Open Up New Avenues of Creativity by Using 3D Animated Video Slideshows for Your Home Movies

Last Updated on Mar. 8, 2024 – by David Morgan
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Making video slideshows and 3D animated slideshows are two great ways to quickly create breathtaking animated slideshows to share with family and friends. Here are three reasons why you should be using slideshows from now on for your home videos.

1. Video slideshows are simple to create

Animated slideshows are among the quickest video editing techniques you can do to make your home videos look professional. Using theme designer in PowerDirector to create animated slideshows lets you take a large group of disparate videos and thematically tie them together – which is handy if you have a lot of home videos with vastly different sights.

2. Video slideshows put you in control

Doing a presentation? Unlike slideshows with still images, where an explanation, or text would often be needed, video slideshows allow you to let your content do the showing and the talking. Plus, with 3D animated slideshows, PowerDirector makes sure your video slideshows really stand out – quite literally. Plus, check out how you can re-purpose your slideshow content into unique video collages for even more control.

3. Video slideshows are simple to customize

The beauty of the slideshow format is that it is not rigid. You can pick and choose exactly what type of media content you want to show based on your needs. None of us solely take videos or photos on our travels, we take both! And for good reason too, they often complement each other – which is especially true when creating video slideshows. PowerDirector video maker allows you to mix and match videos and photos to get a truly unique end video slideshow.

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