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The Best Editor for Instagram

Last Updated on Oct. 21, 2021 – by David Morgan
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The Best Editor for Instagram

Influencers and casual users alike are on the hunt for the best Instagram video editor available. While the phone’s built-in editing tools are useful for quick changes, you may be ready to consider an additional Instagram video editor when you want more control and advanced Instagram effects to take your videos to the next level. 

With a wide variety of video editing apps for iPhone and Android, each offering differences in qualities, capabilities, and ease of use, choosing the best app to put videos together isn’t always easy. We’ve done a rundown of the best nine options for iOS, Android, and desktop to find the best editor for Instagram and ensure your videos look great every time. 

1. Best Instagram Video Editor for Your iPhone

Price: Starting at $4.33/month

Create Incredible Videos with Multi-Track Editing

The PowerDirector App is an easy-to-navigate editing app for users of all experience levels. Creating Instagram videos in the app is simple by allowing you to easily trim, color correct, and add effects before publishing directly to Instagram. With this app, you can use a myriad of advanced effects including green screen and chroma key, layer effects, and blending as well as export capabilities of up to 4K resolution Beyond the basic video editing capabilities, the PowerDirector app offers extensive editing tools such as video stabilizing, brightness, color, and saturation controls, pristine transitions with drag-and-drop ease, and PIP overlays.

Video Mask for Making Surreal Videos

The PowerDirector app has all of the standard sizings for all of the Instagram media types including feed posts, stories, and reels, all formatted to easily export with your effects and edits. With the variety of features included with the PowerDirector Premium subscription, it gets more expansive, with exclusive effects and stock media content alongside professional editing tools. Additional templates and monthly updates of design and music packs make the PowerDirector app an evolving and exciting experience suitable for editors of all skill levels. 

Eye Catching Blending Modes and Effects

Available for: iOS and Android

Best Features: 

  • Navigate the app and edit with ease, no matter your skill level. 
  • Available for use on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. 
  • Enjoy countless visual and audio effects, along with monthly design additions. 
  • Hundreds of free background music tracks, sounds, and design templates are included in the app. 
  • Access professional stock photos, videos, and music through CyberLink’s royalty-free stock library, powered by Shutterstock. 

Download the PowerDirector app for iOS or Android and get started making professional-quality content for your Instagram followers. Whether you’re an influencer or enjoy sharing photos and videos with family and friends, the PowerDirector app is an easy way to create impressive videos on the go.


2. InShot

Price: $2.99/month

InShot’s versatility makes it a common choice for iPhone and Android users. You can edit Instagram feed and story videos on the go with the beginner-friendly app. Basic editing features allow you to cut, trim, and split videos and adjust frame size for feed and story. While the on-the-go ease is convenient, InShot is limited in its features, resulting in reduced customization, and doesn’t include access to royalty-free sounds and music, which means that you may not have many options for background music.

Best Features: 

  • Easily share stories and feed videos directly to Instagram.
  • Available for iOS and Android users.
  • Customize video with text and stickers. 
  • In-app purchase removes ads and watermarks. 

3. Funimate

Price: $6.99/month

Funimate may lack color correction and technical editing tools, but the app’s customization capability almost makes up for it. Focusing on animations and special effects, Funimate results in flashy videos that will catch your followers’ attention. The app is perfect for video editors with more experience, allowing you to create your own effects and animations and personalize your videos. 

There is a bit of a learning curve for beginners, which makes Funimate more suitable for experienced content creators or people who don’t mind a more intricate creation process. A secondary app may be necessary for additional editing, such as color correction, removing backgrounds and shadows, or filters. 

Best Features: 

  • Create customized edits and special effects on your Instagram videos. 
  • Available for iOS and Android users. 
  • Share videos directly to Instagram for quicker uploads. 
iMovie App

4. iMovie

Price: Free

Apple users are generally well-acquainted with the iMovie app. The free video editing app makes it a breeze to edit Instagram reels, feed videos, and stories on your phone. With 14 customizable templates and eight themes to choose from, iMovie’s beginner-friendly interface comes stocked with all the editing tools you need to create captivating videos. Built-in green screen effects are an added bonus, allowing you to adjust backgrounds and make your videos pop. 

While the simplified features and editing options make iMovie suitable for beginners, more experienced editors or those seeking greater customization may prefer another editing software. 

Best Features: 

  • Beginner-friendly and free for Apple users. 
  • Available on iOS and macOS. 
  • Enjoy customizable themes and templates to make Instagram video editing simple. 

2. Best Instagram Editor for Desktop

1. PowerDirector Essential

woman sitting in front of a computer doing video editing

Price: Free

Sourcing a free Instagram story editor or Instagram photo editor yields varying results, from watermarked catastrophes to nearly perfect creations. PowerDirector Essential makes it easy to learn how to edit Instagram videos on free software packed with professional capabilities. The software provides various editing tools and more audio and visual effects than most free video editors, adding only a small, translucent watermark to the bottom right corner of your Instagram video in exchange. 

The free software comes with filters and effects included, making it easy to combine special effects for an offbeat video that stands out in your feed. From audio and visual effects to professional-quality transitions and more, PowerDirector Essential offers more editing tools compared to other free Instagram video editors on the market.

Best Features: 

  • Free software available for Mac and PC. 
  • Beginner-friendly platform with Storyboard or Slideshow interface options. 
  • Comes fully loaded with special effects and video overlays for gorgeous Instagram videos. 

You can download and install PowerDirector Essential for free to start using a wide range of its advanced features, quite easily. All you have to do is provide your email address, and CyberLink will send you a download link, allowing you to add PowerDirector Essential to your computer and start editing quickly. 

Upgrade Option: If you’re looking for a range of more advanced editing tools and visual effects, audio effects, stock footage, and stock music, Essentials will allow you to upgrade to PowerDirector 365 following your one-week free trial. This includes all of the features listed as well as monthly content packs that can aid in creating videos more quickly. 

2. Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio Interface

Price: Starting at $54.95

Pinnacle Studio video editing software is well-known among the PC community. Offering three entry levels for subscribers and a variety of capabilities, Pinnacle Studio “prosumer” software is suitable for near-professionals and serious content creators ready to invest in computer-based editing software. 

Choose between storyboard and timeline editing styles, along with a selection of included audio and visual effects, customizable graphics, and templates to make editing for Instagram easier than ever. Pinnacle Studio software also allows you to access media on your desktop and drag and drop for quick editing and color correction. 


  • Three subscription levels with increasing capabilities based on price.
  • Created exclusively for PC users.


  • No free trial on any subscription level and lowest-level pricing begins at $54.95.
  • Incompatible with Mac computers.

3. Corel VideoStudio

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate Interface

Price: Starting at $63.99

Corel VideoStudio is another PC-exclusive with a reputation for simplicity. The video editing software allows beginners to learn on the go, with premade templates for rapid video editing. Corel VideoStudio is an upgrade from Instagram's in-app editing with over 1,500 filters and effects to choose from and essential video editing tools. With added voiceover and audio editing, plus access to royalty-free music and sound effects, Corel VideoStudio’s capabilities are satisfactory and suitable for beginners, if not overly exciting.


  • Learn as you work with premade templates.
  • Upload directly to Instagram.


  • Incompatible with Mac computers.
  • Interface can feel awkward and create confusion in the learning phase, specifically when layering media.

4. Sony Vegas

Sony Vegas

Price: $17/month

Sony Vegas is widely known as one of the best video editing platforms on the market. The PC-exclusive, subscription-based editing software offers comprehensive editing capabilities, from basic cutting and splicing to special effects and color grading. Combine videos for eye-catching montages or use templates to speed up the editing process. While the high quality of Sony Vegas stands out among other video editing software, the Sony Vegas Suite does not provide access to royalty-free sound effects or music, which means you’ll need to add your own background tracks. 


  • Professional editing software for high-quality Instagram videos.
  • A relatively inexpensive monthly subscription for serious content creators.


  • Incompatible with Mac computers.
  • No royalty-free music or stock sound effects.

5. iMovie

iMovie Interface

Price: Free

Apple’s iMovie desktop editing software is as streamlined as its app. Choose from templates and themes to customize for stress-free video editing that will stop your Instagram followers mid-scroll. For beginners still growing accustomed to editing software, iMovie is a great starting place. Multi-track editing allows you to layer videos, audio, and text, while a variety of transitions and free stock music provide all the tools you need for video creation without the learning curve of professional software. 


  • Free to use, with easy integration across Apple devices.
  • Includes a variety of templates to make the editing process simple.


  • Compatible only with Apple products.
  • Limited customization and editing features compared to other products.

3. Conclusion

Upgrade your Instagram feed with the best video editors for Instagram. 

Instagram offers substantial editing within the app, but when you want Instagram effects that make your profile pop, it’s time to choose an Instagram video editor. While each has its own benefits, the PowerDirector app and PowerDirector Essential offer unrivaled on-the-go integration, a user-friendly interface, and professional results that will stand out to your Instagram followers. Even if you’re a beginner, the PowerDirector app and PowerDirector Essential are easy to use, while the results outshine other videos in your feed. If you’re ready to lay the pathway to Insta-fame or delight your loved ones with your latest creation, download the PowerDirector app or add PowerDirector Essential to your desktop and get started today. 

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