Logsafe HRMS Integrates FaceMe® to Power Facial Recognition Time and Attendance
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Logsafe HRMS Integrates FaceMe® to Power Facial Recognition Time and Attendance

Client Fast Facts

  • Location: India
  • Industry: Information Technology (human resources management solution provider)
  • Established: 2020

Problems and Challenges

The Logsafe human resources management system provides a cloud based attendance management app that allows users to check-in and check-out using mobile phones and tablets. In order to strengthen identity verification and avoid fraudulent attendance records, Logsafe needed facial recognition technology that also met the following requirements:

Support for both iOS and Android OS: The face recognition function must be integrated into the Logsafe cloud attendance management app, and also run efficiently on iOS and Android operating systems.

Offline recognition: In the event of connectivity issues, Logsafe wanted their app to continue working seamlessly without internet, to prevent disruption in the daily operations of their clients.

Anti-spoofing capabilities: To prevent users from using photos or videos to fraudulently check-in, the system must be able to identify presentation attacks.

Our Solution

Logsafe integrated FaceMe® facial recognition for their fast, accurate, iOS and Android compatible and anti-spoofing capabilites, providing mobile facial recognition time and attendance management to more than 30,000 customers throughout India.

Already being utilized in schools for teacher and student attendance, a teacher holds an Android tablet to scan a group of 4-8 students' faces, completing real-time video facial recognition identification and verification in less than 1 second. Teachers also use Logsafe on their mobile phones for facial recognition check-in/out of school.

Why CyberLink FaceMe®

Highly Accurate Facial Recognition Engine: Tested by NIST, FaceMe® boasts an impressive accuracy rate of up to 99.83%, with a false acceptance rate of only one in a million, ranking among the best in the world.

Internationally Certified Anti-Spoofing Technology: FaceMe® features anti-spoofing technology with a liveness detection algorithm that not only passed iBeta PAD Level 2 testing flawlessly but also holds the top global ranking in NIST liveness attack tests. This technology effectively prevents biometric spoofing attacks using photos, videos, etc., ensuring robust anti-counterfeiting measures.

Excellent Performance: FaceMe® SDK performs very well in optimizing the calculations of various chips. It can achieve delay-free, real-time edge computing, and can efficiently perform face recognition on Android and iOS devices, providing an accurate, fast, and smooth user experience.

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