Bitkey uses FaceMe® to develop an authentication and access control system for offices
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Bitkey uses FaceMe® to develop an authentication and access control system for offices

Client Fast Facts

  • Location: Japan
  • Industry: Technology
  • Year founded: 2018
  • Capital: 12 billion JPY (as of September 30, 2021)

Problems and Challenges

  • Employees spend time traveling to the reception area to receive visitors and escort them to assigned meeting spaces
  • Visitors also spend time checking in and waiting for employee escorts
  • Extra time and energy is wasted on checking occupancy and manually scheduling rooms 

The Solution

Bitkey integrated FaceMe® facial recognition technology in its “workhub” smart office platform to provide comprehensive access control to office tenants at Tokyo Square Garden. Visitors receive invitation emails with QR codes which they scan at kiosks at the building entrance to enroll their faces in the facial recognition system. They can then conveniently proceed to their assigned meeting rooms, using their registered faces to unlock doors and access elevators.

Why CyberLink FaceMe®?

  • Fast 1:1 Face Match: FaceMe® SDK can perform a 1:1 face match in under one second so visitors are on their way quickly. 
  • Outstanding Accuracy: To assure that only authorized people gain access to specific areas, FaceMe® provides up to 99.7% recognition accuracy.
  • Cross-Platform SDK: CyberLink’s FaceMe® SDK is available for multiple platforms – including Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS – as well as various AIoT devices.
  • Support for Various IoT Devices: FaceMe® is compatible with various IoT devices such as iPads, iPhones, Android devices, and industrial PCs. 
  • Spoofing Prevention: To protect against the use of photos and videos to substitute for authorized persons’ faces, FaceMe® provides spoofing prevention.
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