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NTT DATA integrates FaceMe® into its disrupting Tokyu Hands digital store in Shibuya

Solution by CyberLink

CyberLink partnered with NTT DATA to deploy a smart retail solution at an disrupting digital store with Tokyu Hands in Shibuya. CyberLink’s FaceMe® facial recognition engine is used to identify customers’ age, gender and emotions inside the retail environment. FaceMe® is combined with NTT DATA’s voice-to-text technology to collect data to improve the quality of customer service and product development at the store.  

The solution provides customers with a rich and complete interactive experience through remote service. Sales consultants remotely located at the retailer’s Shinjuku office communicate with customers in real-time to provide support and recommendations, showing up as avatars on the monitors. Customers can complete their transactions using these monitors, all in an integrated touchless experience. 

The Result Highlights

The disrupting Tokyu Hands digital store in Shibuya had a successful launch. The pilot project provides a proof-of-concept of the FaceMe® AI facial recognition engine's ease of integration and powerful capabilities. The integrated solution combines remote guest services, digital information monitors and the use of anonymized AI data analytics to drive a robust self-service customer experience.  

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