FaceMe TimeClock: Combining Facial Recognition with Attendance Systems in the Workplace
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FaceMe TimeClock: Combining Facial Recognition with Attendance Systems in the Workplace


Cyberlink’s FaceMe TimeClock helps employers quickly and accurately record employee time and attendance through facial recognition. This system not only provides managers with detailed reports on their employees’ hours through an intuitive online dashboard, but also gives employers a smart office system powered by biometric technology - capable of verifying faces that might be partially obstructed by safety gear, like masks or headgear.

Facial Recognition – The Importance of Accuracy

Enrolled users can clock in and out of work by showing their faces, rather than using the traditional methods of scanning a badge, typing in a PIN, or inserting a keycard. Not only does the FaceMe engine provide employees with convenience and speed, FaceMe’s precision ensures the accuracy of attendance records.

As one of the top facial recognition engines, FaceMe is globally ranked by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), proven in NIST to be 99.7% accurate. With less than one in a million chance of incorrectly authenticating an individual, and enhanced by 100% protection against 2D and 3D fraud attacks, the engine has passed very stringent iBETA anti-spoofing tests, confirming its compliance with the strict ISO 30107-03 standard. To ensure it is the most optimized facial recognition engine in the market, CyberLink works with key hardware manufactures. For example, when utilizing a workstation with Nvidia RTX A5000 in high traffic areas, assuming 975 people per hour and 44 channels, the engine is capable of recognizing 42,900 people/hour.

CyberLink FaceMe even provides identity verification for users who might be wearing a mask or headgear that is partially blocking their face. It is a common belief that identity authentication accuracy is severely impacted by mask-wearing, but not with FaceMe; the system still achieves 98.2% accuracy with masked individuals.


How FaceMe TimeClock Benefits Employees

Employees working at companies that use FaceMe TimeClock have the convenience of clocking in and out of work without needing traditional ID badges or cards that can easily be lost or stolen. FaceMe also provides employees with speed, as they can skip the long wait times at the conventional employee time clock systems, and have their faces scanned in 0.5 seconds. For example, an industrial factory that employs 20,000 people routinely had clock in and out wait times in excess of 30 minutes - eliminated by incorporating facial recognition.

FaceMe TimeClock provides all the benefits of a contactless solution. Employees have the added benefit of not needing to remove any safety gear when using the system.

FaceMe TimeClock Management

To implement a facial recognition time and attendance system may seem overwhelming, but FaceMe TimeClock makes it as simple for the manager as it does for the employee. The system offers an online dashboard and does not require the installation of additional programs to access its reports. For a smooth transition, FaceMe TimeClock comes with a tool that can read employee records, including their photo, creating an encrypted facial template. FaceMe does not require the storing of an actual employee photo, guaranteeing employee privacy.

This shows the attendance record for all employees in a monthly calendar view.

After setup, managers can check summary reports for individual employees, attendance records and trends for the entire company. Reports like these help companies gain a better understanding of their employees, departments, schedules, and more. FaceMe TimeClock even has a .CSV file import and export feature if administrators would like to import past employee data or export their current data into third-party software for further recording and analysis.

This shows a particular employee’s attendance record in daily view.

Leverage Your Existing Hardware

FaceMe TimeClock can run across platforms, on varied cloud and edge configurations, and on a wide range of hardware components. In some cases, all it takes is to install the software on an existing PC or workstation and connect to the security IP cameras. When new hardware or cameras are needed, the investment is often minimal in comparison to the benefits of using facial recognition to record time and attendance. Whatever configuration you choose, FaceMe TimeClock is optimized to deliver the best performance and it is fully scalable to accommodate anything from a small shop or office, all the way to multi-location complex organizations.

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Smart Offices and Face Recognition Technology Case Study:

Founded in 2018, Bitkey Inc. is a Japanese digital key platform company and successful high-tech startup that provides smart lock, smart access, and security solutions for homes and buildings. Bitkey first partnered with CyberLink to allow its customers to gain secure access to their apartment homesin Tokyo. This system allows residents to use facial recognition technology for home entry, instead of the less convenient and easily stolen alternatives such as keys, fobs, and security cards.

Bitkey was so impressed with the success of  its FaceMe residential access solution, that it subsequently decided to use this same underlying AI-powered technology to develop an authentication and access control systems for smart office.

The solution uses FaceMe facial recognition to provide comprehensive access control to anyone visiting the company’s offices: (1) to eliminate time-consuming check-in and check-out processes for employees and visitors, (2) to cut down on the requirement for personnel to escort visitors to their destinations, and (3) to automatically assign and schedule meeting rooms based on availability and suitability.

Bitkey’s implementation streamlines visitors’ end-to-end experience at each step:

  1. Each visitor receives an email invitation with an enrollment QR code.
  2. On the scheduled date, the visitor scans their QR code at a building entrance kiosk to enroll their facial biometric ID.
  3. Monitors equipped with cameras and facial recognition capabilities are located at each door, corridor, and elevator. Interactive directions guide the unescorted visitor to their assigned meeting room, unlocking doors and granting elevator access as needed.

FaceMe’s Many Other Use Cases

  • Limitless use cases in the workplace – Besides time and attendance, and touchless access control to ensure only authorized personnel access to their respective company facilities, the use cases for FaceMe in the workplace are as broad and varied as the number of conversations and new business leads brought to CyberLink.

  • Securing fintech – FaceMe adds security and convenience for accessing financial services,verifying user identity in BFSI (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance) andeKYC (electronic Know Your Customer) industries.

  • Transforming retail – FaceMe Smart Retail, CyberLink’s Vision AI technology, automatically and anonymously collects visitor data to a level of details that data scientists could only dream of until now. Alternative technologies generally limit data collection to visitor traffic, itinerary and time spent. Demographic and sentiment analysis rarely happens in real time, and it requires the use of a panoply of tools such as surveys, focus groups and increasingly popular, yet complex, loyalty programs.

  • To gain access to the programs’ perks, participants are asked to create a detailed profile and identify themselves each time they shop, in exchange for which retailers can timestamp and keep a record of each item purchased, for future data analysis. FaceMe Smart Retail anonymously collects and aggregates very precise demographic information (age, gender, etc.) and sentiment analysis (through facial expression) as it collects traffic data, providing real-time and up to the minute insights from which business managers can make confident, proactive decisions like never before.

    Assuming that shoppers are informed of the use of cameras and vision AI to collect anonymous data (that doesn’t infringe on their privacy), technology like FaceMe Smart Retail can transform visitors’ shopping and mark the beginning of a new golden age for brick-and-mortar retail.

  • Better, affordable, flexible biometrics – Compared to other biometrics readers such as fingerprint readers, iris scanners, and dedicated 3D facial recognition camera systems, FaceMe can leverage existing video monitoring system (VMS) components. By not requiring specialized hardware, FaceMe is the easiest way to add facial recognition as one factor in a multi-factor authentication solution.

  • There is a wide range of AI-enhanced facial recognition uses available. Contact our experts and find out more today!

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