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FaceMe® - Retail

  • FaceMe®'s facial recognition technology enables smart retail solutions to detect gender, age, mood and head pose to understand customer demographics and behavior, enabling detailed analysis and precision marketing, VIP customer identification and more. It can contribute to transform and improve customer experience and satisfaction.

  • Simpello, American provider of smart hotel applications, integrates FaceMe® facial recognition technology to provide a secure self-check-in solution for Great Ohio Lodges
  • Japanese CAC Corporation has integrated CyberLink’s FaceMe® facial recognition into the POS terminals of their unmanned Ministop Store for self serve payments
  • Advantech launched FaceView Industrial App with FaceMe® facial recognition enhance service in retail stores
  • Syscom’s Ayuda Service Robot integrated FaceMe® to Improve Customer Interactions of retail stores
  • NTT DATA integrates FaceMe® into its disrupting Tokyu Hands digital store in Shibuya
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