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FaceMe® - Security

  • When integrated with surveillance systems, FaceMe Security can instantly identify authorized employees, VIP visitors, or blocklisted individuals. With accurate facial recognition, it helps control facility access, deliver a personalized experience to visitors, and prevents unwanted entry. FaceMe SDK can also be incorporated into access control hardware such as biometric face terminals, touchpads, and mobile devices, enabling facial recognition access control in various environments. The following use cases illustrate how FaceMe enhances access control and security.

  • Fairgrounds and Expo Center integrated FaceMe Security and People Tracker into their new Hanwha Vision Wisenet Wave video surveillance system
  • UNIONCOMMUNITY access control integrated with FaceMe® SDK for exclusive infrared (IR) camera anti-spoofing capabilities
  • Talma integrates FaceMe® in its security control system to maintain the safety and health of airport employees
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