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Talma integrates FaceMe® in its security control system to maintain the safety and health of airport employees

Client Fast Facts

  • Location: Latin America
  • Industry: Airport services
  • Capital: 222.19 million USD
  • Company size: 8,000 employees

Problems and Challenges

  • The client is the largest airport services company in Latin America with employees staffed across 21 airports
  • To ensure the protection and security of its employees during the Covid-19 pandemic, the client decided to deploy a new security control system with mask detection and health measurement
  • The system needed to perform facial recognition, even while users were wearing masks, and measure body temperature

The Solution

  • The client integrated the FaceMe® SDK in its security system. The integrated system performs 1:N face matches to verify employees’ identities and authorize contactless entry.
  • In addition, it streamlines operations by tracking employee attendance.
  • Finally, the system detects mask-wearing and measures body temperatures, ensuring that only masked, healthy individuals can enter restricted areas.

Why CyberLink FaceMe®?

  • Cross-Platform SDK: CyberLink’s FaceMe® SDK is optimized for implementation in various IoT/AIoT devices, such as security control systems.
  • Fast 1:N Face Search: FaceMe® SDK can perform a 1:N face search in under one second.
  • Mask Detection & Enhanced FR: FaceMe® detects proper mask-wearing and performs facial recognition even while users wear masks. 
  • Video Enhancement: With its video enhancement technology, FaceMe® can perform image pre-processing by removing video noise and upscaling resolution, all for better accuracy.
  • Spoofing Prevention: FaceMe® supports using 2D and 3D cameras for spoofing prevention, which prohibits buddy punching and impersonation attempts.
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