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Basic editing functions of Gear 360 ActionDirector

Now you are ready to edit your first 360° video using Gear 360 ActionDirector! In this tutorial, we will show you the basic editing functionality of ActionDirector – including how to arrange several videos into a video project, how to trim your video, how to add a transition between two of your clips and how to add background music.

What is storyboard video editing?

ActionDirector is “storyboard” based video editing software and simply put, the storyboard presents your clips as equally sized images on an interface, which you can then drag and place in the order you desire.

You will see 4 pairs of digits underneath each thumbnail (for example 00:00:10:06), and these 4 pairs of digits explain your clip length in the following format:

Hours : Minutes : Seconds : Frames

Your number of your Frames corresponds to the “still images” in your video. In other words, if your video footage was recorded in 30p (30 frames per second), this means for every 1 Second, there are 30 Frames.

Adding and arranging your clips on storyboard

To add one of yours clips onto the storyboard, simply drag-and-drop from the media room down into the storyboard workspace below.

Follow the same method to add more of your clips into the storyboard, and if you wish to insert a clip in between 2 of your other clips, simply drag-and-drop (as seen in the image below)

Trim your clips on the storyboard

If you wish to trim an unwanted section of your video footage, select said footage on the storyboard and click on the icon above the storyboard workspace.

You are now in the Trim interface.

There are 2 different ways to then trim your clip:

  • Click and drag the icon at the beginning of the clip to the moment you wish your clip to begin, or the icon to the end of your clip.
  • Or you can precisely drag the icon to a certain point in time, and then click on the icon or the icon to mark In or Out

Once you are satisfied with your trimming, click on the OK button to return to the storyboard. You will now see that your clip has been trimmed.

Adding a transition

To make a transition between 2 of your clips appear even smoother, you can simply add a transition effect between your 2 clips. To do so, click on the Transitions tab to enter into the Transition Room.

As you may have noticed, there are already many built-in transition effects for you to choose from. To begin adding a transition, simply drag-and-drop the transition effect down in between 2 clips on your storyboard. Once completed, the icons representing transition effects will overlay on the clip thumbnails themselves.

Adding background music

To add background music, just click on the music icon on the far right side of the storyboard.

You will immediately enter into the Add Background Music interface, where you can select a music file, trim said file and even apply effects such as fade out, all directly from this interface. When ready, click on the ok button to add the background music into your video footage.

If you run into the situation where you would like to mute the audio of a single clip (to avoid conflict with background music), simply right click on your clip and select Mute Clip.

Now that you have finished editing your video, next you will learn how to add titles!

Adding titles using Gear 360 ActionDirector

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