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FaceMe® - Commercial Building

  • Your face is your ID! By integrating FaceMe® into door access systems, partners implement secure, touchless access control and track employees’ attendance capturing their face through cameras placed at access points. By integrating the FaceMe® Health solution, the technology recognizes employees even if they are wearing a mask and detects whether they are wearing the mask properly or not, With the addition of a thermal camera, it can also check body temperature to seamlessly screen individuals before entering.

  • A Telecom Broadband Solutions provider's Office Building adopted FaceMe® Security to provide a dynamic facial recognition time and attendance system
  • Bitkey uses FaceMe® to develop an authentication and access control system for offices
  • ACE Biotek adopts FaceMe® face recognition for access control and health screenings in healthcare
  • Municipal Parking Services integrates FaceMe® in the Sentry Health Kiosks to ensure individuals’ health and safety
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