UNIONCOMMUNITY access control integrated with FaceMe® SDK for exclusive infrared (IR) camera anti-spoofing capabilities
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UNIONCOMMUNITY access control integrated with FaceMe® SDK for exclusive infrared (IR) camera anti-spoofing capabilities

Client Fast Facts

  • Location: South Korea
  • Industry: Electronics
  • Established: 2000
  • Capital: 7.3 billion KRW

Problems and Challenges

  • To cater to global markets, UNIONCOMMUNITY sought to create a facial recognition access control system that would meet the needs of all customers, no matter their ethnicity, skin tone or usage environment (indoor/outdoor).
  • Capable of simultaneously performing fast, long-distance, and on-the-move multi-person facial recognition.
  • Accurate recognition, even when people are wearing masks.
  • Support the exclusive anti-spoofing feature of IR cameras by performing anti-spoofing detection within 2 meters, preventing malicious individuals from attempting unauthorized access.

Our Solution

Developed by incorporating FaceMe® facial recognition technology via the FaceMe® SDK, UNIONCOMMUNITY launched Ubio-X Face Premium access control system. Compared to previous models, this next generation device is not only more compact in size but also benefits from FaceMe®'s edge computing optimization. With a facial detection range of up to 4 meters, the new model can simultaneously detect multiple individuals, allowing seamless identity verification for personnel entering or exiting without the need to pause. This significant enhancement greatly improves the user experience.

Why CyberLink FaceMe®

  • AI Edge Computing Optimization: Tailored for NXP's i.MX 8M Plus neural network processor (NPU), machine learning inference is optimized for edge computing to enhance performance and reduce the workload on the CPU
  • Mask Detection and Recognition: FaceMe® can detect if individuals are wearing masks properly and accurately verify their identities even if their face is partially obstructed
  • Exclusive Infrared Camera Anti-spoofing: FaceMe®'s exclusive infrared (IR) camera anti-spoofing function bolsters security by preventing malicious individuals from using photos or videos
  • Highly Accurate: FaceMe® has been tested by NIST and boasts an impressive 99.83% True Acceptance Rate (TAR) and a false acceptance rate as low as one-in-a-million, ensuring the utmost security
  • Optimal Performance: FaceMe®'s recognition engine supports multi-person recognition over long distances (up to 4 meters) and while in motion
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