The Best Video Editor on Chromebooks for Students and Teachers

Last Updated on Mar. 8, 2024 – by David Morgan
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The Best Video Editor on Chromebooks for Students and Teachers

Video Creation in the Classroom

As classes have adapted to technology and computers to drive learning, video editing has become more popular than ever. It’s now a staple of a digital learning curriculum. Whether elementary school students use it to craft brief animations or high schoolers creating documentaries, video editing for students has resulted in a new realm of creative expression. However, many people have never considered the benefits of a video editor to enhance the educational environment. 

With the rise of video-based apps like YouTube and TikTok, students today have acclimated to videos for content and even learning. If you’re a teacher, you may consider assigning a video creation project to students, ask students to deliver reports and sections of literature through video, or even trim and edit lessons for easy sharing. 

Easy Yet Powerful Video-Editing Software

As teachers have begun to incorporate more video assignments into their lesson plans, the need for user-friendly video-editing software has become more important than ever. Additionally, as schools embrace arts and technology lessons, students need access to software with a short learning curve so they can focus more time on their projects and less time learning how to use the program. 

All too often, the best video-editing tools require an expensive Mac or Windows laptop. While Chromebooks provide users with a simplified platform, optimized web browsing power, and quick document editing and collaboration thanks to the built-in Google Suite, students and teachers will admit that Chrome OS has its limitations. 

Chrome OS simply doesn’t have the capability to power traditional desktop video-editing apps. Even so, that doesn’t mean that students and teachers will need to make an expensive upgrade or miss out on the creativity, confidence, and connectivity that comes from creating and sharing videos. 

The Search for the Best Video-Editing Software for Chromebook

Choosing the best editing software for Chromebook can prove difficult, though. With countless options, free and paid versions, and varying capabilities, selecting a video editor can take more time and energy than most students and teachers care to expend.  We have done the work for you and have selected PowerDirector, a video editor that’s easy to use, yet packed with features and royalty-free content tailored for a learning environment.

With PowerDirector from CyberLink, your Chromebook can edit and export videos as easily as a Mac or Windows laptop. PowerDirector consistently ranks #1 of the top five video editors for Chromebook. Its user-friendly dashboard allows beginners to use professional video editing tools for classrooms, social media, and more. 

Your Chromebook suits a lot of your needs when it comes to delivering or attending online classes. Now, it can edit high-quality video clips, too. Save yourself the time, money, and hassle of upgrading your laptop or learning a more complicated editing platform. Instead, try PowerDirector for Chromebook and focus on what matters most: creating quality learning materials.

If you need video-editing software for Chromebook that won’t break the bank download PowerDirector today or check out these educational licensing options for your school.

Best Video-Editing Software for Students and Teachers

1. PowerDirector 

School related video created in PowerDirector

PowerDirector’s combination of user-friendly workflow and professional-quality editing tools made it a natural pick for Google’s Editor’s Choice list. However, you don’t need to have any experience editing videos – or any technical background at all – to begin using PowerDirector.

PowerDirector’s interface allows beginners to jump into video creation without a steep learning curve. Simple drag-and-drop and one tap features allow users to cut together videos, add motion title graphics, replace green screens, and add slow-motion effects. 

Alongside essential editing tools, PowerDirector allows users to format videos for social media. Teachers can upload captivating educational videos to YouTube, allowing students to watch lessons on their laptops, mobile phones or tablets. You can even edit and create videos in 4K for a genuinely inspiring video experience. 

When you choose PowerDirector for your classroom, you also get access to an entire library of royalty-free photos, videos, and music, courtesy of Shutterstock. And unlike other comprehensive video editors, you can download PowerDirector through the Google Play Store, making setup a breeze. If you’re looking for larger deployments, CyberLink also offers an Admin Panel that allows easy access to grant and remove licenses from a central portal.

2. Great Video Editor for Kids and Students K-12 

You know how creative and resilient your students are. After adjusting to a new learning environment, they’re ready to take on creative challenges, like video editing.

PowerDirector makes it easy for kids to dive into projects. Your children or students won’t need hours of tutorials to cut and splice videos together, add exciting transitions, or emphasize scenes with the perfect audio track. 

Students can add voiceover to their videos as well, making it a perfect choice for delivering reports or presentations remotely. Beyond creating exciting projects, however, students will have an opportunity to learn video-editing skills that go beyond foundational methods. 

Most importantly, PowerDirector empowers collaborative creation. Students can work together to share ideas, work on group assignments, and learn valuable teamwork skills while delving into exciting topics. Video projects created and edited in PowerDirector’s comprehensive creation suite put learning in your students’ hands for an immersive, exciting experience. 

PowerDirector offers new design elements, special effects, and audio tools each month to further enhance the creative experience. These updated design packs ensure that projects will never feel boring when you create them within PowerDirector’s editing app for Chromebooks. 

3. Great Editor for Teachers Creating Educational Videos 

If you’re like most teachers, you don’t have hours to spend watching countless video tutorials in an attempt to learn how to use video editors for Chromebooks. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use editing software. 

When you sign up for PowerDirector’s Chromebook education licensing, you can assign video projects to students. Save yourself the hassle of repeating a lesson by creating high-quality explainer videos using PowerDirector’s PiP (picture-in-picture) capabilities. 

PowerDirector’s Admin Console allows you to create, send, and manage account information for each of your students. Rather than relying on your students and their families to figure out how to create an account properly, you can deliver login information and virtual keys to your students to streamline the process. 

Your students will learn to create professional videos faster using PowerDirector. You’ll even surprise yourself when you realize how easy it is to create videos using the editing app for Chromebook! 

4. Best Video Editor for Education: Chromebook Editing Software 

Female teacher helping two students learning using a laptop

While you could choose from any other video editing app for Chromebook, PowerDirector won’t ever sacrifice quality for usability. The app packs the same vast number of creative tools as traditional desktop software. Students and teachers can work from their cell phones or tablets for added convenience.

PowerDirector works for more than schools, too. Individual students and teachers can subscribe for a low monthly fee and enjoy full access to thousands of filters, effects, editing templates, audio tracks, and more. Say goodbye to your old glitchy, lagging, browser-based video editor. Chromebook users can enjoy the same editing capacity that Mac and Windows users have had for years. 

Best Features:
  • Easy to use interface so teachers and students can quickly learn the software and start creating 
  • Thousands of filters, video effects, templates, and transitions 
  • Fast and reliable performance prevents lagging and crashing 
  • A collaborative console that allows students and teachers to work together on projects 
  • Admin Console that allows administration or teachers to manage student accounts and licenses

Improve your educational experience today with PowerDirector. Click here to download PowerDirector, or contact the PowerDirector education team today! 

Final Thoughts: The Best Video Editing Software for Chromebook 

The classroom environment in 2021 is dramatically different from what it was even two years ago. With more students and teachers relying on cutting-edge technology to enhance lesson plans, create projects, and collaborate with classmates than ever before, video editing software has become crucial in many schools. 

However, keep in mind that not all video editors for Chromebooks offer the same functionality or quality. If you want to elevate your classroom experience and get your students excited about the learning process, you can’t go wrong with PowerDirector. The limits are only the imagination of the students and teachers using it. From science projects to geography reports, literature presentations, and more, PowerDirector makes the most mundane school projects a work of art. 

If you’re ready to enhance your classroom experience, click here to download PowerDirector or find out more about educational licensing

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