it.

Bottom Line

Dragon Home is the perfect choice for people who use Windows and need reliable, accurate transcription software. It's very user-friendly, engaging, and customizable. Plus, it has AI technology built into the software.

  • Accurate speech recognition transcription
  • Customizable user experience
  • AI Deep learning technology for better accuracy
  • Mobile friendly
  • Expensive
  • It can't be used on Mac

How to Use Speech-to-Text to Create Video Subtitles

Once you’ve chosen the perfect speech-to-text software for your needs, it’s time to learn how to use it. The process varies between programs but typically involves selecting a file or sound source from which to convert audio input into text.

This is how to add titles to a video with PowerDirector 365.

  1. Import your videos into PowerDirector.
  2. PhotoDirector - Import your videos
  3. Add your videos to the timeline in the order you would like them to play.
  4. Open the Subtitle Room and select Speech to Text.
  5. PhotoDirector - Speech-to-Text
  6. Select which track or tracks you would like to create captions for.
  7. Select the language the speech is in.
  8. PhotoDirector - Speech-to-Text Language
  9. Click the Create button.
  10. PhotoDirector - Create Speech to Text
  11. Once your subtitles are created you can edit them if you want to make any changes.
  12. Produce your video.

Download the Best Speech-to-Text Software for Free

When creating video content, accurate subtitles are essential. But transcribing the audio into text manually is time-consuming and can be difficult. That’s why speech-to-text software is so helpful – it makes the process much faster and easier.

We've looked at five of the best voice typing options, including Google Voice Typing, Dragon Home, and PowerDirector 365. Each program has its unique features, so make sure to choose one that fits your needs best. And don't forget to download PowerDirector 365 for free if you want an easy way to create.

Speech-to-Text FAQ

1. How do I do speech-to-text?

To do speech-to-text, you must have a program or app capable of translating audio into text. There are many programs out there that can do this, such as PowerDirector 365. Once you’ve chosen your program, follow the instructions to convert the audio into text.

2. How do I enable voice typing?

The process of enabling voice typing varies depending on your program or app. Typically, there will be a button that you can press to enable voice typing. In some cases, it may be located in the Settings menu.

3. Is Google's speech-to-text free?

Yes, Google’s speech-to-text is free to use. To access it, open up the Google Docs app and enable the “Voice Typing” feature. You can start speaking and Google will translate your words into text.

4. How do I use Google speech to text?

To use Google speech-to-text, open the Google Docs app and enable the “Voice Typing” feature. You will then be able to speak out loud, and Google will write down everything you say in text format on the document.

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