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Adding titles using Gear 360 ActionDirector

To make your video even more compelling, add titles or text into your video footage. In this tutorial, we will teach you how to add titles to your video using Gear 360 ActionDirector.

Adding titles from the Title Room

Gear 360 ActionDirector has several built-in title templates and to access them click on the “Titles” tab to enter the Title Room.

Next, to add a title to your video, simply select a “Title Template” from the left hand side of the Title Room. Then drag your selected title down into the storyboard, onto the segment of the storyboard that you wish to display your title. For example, if you would like to have your title displayed at the beginning of your video, drag the title down onto the first clip on the storyboard.

To edit the text from your “Title Template”, select the title object on storyboard, and then click on the icon.

You are now in the Title Designer interface. From here you can simply edit your text directly on the preview window

When you are satisfied with your title, click on the OK button to return to the storyboard interface.

Creating your own title from the Title Room

If you would like to create your own, custom title, simply drag-and-drop the “Default” template from Title Room down into the storyboard. Next, click on the button to enter the Title Designer interface.

Now you can enter your text directly into the preview window, exactly like you had done previously. Yet in this case, if you wish to customize your text a bit more, such as using a Character Preset, you can do so from the “Text Panel” on the left side of the screen.

For further customization of your title, click on the button which allows you to freely modify the Font Type and Border.

Lastly, from the “Effect” tab, you can choose a Starting Effect or an Ending Effect. There are many built-in options to create an enter/exit text animation for your title.

When you are finished editing your title, click the OK button to send you and your new title back to the storyboard.

Overlaying text on your video

Put simply, you just added a “Titles Set” from the Title Room and your “Title Set” basically functions as a storyboard clip, but what about overlaying text on your clip? No worries, you will learn how to below!

First, select your clip from the storyboard and click on the button.

Now that you have entered the Title Designer interface again, you can edit your text, font style and In/Out effects just as before in the previous section.

When finished editing, click on the OK button to send you back to the storyboard.

Now that you have finished adding titles, you are ready to produce and share your video with the world!!

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