Must-Have Video Editing App for Your New iPhone

Last Updated on Mar. 8, 2024 – by David Morgan
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PowerDirector App on a smartphone

iPhones give you access to high-quality, professional-level cameras —allowing you to take impressive videos straight from your phone.

But capturing footage with your camera is only the first step in creating an impressive video to share on social media. The next step is to sort through your clips and edit them using a video editor app.

When it comes to finding an affordable, user-friendly video editing app for the iPhone nothing beats PowerDirector by CyberLink. With over 130 million downloads and a 4.6 user rating, PowerDirector is the best full-featured video editor and video maker for your iPhone. It allows you to merge videos, apply advanced effects, and add music/photos to your footage with ease. Better yet, the app features dozens of built-in templates, transitions, and titles that will help you enhance your footage with a few clicks of a button.

Continue reading to learn how you can use the best video editing app for iPhone to your advantage, then download PowerDirector for free today to try its state-of-the-art features on your iPhone.

Why PowerDirector?

The PowerDirector app allows you to achieve high-end results straight from your iPhone. It offers an extensive selection of effects, tools, templates, and transitions that will make your videos stand out without having to spend hours of time editing. PowerDirector is also one of the most affordable video editing programs available on the Apple app store today. You can use all of the app’s effects and features for a low monthly fee of $5.99, giving PowerDirector the best value among its competitors.

Unlike other apps that make you pay extra to access stock content, PowerDirector includes for free a library filled with over 1 million stock photos, videos, music, effects, and templates. Having access to royalty-free content in the PowerDirector app makes it easier to add background music to videos without worrying about copyright claims and being forced to remove your video from social media sites including YouTube.

PowerDirector updates its features and tools frequently, so you can feel confident that the program will stay up-to-date with current editing trends. A few of PowerDirector’s latest features include YouTube intro and outro video templates and new brush transitions to provide a professional look to your videos.

PowerDirector 365 for Mac

PowerDirector 365 is the full-featured desktop version of the mobile app. This is an excellent add-on to the mobile version of PowerDirector if you are looking for more precision, control and the ability to customize additional design elements in your videos. Their PiP or particle designer enables you to customize and apply different effects and their mask designer can even combine images from different tracks allowing you to create out of this world videos that turn your imagination into reality.


Whether you’re looking for a simple video merger app to help you combine several videos into a single or if you’re searching for a go-to video effects app to produce high-quality Hollywood masterpieces, PowerDirector has you covered thanks to pro level tools, super fast processing speeds, and a user-friendly interface which enables quick, on-the-go editing right from your phone.

Try PowerDirector for free today to begin producing top-quality videos on your iPhone.

Key Features:
  • Picture-in-picture overlays
  • Green -screen editor
  • Double -exposure effects
  • Speed -adjustment effects
  • Video stabilizer
  • Video -merger tools
  • Multi-track timeline interface
  • Free templates, effects, filters, and sounds
  • Export options for YouTube and Facebook
  • Easy learning curve
  • Free tutorials
  • Affordable price point
  • Over 1 million royalty-free stock photos, videos, and music
  • Dozens of built-in templates, transitions, and effects
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