Add FaceMe® Security to Genetec Security Center for Advanced Access Control and Video Surveillance
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Add FaceMe® Security to Genetec Security Center for Advanced Access Control and Video Surveillance


In today’s world of new technologies and sensors, security teams now handle an array of tasks, making the days of narrow, single purpose APIs and interfaces a thing of the past. Comprehensive unified security with the ability to monitor events and configure the system in one place is no longer a nicety, but rather a necessity for organizations looking to transform existing security systems into smart surveillance systems.

Yet, how do organizations ensure that upgrading doesn’t slow them down when new challenges arise? By selecting a unified solution that has the flexibility to be expanded and enhanced over time with AI powered add-ons that increase efficiency and security, like CyberLink’s facial recognition solution, FaceMe® Security.

One such platform that provides users with the ability to connect with a best-of-breed ecosystem is Genetec Security Center. Read on to learn what the FaceMe® Security and Genetec Security Center integration means to you as a video surveillance systems integrator or end user.

What is Genetec Security Center?

Recognizing the need for an open, unified, and expandable approach, Genetec Security Center’s ecosystem was built to manage security policies, monitor events, and run investigations. By combining video surveillance and access control functionalities in one interface, Genetec expanded their customers’ ability to have real-time monitoring for the prevention of security breaches.

The best part about Genetec Security Center? Using an extensive SDK, it accommodates new data types seamlessly in one integration, making it possible to easily integrate new technologies, like facial recognition.

Why Incorporate Facial Recognition into Video Surveillance and Access Control Systems

Securing facilities and protecting valuable organizational assets with physical access control cards and credentials, including those that reside on a mobile phone, can become problematic. If lost or stolen credentials find their way into the wrong hands, a thief or a competitor could take the place of an employee, gaining free access throughout the premises. In addition, willful sharing has always been an issue with physical credentials. Whether it was a card that was shared, or a pin number for a locked cabinet, these simple credentials are no longer a feasible way to secure valuable resources.

While security personnel monitoring a VMS (video management system) may be able to spot an intruder, what if that guard must step away, deal with another emergency, or miss critical footage for any number of reasons? Is there a way that the surveillance cameras could watch for you? What would they look for? How easy would it be to fool the system? Are there ways to provide higher levels of security, and still make life easier and safer for the employees? That’s where facial recognition comes in; ready to be deployed in environments where higher levels of security are required, yet ease of use is preferred.

For security focused use cases, multi-factor authentication inclusive of facial recognition, security can be brought to its highest levels. Using a card and a face to open the most secure areas is the best way to make sure that only the correct people have the necessary access. Sharing or fraudulent use are never options when you pair facial recognition with a card, pin, or mobile phone.

Whereas when convenience is a key factor, facial recognition doesn’t require the user to carry or remember anything. Never losing their card, never leaving it on their desk when they head to lunch. Facial Recognition can be connected to gates, doors, secure cabinets, turnstiles, or any other access point that can be secured with a lock and key.

Benefits of Integrating FaceMe® Security Facial Recognition with Genetec Security Center

With excellent system design and computing power, FaceMe® Security is a best-of-breed partner with Genetec Security Center, unified to provide users with comprehensive facial recognition in surveillance. The integration of FaceMe® Security upgrades and empowers existing security surveillance systems with AI video analytics and facial recognition. By fully leveraging new computing capabilities of IP cameras with AI, optimal synergy between software and hardware can be achieved, helping reduce total cost of ownership.

Enhanced Investigative Capabilities with FaceMe® Locator

One of the main functions of a good VMS is the ability to conduct video investigations; however, even with the best high-resolution cameras, investigations can take hours, even days, as personnel manually scrolls through hours/days/weeks of recorded footage. With the FaceMe® Locator plug-in and Genetec Security Center’s Visual Tracking function, investigation time can be dramatically reduced when searching by facial recognition records, improving safety and security.

The FaceMe® Locator plug-in for Genetec enables users to search by face. Using a facial image of the person of interest and filtering for date and time of the event, FaceMe® Locator will list all events where that person was recorded and provide corresponding video playback. A facial image can be provided in 3 ways: via an uploaded image, a face cropped from recorded video, or a face cropped from a live video stream. Once a person is found, Genetec’s Visual Tracking feature is utilized to track their path from one camera to the next.

Automated Synchronization: Simplified and Secure Access Control

FaceMe® Security can automatically synchronize the IP camera list and people database, including blocklists, from Genetec Security Center. Additionally, seamless integration with Genetec’s access control via RIO Communication Protocol eliminates manual intervention, ensuring a synchronized, error-free system, while simultaneously making it simple and efficient to add facial recognition access control. When a person’s face is verified, FaceMe® Security can send real-time push notifications to Genetec Security Center, which then allows or denies entry based on preset permission settings. With 24/7 surveillance monitoring and AI facial recognition, you can always know who has entered and exited the building.

FaceMe® Security Performance

Not all facial recognition solutions are the same. The facial recognition systems that incorporate AI, will always outperform systems that lack AI. As systems are evaluated it is of paramount importance to understand speed, accuracy, and anti-spoofing capabilities.

The combination of FaceMe® Security and Genetec Security Center enables a very swift response system. FaceMe® Security’s continuous monitoring of RTSP streaming triggers instantaneous facial recognition event notifications in Security Center. Security guards can respond swiftly, enhancing overall situational awareness and threat mitigation.

Top ranked by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) FaceMe® has an accuracy rate of 99.83% and is top ranked in 1:1 and 1:N evaluations. If access can be gained with a photo or video of an employee, the opportunity for bad actors to be able to enter the facility grows dramatically.

Integrating Facial Recognition with Genetec Security Center

Genetec Security Center has an extensive ecosystem that lets customers expand their system with the technology they need to face emerging threats.

The decentralized architecture of FaceMe® Security provides a high degree of configuration flexibility and high availability. Taking in video streams from Genetec Security Center, the workstation analyzes the characteristic values and compares them with the database in Central to identify the person and set the corresponding permissions. When set conditions occur (for example: blocklist), Central can immediately notify Genetec Security Center to take action.

Conclusion – Seamless Integration: FaceMe® Security and Genetec Security Center

The availability of FaceMe® Security to integrate with Genetec Security Center has resulted in the most advanced AI-based facial recognition algorithms being able to easily run on a unified security platform, with customers benefiting from efficiency and capability gains directly within the Genetec Security Center interface that they are accustomed to.


Genetec develops open-platform software, hardware, and cloud-based services for physical security and public safety industries.

Genetec Security Center is a unified security platform to manage security policies, monitor events, and run investigations.

Genetec provides a comprehensive maintenance package, Genetec Advantage, that includes software upgrades, premium support, and system monitoring. Software upgrades improve functions and help extend the longevity of the Genetec system. Genetec Technical Support provides system integrators with live assistance to quickly resolve matters. Genetec system integrators can access the Genetec System Availability Monitor anytime through their intuitive web-based interface.

FaceMe®: CyberLink’s Complete Facial Recognition Solution

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